I am never going to get out of the house to get some cheese and pickle!

Something came through to me on Facebook that was a petition and this involved money planning to be cut to older people. Pensioners in other words.

Now after my recent revelations … well I state that if you can do this to hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of old and therefore vulnerable people  you can do this to anyone.

Also before I post the link I should add that after a phone-call to my sister earlier, gobsmacked about the humongous errors the court is making, I got a phone-call form the Citizen’s Advice Bureau.

Yup you read that correctly … after wees of silence and ignoring emails they actually ring me! An African lady spoke to me and asked me what the problem was and I told her about the tribunal and they way I was treated and the lack of GP and solicitor. After insisting the tribunal is not done like this and there had to be both a solicitor and a GP she was then shocked. Only because I told her I can and will easily prove it.

I then told her about the letters I have had …. laughter and shock and “Your joking” or “Are you SERIOUS?” cannot remember which. Something like that. I also told her that I was seeing Mind now too. I told her that proving it mattered not as I had posted the letters on my blog. That is when she asked me for the address. She looked at the blog.

“You have to tell Mind, you HAVE to tell Mind!” she told me before explaining that Mind were better than them and had access to more powers than the Citizen’s Advice. I told her I will next week.

Of course this is all about the DWP and Her Majesty’s Court & Tribunal Service’s lying, corruption and complete and repeated balls ups.

Which is kind of what this link is about …



Gail is also involved with Black Triangle and the Cradle to the Grave campaign …



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