Well this one is going to be very short and not so sweet.

As I said in a previous post the stories regarding the Department of Work and Pensions along with the hired assassins and the British government and their disregard for human life is coming thick and fast.

I am starting to wonder if it will slow down and when I thin about it I do not think it will. If anything it will continue to build up now as long as these … private services, they have lost the right to be public services, continue with their current as well as future plans.

So what could be the worst kind of story you could possibly hear regarding this evil lot? You just might be surprised.

How about getting letters from the DWP to state that your benefits are being stopped while your lying in bed dying? The person in question sadly died mere days after getting these letters.

Worst still is we are moving backwards in time yet again, reported in 2013, while they have gradually got tougher and tougher with their rules. The worst is yet to come but will arrive by 2020.



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