Well here is something I petty much knew and have stated on here since I started blogging well over four years ago now.

That the tabloids are controlled and told what they can and cannot say or report on!

Before I actually started blogging I was involved in something very, very serious that could have proved fatal to many people. When it was safe to do so, me being responsible, I burnt a whole raft of data onto a set of FOUR DVDs, all filled up and not all my data, and sent them to every national tabloid out there. I also sent them to two TV news media groups. And … NOTHING.

A friend of mine could not understand why they had not reported on my story or even got back in contact with me. So therefore the story was bogus as the media would have jumped on it. I both asked and reminded him how many years I had told him that I was sure that the news media was corrupt and that I was hearing stories that should be on the TV news but were ignored?

I do not think it made much difference.

I ALSO always believed that this control would work fine … until a couple of things changed and the first being a financial crisis and the second is when everyone had access to the Internet for a decent amount of time.

Well … we are all well into this financial crisis and long enough for it to have affected most people and everyone has had the Internet in their pocket a good few years now. And what is happening?

Almost all, if not all, the news tabloids are running into financial trouble and even the BBC have been in financial trouble. Oh the tabloid press owners like to complain it is because of the Internet and of course they would be correct. But not for the reasons they want YOU to believe.

Their reason is that while they have built up into organisations that cost a lot of money to run, their fault, they failed to see that news will be available for nothing or next to it on the Internet … umm again their fault for lack of foresight.

If this had happened to a small business, and I do hear this from small business owners, they would be told to feck off.

But I bet they get help?

Only this is not the reason they are running into trouble.

The truth of it is that shocking stories on the Internet go around people’s smartphones like the proverbial Bats out of hell.

So what takes place today is not just me wondering why a story is not featured on the news but hundreds of thousands noticing it and talking to each other about it so more and more people realise it.

Or as I like to call it a ‘nationwide waking up’!

The only thing that surprises me is I have been hearing about these financial troubles of the tabloids and yet most ae still around. Well probably all as one seems to have only stopped printing but still has a website?

So not only does the ‘establishment’ not have any compassion for human life, as they are proving little by little and will do until 2020, they have the inability to change nor possess the foresight to see things changing right before their eyes that will prove costly to them.

Someone posted something on Facebook not sure if it was Gail again, of a radio broadcast that I did catch wind of last night (I think?). Being interviewed is someone called Justin Walker, I have no idea who he is, who talks about how the news media is controlled and that he was told this some time ago. In fact his uncle was Governor of the Bank Of England in 1972 and Mr Walker was 16 years old when he was told this. I guess they did not realise what the ramification would be if this got out further down the line? Thirty four years down the line.

Justin Walker certainly sounds like someone who had the upbringing to have had access to such information, it has to be said.

Another classic quote Justin Walker makes late on in the interview is that it turns out that your money in your bank is not your money, it is the banks money?! Nice. Surprised but not that surprised.

There is also the following link to a website linked on the YouTube page and I know nothing about this website or organisation so cannot really make any comments about it …



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