Well … I am simply somewhat stunned.

Someone, DPAC again, called Gail posted a link to a site that might have something to do with an investigation I kind of got involved with?

Well if you have been coming here that long you would know I posted about this some months back now. I was performing my usual bouts of research, albeit seldom, and I discovered that the United Nations were conducting and investigation into the British government. I am pretty sure it was towards disabled people but could have been benefit claimants in general? Well it is on here somewhere at any rate.

I remember being surprised when I first found out about the investigation.

But then I had become disillusioned in the United Nations, pre-entertaining Anita Sarkesian, and the EU in general anyway and did not think anything would come of it. I thought it was just another one of those exercises where they wanted it to look like they were doing something without actually … umm doing something.

Interestingly and worryingly this seems to have been leaked to the newspaper ‘The Mail On Sunday’, which makes sense as this is the first time I have ever come across this investigation being reported on. The report suggests it was leaked by the current moron in charge of the DWP, Damien Green. Oh I just realised … they out someone called ‘Damien’ in charge of an organisation that is lying, cheating, scheming and killing lots of people? How fitting!

Anyway what made me laugh was the sarcastic name they gave the tabloid … ‘The Heil On Sunday’! Lol!

The UN says disabled people in the UK are unfairly bearing the brunt of austerity cuts brought by the Tories, and that the government should spend more money on support for the extra costs associated with disability – Vox Political

I have never heard nor visited the website of Vox Political and do not know who they are nor what their … leaning is. What matters is the report and what the United Nations has stated in it.

Hmm the next few weeks or months is, hopefully, going to be interesting?

Could my contact with them some months ago be the reason I was singled out? I had flat out forgotten I had emailed the United Nations but I will still have their email reply on my system, that is for sure. I may have published the email response on here post receiving it?


Ahh I found the email reply which was dated around the 31st May 2016 so I would have emailed them days before that. Maybe even weeks, I do not know.

Long before they stopped my IB on the 19th July 2016, that is for sure, lol.



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