There is one other thing I thought would happen after Donald Trump won the US elections and that is some pretty serious infighting. No … more than that … a war.

I often describe myself as centre-left if I am forced to. But the trouble is no one stance works in every situation works with all groups of people. Because people and yes even in groups, will take advantage.

‘Give them an inch and they will take a mile’ is a phrase that has existed a very long time and for a reaason. Except in recent times it seems to have become lost in the sands of time. Well among one small group of people.

The most hilarious part about this is that many other groups have flocked to this main group because it is easy to get them to fight for their causes.

What this main group has failed to realise, probably because they have gotten groups to agree with their made ideologies that were always destined to fail, that they were being used. Worst of all is that they failed to realise that once these other groups got everything they wanted this main group would be then tossed into the garbage. That was putting it mildly in some cases.

Of course I am speaking about that group that are so far left they have long since fallen off the cliff’s edge into some bizarre world.

I only realised that many of the wars of words I have listened to with extreme interest, not to mention complete shock, prior to the US elections were going on between people both on the left. I had no idea that the ones ridiculing the Social Justice Warriors were themselves self-proclaimed centre-left when it came to their politics. I never even stopped to think about it in all honesty. So it had kind of already started before I saw the evidence of it now three days or so after the election finished.

The next disagreement you had among these extreme leftists were during their so-called peaceful protesting of the anti-trump rallies right after the elections. Now thi got a bit confusing for me a I saw a YouTube video that claimed several people had been shot and killed at one of them and in the video two guys were ini video conference with each other while showing protesting going on in Seattle. Even people from Seattle were commenting that they had no idea that this had happened and were shocked. It was also being claimed that this wass being kept out of media ass everyone was no pointing the finger at the media for everything.

  • For scaring the crap out of everyone

  • For treating Trump like a joke to obviously influence their audience showing no respect for them

  • For talking up racial violence

  • For lying to the public

  • For ignoring Hillary Clinton’s major lies and law breaking but focusing on stupid statements Trump made

The list goes on.

I never wanted the vote to go the way it did but I knew that it would and if I was pushed then I would admit that Trump was the better of the two only because … well Hillary Clinton was just so bad.

The YouTuber I have the greatest respect for did not agree with me and sees bad things for science and on that I might agree with him on, if it comes down to that. He also fought the Social justice Warriors and in a very public way but in the end it did not do enough. That is despite the fact that people from all over the world also fought these deluded morons.

What is hilarious is that they think they will fight back?! I will get to that momentarily.

Yeah Trump might have a negative effect on science but hey, it is only four years. For me this result was needed to put these Social justice Warriors out to pasture which, incidentally, wont be by Trump winning alone. That will come from their own side …. momentarily, momentarily.

No so I could not find anything else out about anyone dying, they said had been shot dead, anywhere so I doubted its validity. Just like some of the news bits I watched sounding a bit over the top, I read someone call The Next News Network ‘paranoid’. They were correct on a number of things though, though I do not know anything about that channel. So no, nothing in the media about anyone dying, so that is fortunate.

What I DID see though is groups, sorry complete fucking morons, within the protesters smashing up property and cars once again. But what was interesting was in one video where the protesters were yelling at them to stop smashing shit up but getting annoyed.

Do you know WHY they were telling you to stop smashing shit up? Because it shows you for the criminals that you are, only care about yourself and not … I repeat, NOT worthy of giving a crap about. You are your own self-fulfilling prophecy. Your shit is bad so act like an animal and ensure that for most of the rest of your life your shit remains bad.

There, now you know why I confidently claimed you are fucking morons.

That shit goes double for that group of people that beat up a guy for voting Donald Trump … ooh whiny babies, is it because your welfare cheque might not go up? Or get given bigger and better houses?


Yeah I do not like politics and if I am honest my views would jump between left and right depending on what the subject is. People prefer to call that centre but … well it is so not. I do have a subject that includes a group I have already mentioned, my a quiet, secret bunch of users I have already mentioned, that I would jump extreme right wing over. Just that one thing.

I cannot think of a subject I would jump over to extreme left wing for, except disabled people perhaps.

OK so maybe it was not momentarily?

I stated that it is only four years? Other people have all stated, Democrats,, that it is only four years and I am going to remind you that it could be 8 more years!

Except I really do not think it wont be. Because … and only if I am right on this, after the dust has settled and the real questions are asked and the real answers are found all Democrat voters are going to realise something. That the Social Justice Warriors cost them the election and that if they do not shut them up or educate people to the truth about their poison you will get Donald Trump for another four years after this term.

Even an effeminate guy living in Austria knows this!

Many Americans already do and as tiime goes by more and more will realise why and that is already being mentioned over and over and over again by many YouTubers. And it is true because there have been so many YouTubers showing videos of these Social Justice Warriors pushing for more and more of their own way and being racist towards white people, men specifically.

Now they claim each and every time to want things that are equal across the board and are promoting peace.

Yeah except when ONE group gets things all their own way it means another group, or groups do not and I hate to break this to you … but THAT IS NOT being equal.

So the head of the SJW group who has only done it all for money anyway states they are going to continue to fight?

Now REMEMBER these are the people that are very, very strict about choices of words, even mild ones trigger them off?

Umm ‘FIGHT?’ Really? Oh dear.

How are you going to do that exactly as the only options you have open to you are …

  1. Screaming louder then your opponent and we have all seen how that went

  2. Listening and having a proper debate and we all know you do not want to do this and this goes straight back to tactic number 1 anyway

  3. Violence … normally happens anyway right after your lies are not believed or agreed with so should have typed ‘Much more violent’ like some of your protestors

Because what the SJW’s main problem is, is a sheer lack of numbers.

Soo then what will happen is that the SJW’s will have to hammer on the rest of the Deomcratic voters to get their way while the rest of the Democratic voters are going to have to shut the SJW’s up and more or less disown them to stop scaring the cap out of everyone else to stop Donald Trump getting in power for a second term.

Oh but wait …

  1. This is going to take a few years to do and …

  2. Wasn’t there some remark about doing away with the term time limit?!

  3. Twelve years of Donald Trump?! Ooh!

Have you woken up now? Lol.

I did state this during the run up to your elections that I felt very sorry for the American public because of who you ended up with as choices.

Here in the UK we have not done much better in all honesty so I know how you feel as the only person I ever though I actually liked and might make a difference,, though I never vote, was Tony Blair before he got in power. That very quickly evaporated round about the one year as PM mark.

Pretty soon after that I realised that the politics and the voting system, along with attitudes, in the UK were fucked up and totally wrong. British and disagree? Well come back to me when you have had someone in power that proves me wrong! Lol.

But in America it is even worse as you only have two main political parties.

We have right, left and more so left. It still does not work.

In fact America’s vote being likened to Brexit shows me that the exact same problems arise that show I am right about politics and have been for a long time. That there are people that have felt hard done by for a long time.

Herein is the kicker …

Those that have felt stabbed in the back, left out, left to starve and anything else that comes to mind have been feeling like this such a long time that they will take some healing.

It is for this very reason that I state that you need a government that is left wing where its own people are concerned and right wing for everyone else.


Yet another phrase many western countries have forgotten.

For those that have always read my stuff and think I am mad for wanting this? Noooo … you have always missed the point if this is the case. It is what I see is needed where others are concerned and they way things go and re voted on only proves I was right.

In fact whenever I have stated this to people I know, even two socialists, they have stated that I am right. It will be the only weal one divided half while those that scream for their own way learn to accept that which children have to that you cannot have everything your own way.

As I stated but in a different way, one group has something and the other has to go without and you keep doing this on one side you create bad feeling and that leads to hatred and poison. Now finally the news media moguls have learnt that you cannot control your societies by spewing shit and lies in the news media.

Internet, bitches, it works. Well … really the line is ‘Science, bitches, it works’, Richard Dawkins, but I thought I would limit it to one thing science has given us that all those that hate science do not complain about using to their own personal gains and agendas.

Also I might add that I had thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed the celebrities having the shit ripped out of them for their statements, crying, claims about leaving the USA and for promoting Hillary Clinton and treating the public like they are brain dead sheep that can be easily led. Well … even if that IS true, which I know it is, on some cases.

See my Austrian friend in the YouTube video above for their take on this debacle.

I wonder if they will be so quick to influence their fans in future?

OK so how about a humorous video about the US Election? Lol ..

Annnd someone sensible …


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