The Employment Support Allowance have been deliberately fecking me around.

I have sent in two applications just as I was instructed to do. The first one was sent via recorded delivery but they somehow managed to lose it.

I had a phone-call apologising and they then emailed me apologising and they sent me another application form with a pre-paid first class envelope.

The apology email is dated the 7th September and I called the next day and the application arrived the following postal day, I think the phone-call was a Thursday and it arrived Saturday I think. I then posted it Monday. Which would have been the 11th September 2016 and today is the 6th October 2016 and I have heard nothing. That was the SECOND application I sent off!

So today I have to go to a meeting for Universal Credit, which itself takes six weeks I now find out, because … well I have no choice.

This was a bit short notice, the Universal credit people called me when my mother was here two days ago. They they rang me at 9am yesterday morning when I was otherwise indisposed, lol. I then visited my social worker friend and we went to Watford to pick up a clam shell. A real one and the whole time I thought that the UC, or JobCentre, would call again but they did not.

Then I got home yesterday and at some point in the evening I decided to check my emails and would you believe that I had an email from the JobCentre asking me to not only bet there the following morning at 10.30am but I had a bloody list of stuff to bring with me, including an up to date CV?! I had not updated my CV in bloody years and could not even find the damn thing. I managed to find a version of it altered to create one for someone else. I then spent an hour messing around with that as it would not display properly when I uploaded it to their site! *SIGH* I wish things did not sen me into such an excruciating panic mode.

I emailed the ESA on 29th September asking them if they had received the second application and if they are processing it and I have heard nothing at all.

How many applications are you supposed to fill in and send in and email them about before they are expected to get it right?! I would email their ICE Ombudsman but they are a waste of space too!

My very last PIP payment I am expecting to arrive either in two weeks time or six weeks time and as that is the second of the two benefits to have been cancelled I am up shit creek without a paddle.

Losing 60% of your money is not good enough for the ‘we are in it together’ brigade. No less than 100% is what they have gone for. Despite my various attempts to prevent this via British law they are managing to succeed.

Now I am hoping that this is going to go well and it is not going to be someone that takes no nitice and just stands behind you with a bloody whip.

I was told yesterday by someone that there sister is disabled and she was forced to do this for a bit and that the person she spoke to at the JobCentre was actually helpful which was a little encouraging. A little encouraging because it is the first time I have ever heard of anyone at a JobCentre being helpful and … well the person helped was a woman.

It occurred to me as I woke up with an anxiety attack that I may not have posted up the emails?


29/09/2016 18:44

Dear Graeme Vine


I have sent in another application and it feels like it was some time ago now, I have short term memory blanks and cannot recall certain things most days.

I have a tribunal hearing tomorrow that I have had several breakdowns over and I do not know why this is,, though it is part of my condition. So keeping on top of other things has been hard, especially as HM Court & Tribunal Service have sent me five letters, stating in three the appeal is for ESA and in two others insisting the appeal is for PIPs.

Somewhat weird as I was asked to travel 22 miles to Brentwood for assessment for PIPs while this was going on.

Because of this I suspect my PIP will be cancelled too and yet another court case will start up but in the meantime if there is no ESA, or everything is rigged and I lose and have to claim Universal Credit then there is going to be a period of several weeks, to my reckoning, that I will be without money altogether?

If you have no managed to lose a second application this will make things much worse for me and the period of time without any money for food a lot longer.

I phoned the number you gave me and I was sent an application form with a first class pre-paid envelope so I thought I would have received an acknowledgement before now?

Either that or I am losing track of time worse than I thought

Yours sincerely

Martin Haswell BSc


From: Vine Graeme JCP ESA BASILDON
Sent: 07 September 2016 16:44
To: **********
Subject: FW: Employment and Support Allowance


Dear Mr Haswell,

Further to our telephone conversation today,

I am very sorry that your original claim form has been mislaid.

Please call 0800 0556688 where a telephony agent will be able to take your details and forward your claim directly to this office.

The agent will ask you a variety of questions, including details of your incapacity and any medical certification that you have been provided with.

I understand that you wish to backdate your claim to ESA; provided that you have medical certification for any backdated period, this will be considered for the three months prior to the date you call the contact centre.

With the loss of your original documents, I will also consider any entitlement back to 8 April (three months before the date of your receipt), provided your medical certification covers this.

Please quote my name if this will help support your claim to benefit once received at this office.

Yours sincerely,


Graeme Vine | Employment and Support Allowance New Claims Team Leader | Department for Work and Pensions | Basildon Service Centre | Great Oaks House | Great Oaks | Basildon | SS14 1JE |

01268 634649 |


Dear Graeme Vine

Sorry I am not sure why I did not hear the phone and missed your call?

I sent in a claim form just as the Citizen’s Advice requested me to do.

Attached is a copy of the recorded delivery receipt of the letter.

In all honesty this has been absolutely ludicrous and I have been in an out of Doctors and hospitals and still have this ongoing for the next few weeks and months, over things caused by the DWP and things outside of the DWP’s actions.

My IB gets stopped, this is going to curt now and while that goes to court I have had my rent payments stopped though now agreed to restart them and now it is open season on my PIP claim too, so I guess that will get stopped, another Mandatory Reconsideration and another appeal will be ongoing wasting the taxpayers money?

Attached is the receipt from the recorded delivery of said ESA application that I did because the attack on me has been so intense and wide that I just figured my claim would get … let us say ‘lost’?


Martin Haswell BSc


Sent from Mail for Windows 10





From: Vine Graeme JCP ESA BASILDON
Sent: 06 September 2016 13:12
To: ******************
Subject: Employment and Support Allowance


Dear Mr Haswell,

Thank you for your recent correspondence regarding your claim to Employment and Support Allowance (ESA).

I am sorry for the difficulties you have encountered; your email was sent through from Stratford benefit Centre to Basildon, who are now processing claims in your postcode area.

I attempted to contact you at approximately 12.50 today (Tuesday) but unfortunately I was unable to speak to you.

I have been unable to establish a claim to ESA on our systems. Could you please confirm if you:

Rang our national claims line (0800 0556688) to make a claim; if so what date was this? If your claim was taken over the phone, were you provided with a reference number (starting with 1-). If you have any other details regarding this, please advise.

If you completed a clerical ESA claim form, approximately when was this?

I have been unable to trace a clerical or phone-based claim form; I am concerned that  you have been attempting to resolve your entitlement issues without success.

My number is 01268 634649 should you wish to call me directly.

Thank you,


Graeme Vine


Graeme Vine | Employment and Support Allowance New Claims Team Leader | Department for Work and Pensions | Basildon Service Centre | Great Oaks House | Great Oaks | Basildon | SS14 1JE |

01268 634649 |






This document is strictly confidential and is intended only for use by the addressee.

If you are not the intended recipient any disclosure, copying, distribution

or other action taken in reliance of the information contained in this email is strictly prohibited.

Any views expressed by the sender of this message are not necessarily those of the Department

for Work and Pensions.

If you have received this transmission in error please tell us and then permanently delete

what you have received.

This email was scanned for viruses by the Department for Work and Pensions antivirus services and was found to be virus free.

Please note: Incoming and outgoing email messages are routinely monitored for compliance

with our policy on the use of electronic communications.



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