Well … umm when I started blogging and announced that I had a mountain of evidence and would continue to acquire a mountain of evidence … I said one thing …

That the one industry I had no proof was corrupt was the judicial system so the courts and the judges … errm … I should have just done a search on YouTube!!

Each day I see people driving about, heading to work or some function or other and all blissfully unaware of what is going on. Or maybe they do and do not care? Or maybe they think it will never effect them?

Who … knows?

What is it about human beings? Give us a system to create as servants to the people or a legal industry and we always manage to … corrupt it!!

First a two parter but the second part is not linked here …

Well it seem that the guy from the last video, John Paterson (mental note check spelling of name) and here he seems to be reporting about a very widespread case of fraud … VERY widespread!

Something to do with someone called Gordon Bowden and an ex-RAF officer whisteblower.

My word this John Paterson has a collection of stuff a mile high!

How about revelations about taking children away?

Seems to be a Channel 4 news report … at least in part

Again with Family Court and this time … a Secret Family Court someone informed me about a few years back I simply did not believe sorry if your reading this). Exposed by non other than a Member of Parliament!

Story about the same Family Court system and a claim made that it is to make money, reported by Russia Today?!

I told you … the … let us call them ‘The Establishment’ are clueless when it comes to technology and when it comes to the Internet and social media

Ah now we move along to Chester and this time a Crown Court

Interestingly this one seems to be by Corruption Watch? I umm … sort of know them lol

The British Justice System …

A documentary and involving the Metropolitan Police called Justice Denied and involving …

a murder!

Funny as in all other videos I see to do with parking tickets and such you get many vans and many Police Officers (see above)

Another Russia Today interview with someone stating that despite speaking about

corruption in less well developed countries their is a myth in the UK that

Britain is not Corrupt

Here is a funny one by a guy called ChunkyMark and he states what I do

about preaching to other countries being corrupt when should deal with it as he says “in our own backyard!”

If you look he even has an interview filmed with Russel Brand, though I am not his biggest fan admittedly, and Frankie Boyle

I … kind of like this next one with a guy called Slipknot Harrington

with an Anonymous like mask on, cannot remember what they are called, talking about


There are a great many more and I would imagine is growing rather rapidly?!


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