Every now and then I think of something that I think of as corrupt. Organisation, groups or public services that have either said or done things that I have witnessed first hand or have done the same within the media.

On this occasion it is the news media itself, or namely the bigger names and networks.

As I was looking around I saw a couple of things about the American media by Americans. In one video they showed that over the last ten years the trust and belief in the news media by the American public has dropped constantly over more than ten years.

Once you look at the graph and at how it has dropped I can tell you this … if you think about ten years time you will realise that before you get to that stage there will be no one left in the USA that will believe anything their own media states. That is very, very sad.

In the video you will also note that just as I predicted here in the UK that the America’s big press names have been getting further and further into financial woes that they cannot foresee them getting out of.

This YouTube video is by PagerU …

Here is one under the channel name on YouTube of Carroll Trust and I admit I do not know who or what that is. It is someone from British Intelligence as I understand it and stating that the Police are “institutionaly corrupt”.

British Intelligence?! You can fucking talk! Where is my medal, acknowledgement and reward?! Oh yeah, you cannot give it to me because you claimed to have done all that stuff I helped you with on your own!

Here is one many have heard of that states that we sold out to the US government by one of the top and most secretive organisations in the UK and one that I almost ended up working for, I never did attend the interview and now … much later on I am glad that I didn’t.

So with he fact that everyone knows that this organisation sold out to the American government to be its personal … hunting dogs, that imagining the US government controls other areas of the UK is not that hard to believe.

This is a Russia Today news piece that talks about that age old report about the US using the UK’s GCHQ organisation to listen in on the UK public. No doubt because of the amount of a certain … faction we ended up letting in?

The first of two news videos featuring the UK Column news people who seem to be hell bent to report on corruption. I did initially approach the UK Column a few years back and we id sort of start to talk … but never went anywhere. Probably thought I was a nutcase? Lol .. oh well I just ended up on another route anyway and maybe it will turn out for the best?

This one is on the BBC …

This is a good one . someone called TheLipTV whwo reported that someone called Roberto Saviano was asked who was the most corrupt country on Earth. He answered “The UK”.

A Russia Today piece about how corrupt and dishonest UK politicians are. I know at least one judge, tribunal and a whole list of public services that can go into that list! Here is the video on YouTube …

This one is just funny. I dare you to get 5 minutes into this video and not laugh, you will gradually hear more and more laughter as the video goes on. I imagine it was on some sort of satire like show in America and focusing on the news media?

Not only will it make you laugh but will make you think at the same time. As funny as it is it does go to show that something is very wrong with the news media in America. If I was to state that the news is scripted for them all … I will only state that this is them getting … lazy! Lol.

An ex Policeman talking to a news group that I actually contacted some time ago called UK Column talking about corruption within the Police. I have not heard it all but there seems to have been some attempt to discredit him before he even started whistleblowing?

That latter remark is down to a comment about this on the YouTube page that states that they, the Police, did this and even states that it is a ‘classic Yankee move’.

Hmm I cannot find this one on the usual YouTube search on WordPress! Ahhh here it is! …

Somebody called Dan Rather talking about the corrupt news media …


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