Words are a funny thing. We constantly listen out for titbits of information and mainly that we we want to hear. We filter out the stuff we do not want to hear to the point of shoving our heads in the sand.

In our world, and those in other worlds, the most important words come from TV and secondly from newspapers.

This has been going on for years and for years we have taken it for granted.

Only that many yeas ago the news media started to change ever so slightly, bit by bit, year after year until it became unrecognisable under the surface. Many still believed in the news media.

That is exactly what I have noticed in the UK for many years and it never occurred to me to thin about other nations and their media.

A few people on the Internet stated that my bogs would never work because the news media will just ignore them completely. Except first off there comes a time when you cannot ignore things without making it obvious to everyone you ignoring them. Thus revealing their true natures and agendas. You simply need enough people. Takes time, sure, but you keep on going.

Of course all this would happen a damn site quicker if all the campaign and help organisations joined together for action.

One other thing I told these doubters was that even though the news media in the UK is corrupt and being controlled by the ‘establishment’ that foreign news media groups would not be. So information and data from my blogs could be used by an overseas news group.

One thing that I have noted, to my real surprise, is that more and more people are realising that the most powerful forms, or formats, of media are bullshitting them. This is not only occurring in the UK but I have now seen evidence of this in the USA too.

Right up until today I never knew anything about corrupted news media other than the UK, USA and other obviously biased and corrupted media like that of North Korea. Probably China too?

I say right up until today because I had a recommended video on my YouTube channel of another video by a channel calling itself ‘The Truth Channel’. With a name like that it sounded like a bible bashing group of people or the craziest of conspiracy theorists.

To give you an idea of how bad it has got in the USA I give you just two examples I have seen in recent weeks, probably published one or both of them.

In one there had been a survey in the USA of how the American public’s opinion was of their news media and did they believe the news reports. It was way down and had oddly been dropping for a decade or more. I even see on news show snippet where the news presenters heard of this survey and were annoyed that the public simply did not believe them and though they were not reporting on certain things.

That was one.

Another one was where someone was being interviewed by CNN, again in the USA, right there in the studio and were speaking about the upcoming presidential elections in the US. One lady was obviously a Donald Trump supporter and while talking, do not ask me what was said, the lady being interviewed said “…CNN, the Clinton News Network…” to which I understand the anchor got annoyed or reacted angrily. I did not watch that last bit, do not like cringing when people make fools of themselves.

In the comments section it is commented all the time about the biased news media in the US. So it was both the UK and the USA that had corrupted the media and controlling what is reported, not reported on and what is said?

But then I saw this recommendation today and who is it by yet again? President Putin, a guy I am not a particular fan of. But when your right, your right and when a leader as big as him makes some pretty big comments people take notice.

Well except for the western media and what he stated was that all the western media was corrupt and controlled and whenever he makes big statements they never cover it.

Guess what? YUP … they never covered this one either!

Oddly he went on to state that the western word was all blind and when he stated these two things he actually named USA, the UK and Europe. So Europe’s news media is corrupt too, eh?

Well it is highly unlikely to be all media otherwise I would not have seen this video that I have linked below.

Then he said that the western world was blind as it was walking into a war and no one realises this at all. He did mention something about Iran not being a threat and that there was this missile base, probably lots of missile bases?

I can out that last bit down to Putin’s typical meanderings he is always spouting but the news media one was a real surprise to hear him say.

Is it not odd that there is a video of Putin making statements about the western media not reporting on certain things and none of them mentioned those statements or that video? I would think that the second most powerful leader in the world making statements regarding another war and I think he said ‘world war’ should be reported on, don’t you think?


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