I currently am seriously lacking in both energy and motivation.

Oh and it seems I still cannot type worth a damn.

I have noticed that since I have been stuck indoors weekends I have also been forgetting my pills too and think that there must be a link here?

I have had a series of shocks this week both good, well one, and bad, in this case many, and yet have failed to put together a single post for my blogs over the weekend.

After initially acquiring a solicitor for the very first time ever, since 1994, I would have thought I would have been more positive and have more energy. I have needed milk and this was obvious from yesterday, forgetting to get it on Friday, and not been able to get out to the local shop in two days.

What surprises me is that normally when I discover something shocking I am normally typing out a post almost immediately or the first chance that I get. In the last few days I have had two that re in the forefront of my mind and have to write a post about either of them.

These are …

  • The treatment of Peter Duut and

  • A little known fact that close to 10,000 died in a few years after their ESA being affected in 2011

Pete Duut was a Dutch man married to an English lady who worked in the UK for years as a Carpenter, I think it was, who was then refused help by the DWP after some 12 years of working.

You can read more about this man and his wife here and I heard this directly from Laurel Duut who I met via DPAC’s Facebook page.

It was sickening to read about how the DWP first tried to wriggle out of supporting them and then deducted money that came in from the Netherlands from the Dutch National Survivor Benefits Act.

If this does not sound bad enough Mr Duut also became ill throughout all this which was from an undiagnosed cancer that he died from, seven months after being refused help from the DWP!

This was just a few days ago and then yesterday I was watching a video someone, Victoria, made of themselves in Richmond Park who had just attended some talk about treatment of disabled people, with a Tory MP, who explained she was puttinng her affiliation, of what capacity and who I cannot recall, with a Disabled Charity and job at risk by stating the whole thing was a farce and that the Tory MP left half way through because he wanted to get to some protest about a runway at Heathrow. Yeah … THAT runway!

I remarked about how this serious event on how the disability were treated would NOT get on the mainstream news, that Tory MP’s actions seem to suggest he KNEW this, and that the runway would and that was why he cut and run.

It also highlights in a very major and shocking way one of the long list of things wrong with the mainstream media. I remarked on DPAC about how the TV News lovers to talk gossip, celeb shows, celeb news and reality TVV shows when there are serious abuses of human rights that have not just led to deaths, not dozens or even hundreds but thousands of deaths.

In fact that figure of NEARLY 10,000 deaths is from a report by the DWP THEMSELVES in 2014 and I can guarantee the number of deaths has risen in frequency since that report. The government’s Damien Green says it has not but disability groups say that it has.

Well if you killed 10,000 people that were on ESA alone and not even dive into PIPs or pensioners then you must be hitting way above your target My Green? Either that or you and your predecessors have been doing things VERY incompetently?

Funny that I mention a Dutch benefit is it not?

Funny that a country much smaller than the UK manages to pay one of its citizens not even residing in the Netherlands any longer?

Funny how other European countries manage to have welfare states and I not recall hearing frrom anyone else that theirs is being eroded and that people are dying? Or, come to think of it, that their disabled are being punished?

Anyone would think that we in the UK are NOT doing as well as you like to make out to the ret of the world? A UK government being misleading? Well, I never?!

I also informed them how someone I know thought that the UK’s problems would disappear if a large part of the welfare state did. Well they actually put this in a far more shocking statement that involved two sets of the most vulnerable in society dying. Yup, dying.

In an almost knee-jerk response to this someone posted up some figures that I for one never stopped to consider before. The fractioning up of the welfare system in relation to the size of the group it serves.

In fact I have a copy and past of what was posted on DPAC’s Facebook page … posted by Samantha ..

State Old Age Pension – 36%

Other pensioner benefits – 6%

OK, that accounts for 42% of welfare spending.

Child tax credit – 10%

Child benefit – 6%

Working tax credit – 4%

Housing benefit – 11%

Income support – 4%

Council tax benefit – 3%

Disability Living Allowance – 8%

All of these benefits are payable to people who are in work. So that’s another 46% accounted for.

So what of the remaining 12% of the welfare budget?

Well, 2% goes on carers allowance (ie people who work hard caring for relatives and thus saving the NHS a significant amount of money) and 4% goes on employment support allowance (payable to people that even ATOS declare unfit for work)

Other welfare payments – 3%

Job seekers allowance – 3%

So the “work-shy” get no more than 6% of the welfare bill (incidentally, most of this 6% would love to have a job but are unable to get one).

Nearly half of the welfare state payout is to do with pensioners.

Hmm and those that everyone likes to list as lazy only make up 3% of this number, though I have only ust noticed there is no Universal Credit listed which leads me to believe these figures were pre-introduction of said benefit?

Whether these are right or wrong it matters not and only shows that not all, or even anywhere near half of, the welfare state goes towards unemployed people most of which would want a job.

Would this then not beg the question how in the world they think they are going to pay off that humongous debt they ran up with … this?

Like I said previously and will say it again … learn to math y’all!

You could take every pensioner and benefit claimant out the back and shoot them, my God in my situation I would rather take this as the MORE humane option, and you will wont pay off the debt in ten years!

They did what we normally get scorned for doing and taken to court for doing … borrowed far more money than they could ever pay back if the money ran short.

Hang on? But … we were given these loans by banks that should not have given them to us because we would be unable to pay them back and get taken to court for it?

But THEY do it and what do they do? They start at the bottom of the pile and start taking money from us and when they find it hard we find ourselves in court over it …

Does that not sound like they want everyone else to pay for their mistakes? Tell me … as the future unfolds and as mankind is supposed to progress and evolve … are they going to KEEP doing this?

OK then tell me this … do away with the welfare state and shoot everyone on benefits and when that does not work for those of you that love throwing stones while living in glass houses … who do you think they should turn to next to wring money out of?

One of the last shocks was something being posted about that I myself have talked about for many years … no not the cost of repairing Buckingham Palace, though that DID get mentioned too. No it was the charity fundraiser Children In Need and someone questioned the money and the celebs involved!

I simply could not believe this so I chimed in with y age old, on my posts anyway of the following …

  • How is it that every year the donations breaks its own previous records even in a recession

  • Why do Celebs with enough money to run a third world country for a year give up a day of theirs for free to guilt trip everyone else into giving money and everyone is supposed to worship them for it

  • Add up all the money made over the last 15 to 20 years and it is … a lot! There should be a series of bloody fortified castles scattered around the UK that kids can live in and feel protected

If your a bit confused by that second one I suggest you look at all the shocked American celebrities who all appeared on TV in favour of Hillary Clinton as US president and having meltdowns because half the nation did not agree with them which therefore must mean no one loves them?!

Yeah I mentioned that which got a few people commenting.

I am totally amazed that others re seeing this, though I have waited over a decade to see this mentioned in a public place. Friends did not see it at first but some years back they started to realise the hypocrisy of it all.

So it has been a series of shocks.

First a good one that … really does not feel like a good one. Maybe I am just so used to failing that I simply cannot believe it until it happens?

Also there is the uncertainty regarding the 3 to 6 month period until said legal representation produces a result and that is if there is any result at all. In that tie I have to continually jump through hoops and I am not sure if there is any recourse to my health causing an issue.

My health problem already did, though I was surprised it managed to go 6 weeks before a screw up, when I arrived an hour late for a meeting I was so sure I was on time for! I even sat in the local park smoking for an hour and went for something to eat. I then had to sit for like an hour so I did not force anyone else to wait, which was only fair.

Remember to support those that are protesting against Heathrow’s third runway, or is it fourth? That is because being annoyed by noise and having to move is so much more important than starving to death, stress, anxiety attacks and suicide.

Peace, out!


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