I am supposed to be leaving the house to get some cheese and pickle because the bread I bought makes crap toast.

Except I had two letters in my door and I opened them up …

OK … this is going to get a little … bonkers. It will sound bonkers and that is because it totally IS bonkers! Just like my last few posts … speaking of which ..

Two posts back I posted up a letter that states that I am about to hear about my tribunal date for an ESA appeal and as other that are well aware of this know this has already gone!

Confused? Oh trust me it gets better …

I was receiving what appeared to be two lots of letters from Her Majesty’s Court & Tribunaal Service with one lot, ie. more than one, stating it was an ESA appeal and another lot stating it was a PIP appeal.

Except I only appealed against an ESA decision as that was the only one that had been stopped. There also could not be a second appeal as PIP had not stopped and I had not made one.

Later on according to the Job Centre and their system I was not in receipt of any benefits any longer so I applied for Universal Credit as I had sat the tribunal, was railroaded, accused and offended several times throughout and knew before I left I had lost the appeal.

I had also told them twice by post and again at the tribunal about the two sets of letters stating different appeal … right?

Right so one tribunal is OVER.

So then I get a letterr to state my appeal is going forwards for ESA, in the link above, despite the fact that it has already been sat. Despite the fact I told them twice. Right?

I then realised and stated in my post, again the one above, that maybe the evidence I sent in to show that the DWP lied had not been remarked upon by the tribunal judge Miss Mark. Yet some pathetic attempts were made to make me look like a liar and it was in fact my HONESTY that losst me the appeal. Because after being let down by someone to take me to hospital I stressed myself out by making the journey on buses.

Even a friend said that the last tribunal must have been for PIP if this one states ESA. I told him that the PIP had not actually stopped just yet and I have not appealed that decision yet. I also stated that at the tribunal the judge said “Oh so you get PIP too?” So no it was about ESA.

I fully expected that letter to state PIP APPEAL, but it didn’t.

Except … umm in one of the two envelopes I opened up it was about the appeal once again only … umm … it did not state ESA APPEAL … it states PIP APPEAL?! …



Confused? Yup, me too!

Bonkers? TOTALLY!!

I am afraid to say it gets worse …

Umm … I did state there were TWO letters? I also state that I had thought that PIP was stopped, about to be stopped as this is EACTLY  how it went down with the ESA. Did not attend assessment, errrrr NEVER HAVE, ESA cut immediately. SO stands to reason that PIP would be the same right?

Well I did not attend an asssessment for PIP in September and I told them I would not attend, asked for a Home Visit and they refused,, twisted what I said and said I was violent.

Well take a LOOK at the lette from the SECOND envelope arriving the same day as the HMCTS letter that for the 7th time contradicts the letter that came before it …


So that would be an assessment for a benefit I had thought stopped that I have an tribunal hearing coming up for I never appealed against!

Now you tell me what the FECK is going on! Because I do not have a Scooby-Do!


Ooh bad writing, forgot to mention that Miss Mark might not have received the evidence I sent her in as it may well have gone to a different judge, who might well have maade their minds up VERY DIFFERENTLY to Miss Mark?!

I guess I will find out at the second tribunal for the exact same thing ….

And as they have now done it again with a letter about an ESA appeal being contradicted by a letter for a PIP appeal I might actually have THREE TRIBUNALS for the exact same thing?!?!

Oh this is going to be fun!


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