I have seen a few videos made in America and after seeing them … scary, I think the American media have some explaining to do.

I have stated many times that I feel sorry for Americans because of the two choices they ended up with to become the next United States President. I knew that this would be an awful time for them and would only get worse. I had no idea how much worse it would get and I may have under estimated it somewhat?

It seems there are some pent up irate people in America right now and there have been protests that have ended up in yelling matches and ended up leading to violence.

There has also been some very bizarre things said about Donald Trump and his campaign that now looks to be totally false?

In the video link from YouTube below one YouTuber, sounding lie a British guy and the channel called On The Offensive, showed a black guy who went to a Donald Trump rally to see if everything he is hearing is true. He claims it was not and that he was shocked at the way that protesters wee behaving?! I was … simply stunned.

This guy is a policeman and in the video it cuts back and forth from what the policeman was stating to what a bunch of so-called journalists were stating in a new studio. They seemed to be called The Young Turks, whatever that means?

Good God I need to replace this shitty awful Roccat keyboard!

We have twelve days to go to before the US elections and if it is lie this now what is it going to be like on the day? What will it be like afterwards if Donald Trump ends up winning?!

There seems to be signs here in the UK that we might be heading for trouble too as a load of underhanded things have been set in place, until I blurted them out on here and Facebook, and I just read a couple of odd stories.

First off Theresa May has approved, or is going to, a new runway at Heathrow Airport that seems to have pissed off a hell of a lot of people, including some of her own MP’s.

Added to this she actually opposed this runway when it was proposed when Labour was in power too? I really,, really hate this about politicians showing themselves to be two faced and hypocritical.

I also read that she had an meeting with Goldman Sachs long before she became Prime Minster and someone actually asked her if she wanted to be Prime Minister?! She … dodged the question. An act that showed guilt if ever I heard one. I had to ask myself why someone would put this question to her? It was if people in power who was opposed to her wanted to know and perhaps highlight it? Funny then that she is now Prime Minster as if I had to bet on who was going to be PM before the voting I would have bet against her.

That to me is very suspicious.

I also cannot help but think of the statement made by her biggest challenger that backfired and forced her to pull out, Angela Leadsom? Well I wonder if that despite the obvious hole in Theresa May’s life this has made her a more cutthroat and overly ambitious person?

So the signs in the U are not good.

Added to this that moron that could be her only threat, Jeremy Corbyn, is basically committing political suicide and does not now it by harping on about letting immigrants in. Jeremy, you moron,, this will only serve to guarantee you will not win.

The funny thing is I read there was a vote go on somewhere, some constituency somewhere I guess where Labour got beaten into third place by …. the Liberal Democrats?! Let us be honest here … after Nick Clegg did everything he did no one I now could see the Liberal Democrats ever recovering to get into third place let alone second.. Not in what remained of my lifetime. So people must be feeling really pissed off with Labour and I can only put it down to his stance on immigration.

Mr Corbyn … this is not lie the old Russia where you can beat into people what you want them to believe. The days are very different and you cannot even pull that crap in Russia any more … you can only rig elections to get in power.

There are times when you just have to listen to what the people want and right now is one of those times I am afraid. Otherwise you should have just waled away and not held on lie a spoilt child hanging onto hiss Teddy while their parents try to take it away from them.

Mind you … saying that much of Labour is made up of arseholes that are indistinguishable from the Conservatives. So they would have only ended up in second place instead of third and certainly not first.

Of course we have them to blame for the Conservatives being in power for all the time that they have and that they will for some time to come … unless Theresa May does end up looking like a new Margaret Thatcher but worse? Not likely to really take effect until 2020 I would wager.

So yeah … much ado about everything on both sides of the pond it would appear and I wonder if there will be trouble in America after the elections regardless of who wins, the candidates are disliked that much.

What a sorry state to be in, no pun intended.

How in the world does a country as big as America have not one but two candidates that seem just so awful? Maybe appearances will be deceiving and whoever gets in will do a good job?

Maybe I should play to the conspiracy theorists, or some of them, and state that ‘yeah, yeah just like the UK the President does not run the country … others do’?

The way that I see it when you never get what you was promised and/or decisions are made that are clearly inhumane towards large numbers of people … there either has to be a reason or governments are made of of amoral Satan worshippers?

Whatever the reasons and whatever the truth it truly is scary times going on right now and between 2017 and 2020 I can see a whole host of bad things happening.

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