Well, these long term predictions and theories of mine seem to be coming out thick and fast and I am wondering if it will stop now or continue on?

I have said something for the longest time and suspected it long before I started blogging and in fact I put it to the test just prior to starting up. They failed and at least I knew but quite how I was going to go about proving this I do not know.

What I had to do in some cases was hope for one of two possibilities…

First that eventually I would think of a way or a way would present itself to me.

Secondly that someone else would do it for me.

I had always secretly hoped that the latter would come to light on many occasions so that I at least felt I was not doing this alone. Another thing I had hoped is that I would set off dozens of other people pulling the same tricks as me and that I would come across others that have done similar things.

Of course as I went after absolutely everyone finding someone just like me might have been …. a bit of a wait. But I have come very close … twice. This is because as human beings we become very focused very easily when someone does something to us. We concentrate on the perpetrator of said ills. In my case I had so many things done to me by so many different services, groups, people that I developed certain ways of thinking and dealing with things and everyone was in my cross-hairs.

If you was to go back to the beginnings of this blog and really at almost any point you will find topics that are still relevant today and many will still prove to be relevant over the next couple of years.

One of those is the news media, or news networks and tabloids. My closest friend at the time used to think I was batty that I stated I thought the British Media was corrupt and being controlled. Of course back then I did not look further afield. Never crossed my mind and likely because there was no way of me ever being able to find out. France, for instance, I would need to know the names of all the media and now about events occurring in France that were front-page and TV News worthy that mysteriously did not appear. This could only be done by someone who was first French and second still living in France. It is not rocket science.

Now I only mentioned in the last day or two in a blog post that in August 2015 the DWP caused the death of a man that they were being blamed for and trying to wriggle out of, well them and Maximus are being blamed? Well one of the things that I stated that I had been expecting something lie this to happen and happen many times and was looking for it. But that when I found out about the first one it is well over a year after the man’s death?!

Well …

You have two problems when you are trying to act above the law even when it is murder…

Firstly there is the foremost problem of the national tabloids and TV News networks finding out and reporting on it.

This is of course no problem at all when you control them and what is being reported on and one clue to this is when the accused carry on regardless and continue to make changes that will obviously cause … result in more murders.

Secondly there is the problem of someone reporting about this on the Internet and here in lies the conspiracy theory problem Most conspiracy theorists are either people that are like those that see the figure of Jesus’ face in toast, crisps and all manner of things and claim it is a sign. Others are just scrutinised by the establishment for little titbits that will allow them to portray these people like that … and no one takes much notice or soon forgets about them.

But you have a third problem and that would be the people that do not see something in everything and only portray the facts. They might post up theories and predictions they are fairly confident about that they feel will come to light of evidence found thereof down the line at some point.

Or in other words …. someone like me.

Yeah I bet there is not a great many of us but even considering those of us that do exist the establishment then only have to worry about one thing. The size of their audience.

I, on the other hand, only thought about one thing. The size of my audience … EVENTUALLY.

Yeah I pretty much figured that nothing much would happen in the first six months and I really did not know anything at all about writing blogs or what benefits you can get from it. It never occurred to me at all that once big enough you could make money from advertising, for instance. It was all about getting the message and the truth out there.

I did think though and naively so, that maybe after a year or possibly two that things would take off and head towards the stratosphere. Of course that did not happen.

Was kind of frustrating as you tend to think ‘My God, I do all this work, take all these risks, bare things to the world I perhaps should not and all they have to do is tell each other’. Lol.

While in the third year of blogging I discovered that you had to do this for five years to achieve any respectable numbers.

I am now over the four year period by a couple of months and I can see that it is getting their and it has not been without its pain.

Although I have to admit that I have two straight crap and unproductive summers that have not helped things and some … evidence I was sure I would get my hands on never come to light. Its … complicated and I am not even aware of all the facts and reasons on that one.

So I found myself continuing on just as I had done for the previous 3.5 years but I was then forced to do things a little … differently. This was a third factor in holding back this blog too and most certainly seriously stagnated its growth rate. But I had no other option and ass will be disclosed down the road will show that I really had no choice. The funny thing is that the reason that I took the decision thaat I did seems to be … eroding away before my very eyes and the absolutely laughable thing about this is that it is the establishment that is doing this! Lol.

I noticed on my phone late last night that a web-page and story had been posted up on DPAC’s Facebook page by Gail Ward once again? God knows why I have found myself back in these Facebook pages. It is because of three things I found out about in quick succession that I felt I had to get out to other disabled people to forewarn them and so help them. Odd that the moderators seem to react to posts as if you do them to earn money or brownie points?! Yes so being told General Practitioners cannot write reports to the DWP for you any … more … oh crap! I just realised something. I need to write and send off an email and come back to that, involving Doctors in a later post. Another bit of information that they were secretly planning to get rid of PIP and ESA, they was not supposed to tell me that and 48 hours after I reveal it to everyone Theresa May goes and more or less states as much.

Remember … I think that they are controlling the news media and that they have been doing this for a very long time, more than ten years?

So why would this little titbit of information come out so quickly in the news media?

Well it wasn’t quick. It was only quick in regards my informing three disabled groups and blurting it out on my blog.

You do know that one is called ‘Universal Credit’, right? Well the word ‘Universal’ kind of implies that it encapsulates everything. I now now the signs and that is that it was designed like this form the beginning. Only one particular head of the welfare state could not go through with it and resigned and he proved that no one else had the gonads to go through with it.

Kind of ironic and somewhat hilarious then that it took someone that literally had no gonads at all, and now suddenly worryingly, no children to do it? Theresa May.

Yet another one that thinks they can pull tricks because they want to go down into the history books as the best Prime Minister in history that saved the ‘Great’ in Great Britain? Umm no, take a look ‘love’ we have a lot of ports and every single one of those ships has sailed.

Carry on like this and you will go down into the history books alright, but not for the reasons you had in your head while answering awkward questions at Goldman Sachs.

Funny these people in power with a an over the top capitalist mentality have not quite realised, despite having front row seats, that you do not win by doing the bidding of others.

Odd as I was told recently that Iain Duncan-Smith looks down upon the working classes and I have to wonder both why and what they think it is that gives them the right to do this? It most certainly is not intelligence!

I myself have had signs, probably the first ever I have seen, that they have gone so over the top that at the bottom of their tiers of enforcers people are ‘not happy’ with what they are doing. Yeeeah I only told the disabled groups that which I thought necessary and they deserved to know. Things that were not relevant to them I have not divulged. Yes those …. if I call them ‘jobsworths’ everyone will know of whom I speak of, are beginning to wake up.

If you lose any control of your armies you have already lost the war. – I said that.

How about another quote? You like quotes?

The reports reveal how the DWP’s press office worked well to quash any negative media about it. For instance, in one month of 2014 alone, DWP press officers managed to kill44 stories.

So it would seem that the DWP have been caught red handed topping reports from hitting the media then?!

Right then let me give you a little thought task …

If the DWP can do it do you not think that others, especially more powerful bodies, can do it too?

With this in mind do you think that it is SOLELY the DWP controlling the news media?!

But hey, what do I know? For over four years I have just been some crazy conspiracy theorist with some wild ideas, stories and predictions?!

Of course the sane, the intelligent, the victims and those with genuine concerns can just go and read the story the quote earlier comes from here …


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