During the time I was … umm … freaking out and having several breakdowns, an understatement, I tried to keep myself occupied and … well learning.

Any that realised or noted in previous emails that I was doing this might wonder just what it might be that interests me on YouTube.

YouTube can be a funny place. I sometimes end up viewing videos that are full of crackpot conspiracy theories, that get so many views it is unbelievable. YouTube then decides I must be into that and ends up recommending me more of that crap. Sometimes you do not realise until you start watching.

Other times I click on a video about quantum computers and it ends up being some religious nut explaining how the theoretical physicists at either the D Wace company or them at the Large Hadron Collider are going to open up the gates of hell and let demons and Satan out or create Terminator like androids that will exterminate the human race.

Ooh boy.

What is very bizarre about this is some of the nuts are actually likeable ones and one even seemed like he would be a nice guy to sit down and chat with. Now what was his name? Paul something?

Paul Adams! I just checked. Lol. Long haired dude with glasses.

Now one guy I come across recently and openly  talks about his own problems with an axiety disorder, though you would never guess watching him, is Joe Scott.

Here is a video of him speaking about the Bootes Void, an empty area in the universe that astrophysicists do not understand.

Now you start talking about this subject you have to step into the subatomic world, quantum mechanics, and that is something I am interested in. Around 70 percent of more of the matter in the universe is missing and they call it dark matter.

Now I thought that there were far more planets, comets and asteroids roaming around in deep space both interstellar and intergalactic space and this would account for missing matter? But scientists do not even mention that. I have wondered whether or not they have gotten antimatter wrong and that it behaves in different ways to what we think and this is out there and we cannot see it. Another possibility is ultra high and dense build up of neutrinos or some other quantum particle.

The fact is they we cannot even measure how things go on in interstellar space because Voyager, 2 is it, is barely there now. Probably they are thinking of instruments even now they would like to have been put on Voyager.

So how could we possibly predict what space is like between galaxies? Also the space between galaxies and especially in the parts that are racing away from us that is an impressive percentage of the speed of light?

My God even Pluto gave us a whole list of surprises just recently and ones I will certainly never forget! We could not possibly begin to even think about what goes on further out. they even think there is another large planet in our solar system five times the mass of Earth and further out than Pluto?! We are seeing planets in other star systems, will be launching a couple of things that will see exoplanets better and there is a race on now to find another planet around our solar system?!

It is madness, I tell yah! Lol.

Anyway here is Joe Scott talking about the Bootes Void…



I have watched a fair few of his videos and the smart alec even came up with a pill that stops you get mouth ulcers! Or umm … what did he call them … oh yeah canker sores.

I have also been watching a fair few videos of Doctor Who’s uncle the Mad Chemist!



If your into chemistry you will absolutely love this guy! If you do though … be warned … he has more videos than the atomic numbers of the periodic table added together! Lol.

Did I mention that I was into quantum mechanics and interesting in quantum computing? Lol.

I have mentioned that quantum computers have been built and sold in recent posts to Lockheed Martin, Google in conjunction with NASA and the Large Hadron Collider at Cern, likely among others. That company is called D:Wave and here is a guy doing a speech about it …





If you listen far enough in to parts where he explains how powerful they are compared to the computers as we know them today you will be blown away.

Our normal computers today are know commonly referred to as classical computers by theoretical physicists and those working with quantum computers. In fact you and I are referred to as classical … or the way they put it as the big normal would as we know is is the classical world, Everything works in the way that we expect them to.

But in the quantum world things get a little … strange. I know what these subatomic particles do and they know what they do. But no one can fully explain it. They know how they behave but they do not know why.

They do not operate in the classical way that we think of and are so used to in our daily lives.

Being into computer tech I watch computer tech guys doing their stuff and reviewing new things and one of those I watch from time to time is JayzTwoCents … hmm did I get that right? Wow! Yes I did!

He is somewhat comical and I like watching his reviews.

There us a series called The Big Think that features different scientists answering certain questions out to them. About humanity, society and its future along with quantum mechanics and the universe.

Michio Kaku appears in many and I admire him along with a few other famous names I like and I just spotted that Stephen fry appears in one? I could mention many other names like Brian Greene, Bill Nye, no not Bill Nigh but he is cool as well.



Back in the world of computing and gaming is a guy called Joker and his channel Joker Productions ..



Oh and I fascinated to see what they do with Graphene …



I think that Graphene and working Quantum Computers combined are going to change a great many things over the next few years. I think you will see some very exciting things and I have a few predictions myself.
Normal CPUs formed out of graphene for one. From frames on mountain bikes to many other things besides. Also they seem to be finding a way to produce Titanium a lot cheaper too?
A sheet of graphene, like from your humble pencil, at one atom thick is strong enough to hold a pencil. One atom thick it might even look invisible to the naked eye at that thickness?
Let us hope I am around long enough to be other witness them and enjoy them?

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