Well they started up real fast.

They are also being bigger idiots than I thought they would be.

What am I taking about Social Justice Warriors and their reaction to Donald Trump becoming President of the United States of America.

It would seem that the blindness and the complete lack or grasp of mathematics seems to afflict many Americans as well as British people?

You wonder what I may be talking about? Yeah … I cannot quite believe I have to explain the maths all over again as I did previously.


So what your having is all the Social Justice Warriors, I will call them all this, having meltdowns and screaing at their cameras about Donald Trump winning. Some of the stuff that comes out of their mouths really does take some believing and you just look at them and wonder if they thought their statements through before opening their mouths?

But I am going to ignore the crazy shit they come out with for the most part to concentrate on just one thing that so many of them have stated. Everyone that voted for Donald Trump are ‘fucking idiots’. Oooh dear.

Let u get a few things clear I stated when Brexit happened and people were saying the same kinds of things … except not to over half a population of 150 million people…

  • You just stated that over 150 million people are stupid

  • Just because you voted for Hillary does not mean that everyone that voted Democrat agrees with you, you bunch of numb-nuts

  • Many YouTubers I watch and many with impressive amounts of subscribers all voted for the Democrats

  • Every single one of them and many of their followers have hated the Social Justice Warrior, ram everything down your throat but it is OK if we do it, crap

  • Ergo more than half of those that voted Democrat have disagreed with this Social Justice Warrior bullshit

  • Now think … about how many people actually do not agree with you and WHY

But just like Brexit a minority of people demand that the result they do not like is changed … regardless of the wishes of a very large majority of people?

That is more or less a dictatorship … except it is a small bunch of people and not a single person but it amounts to the same thing.

People hae voiced that they are not happy with you and the way things have gone … but no, no, no the smaller group of people insist on a totalitarian attitude towards a populace four times bigger than them live in misery so they can be happy getting their way? ‘Getting their way’ amounts to locking up or even killing people that say things that are innocent to all normal people and mildly offensive in the claim of being in the name of peace. While you can say the most offensive things and then claim it is free speech.

You really do sound like an early version of the Nazis.

Hey everyone has to start somewhere, right?

Unfortunately there uploaded videos have been something asking to hitting the self destruct button in more ways than one.

Here is why …

Americans that voted for Trump and have not been happy about all that has been happening have realised that they no longer need to remain silent any longer because the majority of people feel the same way. Including a great many that voted Democrat. The fear that has been instilled in them during their long periods of silence has built up and condensed into poison, that is human nature folks. There is no getting around it.

That mad bag of cats has been opened!

Those that have hated the Social Justice Warriors were out there waiting .. knowing three quarters of the nation agreed with them and knowing full well that the Social Justice Warriors, or rather the biggest names in SJW’s, would be quick to have meltdowns, tantrums and indulge in a little name calling.

No sooner had their rants been uploaded they were then downloaded by those, many who voted Democrat too, gone over and had their own rants edited over them. Because along with the obviously corrupt, so not just the UK then, news networks in the US are largely to blame for Donald trump becoming your next President.

Because your selfish, unreasonable behaviour, out of touch demands and childish like rants and ludicrous views have gone so far to the left that you have fallen off a cliff into crazyland and scared the hell out of a huge majority of the American public.

No ones fault but your own.

Here is the funny thing … IF I was an American citizen I could never ever see myself voting Republican just as I would never and have never voted Conservative in the UK in the state they are in. I have never voted Labour and certainly would not after they became the New Conservatives…I mean New Labour.

One guy that springs to mind is MundaneMatt who described himself as centre-left. That would likely be how I would describe myself. He for one blames the Social Justice Warriors for this happening and was genuinely shocked that Donald Trump won.

So everyone … do the math! FFS!

You do NOT have slightly less than half of the 140 million population. I very much doubt you have anywhere like quarter of that.

Plus I guarantee that this would be made up of different groups … all wanting different things some of which would clash and you would have loads of infighting.

My own mother is a socialist and thought everyone should live together happily and we should understand everyone’s cultures. I said “What?! EVERYONES CULTURES?! This is England I only have to understand my own but lets say for a moment your right … how many cultures are there in the UK alone? Have you ANY idea?! DO you know how hard it would be to learn all of them and these are people that are in the UK that think its perfectly OK to ignore OUR culture because it is not THEIR culture…in the UK”

Every time she uses a socialist slant I always make her realise what she is asking fo is not impossible and little by little she has realised that socialism does not work and that is because many groups refuse to play ball. White people are expected to but no one else is, like that complete idiot that was in the news a year ago that thinks racism is only racism if white people do it. No, moron. The word is racism. What your looking for is a new word that applies to your ideas and agendas.

For me racism is someone that simply hates everyone of a different skin colour. That is it and that is all.

Of course using stupid words even when angry counts. But THAT counts for all people and races and not just this one or that one or whatever effing one you want to look bad at a particular time.

I am not happy that I have had the Conservatives in power for so long but I know why people voted for them and I understand it. I understood what people wanted and how they felt. It was a dumb way to vote but I get it.

You do not and until you do you will never get anything you want. Leaving aside those things that are totally unobtainable except in your warped minds.

Anita Sarkeesian has uploaded a video calling most of the public of America names too and it is only a matter of time before the biggest names rip crap out of it on YouTube and I simply cannot wait to see the rebuttal from a number of them.

I also think, or predict, that THIS time around the things said about their meltdowns is going to hit home.

Added to this I also think that in time they will self destruct as the wild claims they are making about what Donald Trump is going to do will never come to light. Leaving them looking so damned wrong, so damned foolish and showing to everyone that all they are, are scare scaremongers who make money out of it.

There even exists a new Social Justice Warrior wanting in on the money spinning by screaming who has now appeared on the Internet as the new female version of David Koresh complete with weirdo, mindless followers. That one is going to end badly, it is just has ‘bad ending’ written all over that one. I would keep an eye on that but be careful … she has a fear of people who are a little bit portly!

Another common thing I heard over and over again is why is it that when Donald Trump was doing the American version of ‘The Apprentice’ the news media loved him. But everyone wants to know how the moment he ran for president … everyone did an about face, made fun of him and tried very hard to dirty his name. I was not aware he was previously loved in the media and so it made me want to ask the news networks this.

From popular TV personality and celebrity to the devil incarnate in no time at all.

Also the number of videos that Clinton supporters have made of their reactions and thoughts of how angry, upset, heartbroken and scared they are is … well kinda sad.

You people need to start switching your news channels off! You really, really do and when nothing of that which you were scared of materialises I suggest you do what many Trump voters are doing and question your own mainstream media.

I have told people for years here in the UK that our news media is corrupted, my God my father went and died over it, an attempt at sensationalism. Some friends still have doubts of how bad it really is but many on the Internet are realising.

Another funny thing is how sue of themselves a large number of American celebrities were over a Clinton win by stating that if Trump won they would leave America. Believe me that is a very long list.

I heard one reply to an individual that stated that whites are racist with “Oh? Tell me, how many other nations can you name that have taken in foreigners, gave them housing, gave them money, let them build communities, mosques, temples and gave them jobs? America has done this. The UK has done this. Europe has done this. Please name me some more?” and all the individual could answer with a confused look on his face was “Whaat?” I have never even thought about this myself. Yes my friend you looked like a complete idiot.

Since then I have put this to a few friends who have said “Oh yeah!” with a look of realisation on their faces.

These people just never think things through. They do not even compare their own country to that of others to see how they rate with the labels they want to give them. See something or hear something you do not like, think of a label and throw it. Then throw a tantrum or just scream louder than your opponent, again a tantrum.

Where are the bloody relatives of these morons? Don’t their parents or siblings see all this, see the damage they are doing and say “Hey, just stop”?

  • Wikileaks and Hillary’s emails

  • Social Justice Warriors

  • Blatantly obvious biased news media

  • Islam

These are the main reasons that the Democrats lost. I said before it was not just one thing and a combination of things.

My God … one guy even tweeted that Donald Trump winning was like watching 9/11 in slow motion?! Are you SERIOUS? How bloody insensitive can you get?!

Oh and how can I forget? Along with the protests and those other morons that seem to think that going out and deliberately causing destruction to properties and being violent, yeah that will make them take you seriously, the is talk of California annexing … itself from the rest of the USA?!

I told some friends all that I have seen, read and heard and I said God only knows what else is going to happen over the next couple of weeks or months?

Here are a few more YouTube videos about the election fallout …

The Queen Bee herself of the Social Justice Warriors …

One of many women that do not agree with SJW’s ..

Would you believe a black guy that does not agree and one of many ..

A guy that cannot believe that Trump wins and then rips the crap out of SJW’s ..


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