Last night I totally forgot I witnessed a crime … well sort of.

There was so much hoo-har about something I posted on Facebook, see last post, that I got wrapped up in several conversations and forgot all about it.

As I was visiting my local Job Centre I spotted a couple of guys looking very suspicious. They were looking around and staring at everyone and at me locking up my bike among many other bikes at Enfield Chase Railway Station. It was immediately obvious what was about to take place.

As I entered the building I pulled to women over that worked in the Job Centre and I told them that a crime was bout to take place and that that man, now standing at the bikes while his partner skulked around back in the corner out of sight, was about to steal a bike. I even told them that the bike nearest to us was mine. I thought that this knowledge might make them keep a close eye on them. They certainly seemed to as I ventured through a door and up the stairs.

But no.

When I came back down no one was looking out the window and there was no sign of man who was investigating the bikes.

However upon leaving and approaching my bike I noticed that one bike was missing and there was a cut up lock on the floor.

Minority Report was wrong … even when you predict a crime is about to take place and eport it to people that should be responsible and have access to phones to call the Police … nothign happens and the crime goes ahead anyway.

I have reported this to the Police now with a description of the two men, two 6ft ish Somalians with scraggy beards and tracksuit tops on, one royal blue and one silver or grey.

Felt sorry for the victim who would obviously return on the train to find his or her bike had been stolen.

Even more so that I had reported it was about to be stolen and no one did anything to prevent it.

Shall we have a prediction of what the Police will do?

I think they will do …

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