Forenote … this one got a bit … out of hand and I got a little mixed up so if it seems … disjointed and I mean kinda more than usual I apologise up front.

I have seen a few more videos on YouTube regarding the result of the US presidential elections and some things I also thought would happen are happening. Quicker than I expected and in places I also did not expect.

The US news channel CNN got ripped up for its coverage of the entire run up to the elections and was even called the “Clinton News Network” by someone being interviewed right there in the studio!

CNN are NOT taking it well and one dude called Van Jones started ranting on, on hot to explain to his children and that others must be thinking this too about Donald Trump winning. Then started talking about it being a race issue right after it seemed like was was trying to state that it was not about race.

Umm it kinda is just how it was in the UK very recently. Because people have become sick and tired at bending over and taking it, and this was even stated by someone British on a YouTube video below, and have had enough.

I fully expected someone somewhere to go on TV or YouTube to say something like this … I just never expected it to be from a news anchor on one of the largest news channels in the world …

Here is the video about the CNN News anchorman going a bit … well weird really. Watching this was almost like watching someone who was just informing the nation that an asteroid strike was going to take place in a couple months time that would wipe out all human life, or at least most of it, on Earth.

If it was about race alone this would have happened a long time ago, let us get that straight. This is about ramming it down people’s throats what they can and cannot complain about.

Now they have complained.

In fact let me make a predication that this will be the next big thing, an asteroid strike. I predict that will eventually getto hear that an asteroid strike will wipe us all out and we will be fucked because of cuts to the space industry and large groups of over grown children screaming about what they want. In other words we would have wanted globally a load of time and money on shit we cannot achieve and not on sit we can achieve.

That is the day we can blame all Social Justice Warriors and the establishments along with the news media for being responsible for the wipe-out of the human race Lol.

So here is Sargon of Akkad coming replying to an extreme left of field and off that cliff … man who thinks that President Trump will cause the end of the world in a pre-election rant … Well he now gets his chance to be proven correct, does he not?

I had also seen a video by a popular American guy calling himself MundaneMatt who shows his shock at Donald Trump winning. He admits he is a Democrat but did not vote for either in the election. He also stated around 10am GMT time that people were already going crazy on the Internet.

More interestingly he revealed something I have been trying to get through to people for more than ten years now … that this result is all down to the TV news channels and news networks for their underhanded and cheap way of trying to manipulate the American public. Basically it backfired.

Just like the Social Justice Warriors the news channels have been used as a form of control to manipulate the public into their owners ways of thinking. Those at CNN might scream like stuck pigs but you only have yourselves to blame. You were warned in a statistical analysis that the public no longer trust you, or less than a third do and all you did was bitch and moan about it. You then carried on as before as if that element of control still existed and still worked flawlessly. It didn’t.

It absolutely amazes and stuns me that message after message has been given out that is as clear as day and yet those in charge and in power as well as in politics seem to just carry on as if they are blissfully unaware of said message?

This is also true of a number of people I know that are simply too far left wing and all for the wrong reasons … take fucking note! You cannot tell people what to thin and what to feel and if you carry in just screaming your heads of or burying your heads in the sand things will only get worse.

I have a Labour voter who I know is going to keep telling me Jeremy Corbyn will win the next general election because of how bad the Conservatives have been. NO he wont! Despite the fact that the Conservative government has been found guilty of the abuse of human rights to the most vulnerable group in society they will still win.

But I have heard it all before … each election they refuse to change their attitude and see things from others points of view and they simply keep losing. I was told Gordon Brown was going to be Prime Minister. Except it seems enough people saw what I had seen in the man and he lost. Then I was told Ed Milliband was going to win and he did not and not for the reasons everyone thinks he lost.

Then there was the UK referendum and everyone I know along with a shed load I do not all told me they were voting to leave. They also told me why and it was clear that this feeling is nationwide. It shocked everyone on TV … did not shock anyone else only the very people paid vast sums of money to be experts got it all wrong for the umpteenth time.

This is precisely why Jeremy Corbyn wont win and I am not sure if he is just being major league naïve or he is so far left to be like Stalin and just think he will be able to tell people how to think and feel and they will. Because he believes he is right.

Sorry sunshine but the world and the human brain simply do not work like that and maybe they did once but as I am seeing with my own eyes … people are simply waking up.

I am going to predict here and now that there is going to be a major backlash against the news media and tabloids. I was even going to title this piece “The Backlash Begins” …. ooh ‘The Nag Is Dead’?! I am changing the title … again, lol.

Sorry I came up with that title which just hit me because I was about to type that Jeremy Corbyn and many others in politics and that land of TV that they should check their horses as I would take a guess that they were all dead.


The ‘liberals’, let’s call them that, have been given a major wake up call as it is not the only down to the mainstream media that you have this situation. You have point blank refused, or rather just ignored, to get your own house in order where Social Justice Warriors are concerned who have spent the last couple of yeas scaring the crap out of everyone on YouTube and the Internet.

Very last you have on that list is Hillary Clinton as everyone that I know still cannot fathom out how she managed to beat Bernie Sanders to become the democratic leader and the one to go up against Donald Trump. So yes you Democrats need to get your houses in order too!

This is largely why I thought Donald Trump would win but no one I know thought he would really win as they thought that everyone of a different race would vote against him.

I was hearing of long queues to vote, even Phillip Defranco mentioned this on his YouTube channel, and I thought ‘HELLO’ I was hearing the same thing over Brexit and look how that turned out?

My word when I think about the hoardes of Social Justice Warriors, would love to see Zarna Joshi do a video rant about Trump winning, as well as the liberals along with all those that think only black lives matter and anything else is racist, I start to cringe. I cringe at the thought of the reactions you are going to get from this lot.

Like children going on a tantrum I fully expect loads of trouble before they wear themselves out and then realise they are the ones that have a major problem. That their far left people basically went off a cliff into crazy land and screwed up their chances.

Well I see three things that were a problem which as said are TV News Media, Hillary Clinton and those left wingers that fell of the cliff.

Of course encompassing all of those three things is the fact that everyone has ignored how the people feel and when you do that you fuck things up for yourselves and then fuck it up for everyone else.

Right now I can tell you that millions of British people think that Jeremy Corbyn and his Labour Party are going to save them in a couple of years time. No … I am afraid he isn’t and until such a time that his left wing supporters and Jeremy Corbyn realises his own blindness nothing is going to change any time soon.

The question I ask myself is will the news media groups of the UK realise their own issues? Will Jeremy Corbyn wake up in time or consign us to another term of Conservatives abusing people’s lives? Will the edge of the cliff people running public services and councils stop being what they are and stop attacking people, using dirty tricks and make things fair for once?

There are two versions of being fair. One I would prefer and another that I feel is the only one that would work on everyone else.

I am reminded by that famous quote I posted about fairly recently which brings another version of it to mind. Martin Niemoller apparently came up with different versions and others have probably created their own different version from his lot.

Unfortunately they are being used by left wingers who do not realise that they themselves are ignoring it because it teaches you not to ignore other groups of people. In Britain alone there is one group that are being ignored and 12 million of them voted to leave. Several million of those that voted to remain are likely also to belong to this group as are several million of those that did not vote at all.

At the end of the day you are talking about a group of people who are likely to be in excess of 20 or 30 million strong. A vast majority of those that have opposing thoughts do not count because of the nature of the problem itself, as they would naturally oppose the feelings of the large group.

The sad FACT is that this large group of people does and will continue to grow large and that is inevitable. Many that thought this over the last 15 years have emigrated so the group is even bigger still.

I just came off the phone to a Labour voting friend and we talked about the election. He knows why it happened and like everyone else knows,, it is the same reason Brexit happened.

We talked about how certain groups would react and I said that the rest of the western world need to know realise their way is done. It is over.

I also state that those that keep using situations to get more of their own way also need to take note that they have taken it far too far and need to realise that they need to stop now. That they are just as hard done by and treated just as roughly as anyone else is.

I read somewhere recently that what the establishments are scared of and why they are trying to control the thinking of societies through the news media is to stop a domino effect. You could argue that this all kind of started with Brexit and now you have the Donald Trump win. My friend said all they need now is for Penn to win in France. Admittedly I do not know who that is, or I did and as per semi usual I hover forgotten. Thee was a party leader who is a woman in France and I did read a few reports about her. It may well be this woman that my friend as talking about. That was when I remembered this ‘Domino Effect’ piece I read somewhere.

There always comes a time when there occurs a ‘too late’ period.

I have stated before that if you go too far down certain roads and realise your on dodgy ground, climate change included, that the road back will be both long and treacherous. This is especially true on the UK because consecutive governments and Prime Ministers along with all the public services take forever to do it and have always had the attitude that this is perfectly OK.

Life does not stop still so that you can do whatever crap your doing until you get around to deciding to do something. Sorry but it is not and I always knew this would lead to collapses.

Do you work for a public service and have believed ion their mottoes, protocols and legislation for a decade or two?

Tell me, how has that been working out for you?

Yeah well everything that has happened I could have told you about ten years ago.

I not only knew that all of these services were run badly but had the wrong attitudes and that when a financial collapse came that they would collapse along with it.

What we have been through for a number of years now is the British government trying badly, by going after disabled people for one, to try and keep things going and make it look like we are doing better than we are.

Tell me, do you think a country that attacks its own citizen’s even right down to those that have disabilities … does this sound like a country doing OK to you?

Or does it wreak of desperation?

I still see banners and notices telling people what they can and cannot talk about and this is simply wrong as everyone has a right to an opinion. Those that feel they have the right to an opinion need to learn that having that right does not make their opinion right.

There are some things you simply cannot change and you need to take a step back and figure out a better way of using your energies to make the world a better place to live in.

You also need to realise that you assisted in the way things have gotten worse and why the UK has had an inhumane Conservative government in power and now have Donald Trump as President Elect of the United States of America.

All that marching in large numbers, screaming your heads off and even attacking people, phone smashing shenanigans and demanding this you can never get? Yeah … YOU put Donald Trump in the Whiitehouse.

Each time I saw someone with a microphone go up and try to have a conversation with one of these off the cliff left wingers and the ignoring, refusing to talk, screaming and attacking I realised bit by bit they they were just going to make everyone vote Donald Trump.

That was not the only factor of course. But it was and is a factor nonetheless.

Act like complete nutters and everyone will go out and vote against you that you come across, it is simple human natures bitches, deal with it and grow up and act like adults. Of course I am talking about the land at the bottom of that left wing cliff where all the crazies and Social Justice Warriors live in a world of fantasy. Where they talk to each other and want to get back at the world for their horrid lives or childhoods.

But do not worry those that reside in crazyland as the other end of the political spectrum on the right end has a cliff too. You would be in good company … Adolf Hitler resides there and I am sue you would have a lot to talk about? Oh wait? He is dead. Hmm now Who is still alive. There could be an argument for President Putin from his own tricks but I do not know the man well enough and kind of funny to suggest someone who is leader of what was one of the main communist countries in the world. Well I am sure they are a few monarchs that exist off the edge of that right winger cliff? The owners of some of the biggest companies in the world, or rather those that run them and Tim Cook springs to mind. Ohh Steve Ballmer, ex Microsoft chief and ex military too.


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