I have someone that is not going to like the mainstream news for today and the next couple of weeks.

I had noticed things in many, many of the comments sections of YouTube stated by Americans as well as others regarding both Donald Trump as well as Hillary Clinton. I started to notice a pattern and my initial thoughts as to how the US election would turn out started to change.

I mentioned this to a few people and two that I know had opposite views as to how the US election SHOULD turn out. Let us say these two are a couple.

Now as always whenever I speak about something it is always based on how others speak and how they act. There are exceptions, like when I am getting my own evidence for what I already know to be true for instance, but this in generally how it goes.

Now what normally happens half of the time and for the longest of times is I would get shot down in flames and disagreed with. But as I said I normally pick up on feelings of others and I am good at spotting patterns. But people think that their own right to an opinion makes that opinion correct. I have had one or two people over the years who have been very good at falling into their own traps and have been quite adamant and even argumentative about it. This would normally result in my switching the subject to something else as I do not see it worth arguing about. This was the case a few days ago but as I backed away form the disagreement I got the line thrown at me “Well, Clinton has already won anyway”. Unfortunately people always miss the important points and that was that at first, and I did state this, I thought Hillary Clinton would win the US election. As I stated this changed both here and at the beginning of the conversation this changed.

Oddly the other person in this situation had always stated he wanted Donald Trump to win but in the last week or two had stated that Hillary Clinton was going to win, no doubt influenced by his partner’s constant insistence of how it would go?

The fact that they got the last two UK elections wrong did not deter them from arguing about how the US election would go. Oh and that goes the same for the UK referendum over Brexit.

I think they will be switching over whenever the news comes on for the foreseeable future.

As well as seeing more Americans complaining about Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump I started to realise something else. That Donald Trump was winning for the exact same reason that guarantees that Jeremy Corbyn will NEVER win a UK General Election.

Sometimes and throughout my blogs existence when I state what something needs to be it is often, if not always, NOT what I want it to be but based on what I think people are really feeling.

As an example it is entirely plausible that the reason why so many news media groups got it wrong and have done so many times is that they have got the feelings of the public in question wrong. I think it is highly likely because the public in question mostly did not want to admit to how they feel because that is how we have been conditioned. But as I have always told my socialist mother who thinks that you can do this, you can’t.

Everyone knows that at the end of the day you can cast your vote and no one will know who or what it was that you voted for. Secrecy assured.

The only other possibility tat the news groups have got it so wrong is that in each case they have been biased and really think that they can control people or have lost the plot and have had no idea that their public and viewers do not believe them any longer and no they are being lied to … by omission most of the time.

Now I have probably stated the reason by Jeremy Corbyn wont win in the past but in case I haven’t it is his stance on immigration.

It is the same reason that will cause a lot of riots and stuff if Brexit is handled badly because that is what people voted for and if you did not pick that up Jeremy by the actions of some violent idiots post Brexit then drawing diagrams is not going to help you either.

So stop telling people how they should think.

In fact the side of the partnership I spoke of earlier that wanted Donald Trump to win came out with something when I mentioned about treatment of the disabled and the United Nations report. He ran down the UN and rubbished the findings and said there is no money any more. He even stated that if a number of people died as a result of no food/heating etcetera that this would ease the pressure?!

I was both shocked and annoyed and the latter mostly because I have told him and told him and told him that you could get rid of the welfare state completely for the next ten years and it wont get us out of trouble.

But then it has always been that people take no notice.

What is annoying is that they continue to doggedly insist without doing any research for themselves and just have the attitude that either they are right or that if they insist they are right and this happens then they themselves will get out of trouble?

Oddly he barely keeps his store in business and has been like that for ten years now and he has run into serious, serious financial troubles time and time again but … bizarrely does not seem to hold those to blame for all this to account. Bizarre!

So I gave him a quote that I was not familiar with and posted by Gail Ward on DPAC’s Facebook page where at the time I made three comments that got a fair amount of likes, thanks you for that. I was truly stunned at the lengthy quote I read and I visited a webpage that was linked to read more about the quote and the man that quoted it. I also had to look up a new word that came as a bit of a shock as it described both me and the exact way I write my blogs … ‘EXTEMPORANEOUSLY’

This word means that when something is spoken, to an audience really, it is done so without any pre-planning. ‘Winging it’ in other words which is exactly what I do and I hoped and thought this would show through?

Now the man’s name is Martin Niemoller and he was a German Pastor who in World War 2 spoke out against Adolf Hitler which is likely why he spent many years of the war in a concentration camp? I was amazed I had not heard of either this man nor his quote before!

So this is what I said … kinda loosely to my hard right wing sounding friend before explaining what it meant.

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me. – Martin Niemoller

I told him that what it basically means is that if you do not give a crap about other groups of people that are being hard done by then do not be surprised when the crap comes to your door and no one gives a shit.

The trouble in the UK is that it has not been fair across the board for a very, very long time and by going out of their ways to not look bad, be labelled and appear PC correct there has been one group you could keep on kicking and get away with it. Your own people.

In a conversation about this with another friend, I also explained to one friend, I stated to this other friend that the trouble is today that to settle things down quickly now, as it has gone too far down the road, that you need a government that is right wing when it comes to non-British people and left wing when it comes to British people. It is a said state of affairs. The friend I told this remembered I had said this to him about five years ago and agreed with me. He is a Labour voter and would never vote for the Conservatives.

Now I tried to explain all this to my mother but these days as she is seeing the hatred for herself I remind her that if you force things on people and force them into silence, Social Justice Warriors pay very careful attention here, you are just creating a ticking time bomb, forcing people to bottle things up for years and years and this will inevitably lead to hatred and poison which you are now hearing about and seeing with your own eyes.

You will only achieve your way for a few years before it al breaks down and leads to violence and hatred. Sorry but those are the breaks. I am being lectured each and every week about what bottling things up does to you by experts on the matter. I already know this and a shame they did not tell the government this ten years or more ago. Well more like twenty years ago it needed to be said and it needed to clearly show that it was being fair.

English people I speak to have really turned more … amoral or should I say are gradually going that way. For a fair old while now they do not want to hear about my serious crap while I have to listen to their whining about things that they could have avoided and trivial in comparison. In fact in some cases I have the same shit going on but never talk about it because there is other crap that is far more important. One even said to me “maybe people are fed up with listening to shit?”, remember it is serious shit and I reply “Well I do not complain when I have to listen to their shit!” to which he said fair enough.

In fact I have two subjects that for a almost a whole year now I have either NEVER bought up at all or only mentioned briefly and then realised what I had done and regretted it.

I am willing to bet that no one that I know has even a short list of things that they do not mention?

When stuff or shit happens in someone’s life not only is it the thing that they will obviously then talk about but it is extremely rude, selfish and amoral to not want to show any interest in it because you get the message you have no sympathy for them.

I then tend to point out that this is not an issue among so-called ethnic minorities, I am told off for calling them that too but not for the reasons you think, who are always helping each other out. Only when I point that fact out do I see a body language that tells me they are pausing for thought.

I then finish up my endeavour of getting a message though by then stating “The very reason that the establishment is winning is we are doing what they want us to do, point the finger and argue with each other instead of working together and dealing with them!”

It first started to look like this is what Americans were thinking and feeling which then led me to start to think that Donald Trump might actually win. Puts the claims into rigged elections in serious doubt but does not rule it out. Would be impossible to rig it all without getting caught but in key areas it might be going on.. If it is … well a bit like the UK referendum,, which almost all believe was rigged to actually remain, if it was in key areas then it would show that the feeling of the general public is far, far greater than any of these idiots and news groups thought it was.

These were the key times to take notice, realise what the people really wanted and were pissed off about and change your attitudes and pans accordingly.

Jeremy Corbyn has NOT done this. This is why he will never win, unfortunately.

As for America … oh my word. I dread to think how a lot of people are feeling right now, what with all those that opposed Donald Trump being screamers, protesters and violent over him just being a candidate! I would imagine that millions of people in America will walk around for a week in utter shock … before waking up, ganging together and going on a rampage?

One example I could think of, off the top of my head, are immigrants being let in who have obviously lied about their age to the UK.

The British government seriously wants to be PC by letting in obvious liars and the worst kinds of criminals. Just to be PC correct …

But it has no problem causing the deaths of hundreds relying on the welfare state and treating disabled people inhumanely, does it? Even a United Nations investigation I contributed to many, many months ago has just found the Conservative Party guilty of abusing the human rights of disabled people.

All just to keep up appearances that have been going on for twenty years plus that are only just appearances anyway and nothing more than that.

EDIT LINK: https://www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/article.php?ModuleId=10007392


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