I have a little something to tell today.
I was at my GP surgery today and bizarrely my head MRI results came through my door this morning and it was normal?!
Was really expecting to be told I had an Arachnoid Cyst.
It might interest people to know that after having two benefits stopped completely, having two (sort of 3) medical professionals state that I cannot work with my medical conditions and losing an court appeal with one crap GP letter and no GP present ….
So I asked my GP outright … “In your opinion am I fit for work?”
He moved his chair back as if a little nervous and said …
“It is not my place to say … it is not my job any more, it is the job of the DWP”
I then told him that an A&E Doctor previously went mad when he heard what the DWP had done to my benefits. His eyes went wide, lol.
So anyone having issues with GP’s or their letters may want to ask them directly.
A friend of mine told me he was sitting on the fence and I said that either your health is their job and priority or it isn’t.
If you have an accident because you have been forced into work … does that not then leave General Practitioners wide open for prosecution? Lol.
I was somewhat stunned.
My friend actually thought he would say that I am not fit for work. He was somewhat surprised when I told him what my GP had said.
So what is it? if my GP said that to me then it cannot be the job of any GP anymore, a professional, but the job of the DWP’s assessment people, NOT professionals.
It might be why they were so quick to say they wont assess anyone any more, because they have kicked enough off ESA who wont be going back on because they are still insisting on assessing you when you try to. I know this because I got a letter from them stating as much.
For a benefit I have had for more than ten years. Which they only gave me in the beginning because they did not want me on DLA.
Funny as my medical records and my health conditions were bad enough for me to be awarded it twice … but not now?
Also when we were on the subject of my MRI being normal I told him I was expecting them to find a lump because of my loss of hearing half the time when I talk. He had another look in my ears, ,yeah do not ask me why he had looked twice in as many months, said something was going on in my right ear.
I was then given a card to go and have my hearing checked at Specsavers but was not sure if I had to pay for it!
It is not hard … I have told him twice it is like my head, or ears rather, are submerged in water. My hearing goes dull and I constantly feel like placing my finger in my ears and wiggling them in the hope of freeing up some pressure.
The MRI being clear was … disappointing, would you believe?
The GP visit was also disappointing.
Still I have two other options available to me.
Here is the letter which is the same as the first one but with the MRI result on the bottom…

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