I mentioned in a previous post something about some over the top, bat shit crazy feminists … I have only now remembered I really do not like calling them feminists because what they complain about and the things they try to ram down everyone’s throats has nothing to do with real feminism and does more harm than good.

Oh yeah and if you do not agree with them they go out of their way to do more harm than good … literally.

This all started as a chain reaction to me looking for science videos. I was first watching Periodic Videos which was fun and interesting but … I could not help but think they were just playing around. Also did not agree when they called it good science as they just seemed to be playing around. Nothing was … gleaned from these … experiments that was not already known an no new questions raised.

Then one day there was this video in the recommended section that stated how Periodic Videos got it wrong. It was by this chap called Thunderfoot, or Thuderf00t. It was a simple matter of placing sodium in water and then explaining that Periodic Videos simple statement the sodium just explodes does not explain why. He stated something so simple and soo obvious that I was shocked that this was not asked in the past. It was exactly the sort of question I ask. However not being a chemist my questions involve other areas of science.

He showed very simply that a barrier of hydrogen would surround the sodium that is what is ignited and that this barrier would act as a shield to the water getting any further into the alkali metal.

I literally did a face palm and he was right that we had been doing this experiment in classrooms for what seems like an eternity and yet no one before had noticed.

I liked this guy! For all my years on YouTube I found someone that for me is up there among some of the greats forr his tenacity and vision.

I started watching more videos and was delighted to see some that were on astronomy and he even covered optical scopes for viewing the night skies.

I lost count of how many I watched until one day I started seeing the letters ‘SJW’ come up in some videos and I did not know what it stood for and because of that I ignored them. But every now and then Thunderfoot had a video with these letters in the title.

So one day I took a look at one of these videos and what I saw? What I heard? I simply could not believe! Before long I started to see these Social Justice Warriors all over the shop being talked about by many. I seem to recall a Phillip DeFranco video on it?

The name that came up first was Anita Sarkesian and this was quickly followed by someone going by the name LaughingWitch and Jenny McDermott and Kevin … someone or the other and another guy. The last four had launched attacks on people that did not agree with them. Even lying to try aand shut them up and have them closed down. Oddly enough when someone reported them they claimed they lived in a world of free speech? Wait, what?! But they just tried to close a whole bunch of people down for simply disagreeing with them?! Riiiight. Double standards at its best.

I then started to realise that the videos were a little old but that the fiasco seemed to continue on, except for one that tried to get Thunderf00t fired from his job. Oh god … do I really want to type all that out explaining it? Its reeeealy long! SIGH

Oh she wrote a letter of lies which did not work, she lost many of her own people and fans of Thudef00t retaliated, some going a bit over the top and doing things morally wrong. The lady in question boasted she had lost him his job when he had not lost it at all. Whoops! The retaiiation started and she seemed to skulk away into the darkness from whence she came? But no, the next thing I discover is that she appeared on some TV News channel in America, where she lived, where she and with the help of the TV New network tried to make a scientist, Doctor and debunker look like a Business Cyber Terrorist, or some similar crap, Nazi Sympathizer and made him look like Rommel controlling a fleet of Panzers?! Oh and a racist because he hates the Muslim religion … yeah I said racist, lol.

So the man with the loud feet has something else in common with me? Seriously this dude really is a class act. He is up there in my book with some very big names in science both alive and deceased.

Then this lady started up a fundraising campaign to help her defend herself from the man with the loud feet but as it turned out they had a $25,000 legal fee or fine or some other which just so happened to be what they were claiming they needed to defend themselves. Oh dear.

Then I kept getting flashes in videos of another of this lynch mob called Jenny McDermott. Oh my word …. she was worse than the last one! By the time I was now watching videos of sane people, including one brilliant and hilarious woman I will get to shortly.

Along with not letting it go Jenny McDermott did not fade way into the darkness like LaughingWitch but instead seemed to get spurned on, told a lot of lies, contradicted herself one hell of a lot and even made a number of false accounts on YouTube to go around trolling people on YouTube. She even sexually harassed the man with the loud feet on Twitter, I think it was? I could not believe what I was reading and hearing!

Once again it was a case of you cannot do what I do nor say what I say. And they call others fascists?!

It was and is both scary and hilarious both at the same time and bizarrely in equal measures.

Weirdly the other two of the four were actually men … though in all honesty and really quite ….. sadly these men seemed to only reveal, to me anyway, that they quite obviously had infatuations with two of the other three feminists I mentioned and obviously harboured hopes that leaping to their defence, oh and something they are against, men protecting them, would lead them to some romance down the road.

This did not help one of them that lied on the wrong side of the pond, being based right here in the UK. Oops!

They only seemed to have these two men. However the side against these over the top feminists had a large number of women. I posted one video recently but as I was intrigued to see how this panned out I found the videos of someone who was bloody brilliant and bloody hilarious.

This hilariously funny and brilliant individual that had me laughing really hard at times calls herself …


(not coming up in WordPess YouTube link, oh thats good)

As for the man with the loud feet …

You might note looking at enough videos that the man with the loud feet has exposed the media to be both corrupt and stupid?

But then I stumbled across the absolute best, scary and hilarious video yet! I ask you to look at the video and wok out for yourself what is really going and and ask yourself if this behaviour and … umm way of getting your point across actually helps anyone.

Now these are mainly reaction videos to a completely innocent situation that went absolutely bloody mental in no time at all. Also ask yourself if the person in the video ho is … let us just say the loudest is actuaally practicing what they preach?

You also might want to rifle through the videos, if you get bored or simply cannot stomach it for very long, for a lecture that is given by the … umm loud person and see what she has to say about society and its problems. Primarily their reason for climate change. It really has to be heard with your own ears to believe what they are actually trying to say.

It should become bloody obvious to any blind fool that they have an extreme bias towards a particular group of people.

I would like to think that even dumb-arses that actually even agree with them would realise that … well you just cannot do anything about it. No more than I could stop what has happened to me these last few years.

I am in agreement there are serious things wrong, probably some conspiracies going on and certainly corruption. But what these people are after is not only a full displacement, in effect, of one group for another but also that of total control including that of freedom of speech.









You might not be surprised to hear, or you may have seen on the videos, that after actually releasing the video on their Facebook page this … vict … no feck it harasser first got loads of similar demonstrably wrong similar thinkers to feel sorry for them but after that things went … downhill … fast and their profile was deleted.

Now the funny thing is that of all the video reactions I looked at I finally at the very last minute stumbled across a guy that knew EXACTLY what was going on and that was that someone wanted to appear on TV very, very badly and did not get picked!

All the things wrong with the world today and they are pulling their shit, claim they have the answers when the reality of it is they don’t have an answer to a single effing thing.

They have a sure fire way of creating some bloody big divides that could lead to civil wars though!

Take a look at a SJW PhD Lecturer that gets herself fired ..

Oh and what lows do the Social Justice Warriors go to when they are losing o you debunk them? The death of someone’s father …


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