Well it really has been something of a river lately when it comes to things I have previously mentioned being highlighted in some webpage or other.

I have previously stated that many are aware that both here and in America the news media is being controlled. I have also and very recently too stated that I wonder how much of Europe is affected which made me more curious when Vladimir Putin said what he did.

Putin basically stated that all the news media in the west was controlled and they were ignoring a great many stories. Including the interview where he stated that!

Well I’ll be blowed if someone has not gone and linked a very good example that this is going on in France … along with some other things.

There was a protest march in France against the ruling classes taking away their rights, which is the very issue I have had ongoing in this blog for four years!

On the webpage of the link below it is claimed that the mainstream media has been watering the reports on the march down to avoid any other country’s citizens doing the same thing.

Yeah … they could not avoid reporting on this story completely …

…as there were millions of protesters.  Yup, that is what it was stated in the report ‘millions of protesters’.

If any doubts over the numbers remain I might suggest clicking on the link and simply looking at the main picture that comes up of the crowd of protesters and taken from very high up so covers a fairy large area.

I have also heard from a friend I have not spoken to in about a year and they tell me that they have more or less gone through a carbon copy of what I have with ESA benefit being cancelled, assessments and housing benefit being cancelled twice, just like mine has been cancelled twice.

An Accident & Emergency Doctor stated to me three months ago that, after questioning what in the world the public services were doing, stated they are just ‘carpet bombing to see what sticks’.

After hearing this friend of mine on the phone today it looks like that Doctor was spot on in his description of current events.

My friend was even going through around the same time that I was and they live in Enfield also.

I wonder if we will get a new French Revolution?

Well it turns out it might be worse than they think as that picture on the main page was from January 2015, according to someone in the comments section. But at least it showed that there has been large scale protests. People are likely to be still somewhat unhappy and maybe far, far worse?

The interesting points for me is that the French people are unhappy and willing to protest and the comments about it being downplayed in the news media.


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