I am just performing a little research …

On the HM Courts & Tribunal Service and it seems there is more to them than meets the eye along with a fair number of complaints!

Here is a webpage of a guy that kept asking for details of said complaints …

The last available (2010-11) advises some 1638 complaints received about judges plus some 830 enquiries.


I have not been looking very long and that was onlly the second page I looked at with the first being on Wikipedia!

Let us keep going …

Another instance of amateurish and totally incompetent correspondence just as I got with three letters titled or referenced, cannot be bothered to look, ‘ESA Appeal’ and two of them ‘PIP Appeal’.


Oddly something has just occurred to me … these letters stating ‘PIP Appeal’ set alarm bells going off for me and I passed them off as nothing after wondering quite how they could have gotten them mixed up. I had wondered along with stating to friends that I feared that they may be working with the DWP and the mistakes were a giveaway and that an attempt was about to take place on removing my PIP. I was laughed at more or less and then four days after receiving that first letter titled ‘PIP Appeal’ I received a request from the PIP department for an assessment, after being told by the DWP that they would not go after that.

So I suspected some forthcoming foul play after that …. faux pas and lo and behold I then get notified of what I had suspected anyway?!

My God … a ruling against them by the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman?! I simply do not believe it!


Cagey about statistics? …


My bloody God it gets far worse … hmm let me check the dates … This little snippet is from none other than The Law Society Gazette in Septmber of 2015 …

According to its latest annual report, HMCTS received 15,272 complaints compared with 13,451 in the previous year – a 13.5% rise


The headline reads ‘Losing faith in the courts service’ and I cannot say I am that surprised.

When I started all this and a few times recently I acquired and provided evidence from my experiences in most public services and even a number of private retail chains.

However the one thing I said I had not done this with and even when I had previous run-ins with them not really seen much evidence of, just some suspicions, was the judicial system, ie. courts and judges.

I did have four attempts … hmm or was it three? Anyway … I won each of them either in or before court and never appeared in any of them.

this latest one was very different in more ways than one. First one I have lost in 7 years and oddly the only ever court case I lost as with … have you guessed who it is yet? Yup, you got it Her Majesty’s Court & Tribunal Service.

Everyone telling me to complain/appeal.

Trying to find who you complain to about the HMCTS without it being the … well HMCTS?!

Have you noticed that in modern times, just as I have done, how you are expected to put in your complaints and claims of foul-play into the letterboxes of those you are accusing of … umm foul-play?!

Do you not think this is not only funny but a complete and deliberate waste of your time?

Why would you do that?

What idiots they are to expect you to do that. Or rather what idiots they must think we all are to go and actually do that … and expect to get anywhere.

Yeah when I see the biggest and most violent villain steal a belonging of mine …. I do not think of phoning the Police … oooh no that never crosses my mind. The first thing I think of doing is going down his house, banging on his door and demanding it back.

I asked CAB for an external complaints body and what did they say when they answered? “We are dealing with your complaint”?! LMAO!

Yeeah .. sure you all are and we are all going to sit around with our thumbs up our arses until you waste a aload of time hoping that we will go away before you come up with NADA!


Here is a good one where I seem to have been late to the party about corrupt courts and judges …

It makes me sick how these tosser judges label people as vexatious litigants, when all they are doing is trying to obtain justice from a very corrupt system. The reason they re apply to the courts is because of serious corruption. The judiciary then commit more corruption to cover up previous corruption, and so it goes on – Derek

It seems I might be labelled a vexatious litigant? Whatever that is. Well it appears to be anyone who might collect .. evidence … hmm yes evidence collecting seems to be a crime and that so-called judge today made no remarks about the fact I told them I gave various evidence of corruption on a DVD with a few choice things on it. Dumb moron, it was only a tiny sample!

Ismail, a superb summary of just how serious and in jeopody ‘ The Rule of Law’ is in, not just in South Wales but in ALL our British law courts. – mauricekirky

 You must all understand the enemy are intent on dividing us because very well know our correct use of cyberspace, to deseminate just what is going on in our UK law courts, driven by avarice, will finally educate too many for them meaning we will bust’m! –mauricekirky

There is a group of us in California in the former United States who have been the targets of judicial corruption. What we have in common is that we, individually, have all challenged the court for its crimes. Needless to say, we all discovered that the right to petition for redress of grievances is yet another right we have lost as, in order to cover up judicial impropriety (and more), the California courts are expanding their litigant wastebasket corruption cover-up statute CCP 391 — the Vexatious Litigant Statute. – Cole Day Rain


So does that last one mean that this corruption of the law courts is yet something else copied and pasted over from the United States or just another American company running it?

You know I said a long, long time ago on here that the one industry I did not know to be corrupt was the judicial system. I hoped that it was not and honestly thought it was not. I was wrong.

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