Yup … those posts are still coming thick and fast about the government and … well … it seems to actually be having an effect?

A guy just stated on DPAC’s Facebook page a little piece in response to something many Tory MP’s have come out with about them being named on Facebook. You will have to look up DPAC on Facebook to see these posts but I dare say there are several disability groups and charities that are also having story after story being posted.

Well that is … all except for Scope who laughingly seem to think that what the government is doing and planning to do is a good idea.

Goodbye Scope, it was not nice knowing you!

Anyhow what has been reported on …, never head of it before, is that Tories are complaining about there names being posted up regarding what they are doing and planning to do to the welfare state and disability benefits in particular.

Wait, what?!

Hang on a moment there … this report states that Tory MP after Tory MP is complaining to having the finger pointed at them for the changes to the welfare state? Umm … why?

Sorry but I was under the impression that these changes were intended to aid disabled people, yeah yeah it is all bullshit that their voters just lap up?

The real reason?

Though know it is bullshit and as I keep stating they already have this country in a very dark place and they want to lead us into even darker places. There IS such an area of publishing in the book industry known as ‘History’! I have stated from the outset four years ago that in years to come these future books of the past well not reflect kindly on them.

Now I think Iain Duncan-Smith realised this, read it somewhere and maybe even seen it on here and thought ‘Oh crap! I don’t want none of that, thank you very much!’?

Maybe the Tory MP’s are warning their closest friends and allies within the party and this realisation is going round?

Remember now the title of the piece is “Stop naming us”2 say MPs who voted for disability benefit cuts.

There is something in the comments section that is of particular interest …

Someone who commented on the site gives a long list of names of people who have died as a result of benefit changes … it is shockingly long and he states it is not all and provides a link to a WordPress blog …

I just did a count up and there are 67 in the list of names of people who died through what it calls ‘benefit related deaths’ ..

Dear God the list is long and who knows if it is a complete list?!

What is worse is that number is going to grown now they have made certain changes and then it will grow exponentially when the other changes they kept from the public come into effect.

It will increase faster over the next three years up to 2020 and then for the following five years the list of dead people from benefit related causes will grow even faster.

Edit: Ahh … it is a Black Triangle list, they are a disabled group I only heard about recently.


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