Well … I had my court appearance and it was dreadful.

It was today, Friday 30th September 2016.

It was worse than dreadful. I can tell you here and now that I lost … and so I am going to have to claim Universal Credit until such a time that some group somewhere does something about all this.

Ten minutes into the session and I knew I had lost because of two things … as I first noticed and mentioned to the only woman sitting behind a desk “oh? I thought there would be more of you?”

There was just single person and quite bizarrely and more importantly no GP?!

There is normally three people, it was like this 7 years ago when I had one and an A&E Doctor told me there would be one. There was not.

The lady sat opposite me spoke harshly and abruptly and in all honesty, quite rude.

She showed absolutely no interest in my condition or its many symptoms.

She called me a liar in a roundabout way because her definition of blackouts were not the same as mine. I said to her that everything goes grey and then black so what else would I call it? She said that I would fall and wake up not knowing where I was and I said that this has happened recently but she was not interested.

She was only interested in calling me a liar and backing up the DWP.

This was the absolute greatest example of being railroaded I had ever heard of and I was witnessing it first hand.

The fact that I carried around medical grade wool in case of little accidents did not matter either as I was not carrying around … let us just say the PROPER items! So because of the name of what I carried around made the difference.

The Citizen’s Advice recommended that I attend and the fact that I turned up was used against me because she more or less said so.

The funny thing is that ten minutes into it, maybe less I cannot remember, she actually asked me if I was recording us! I said no and she asked me for my phone, so I took it out and handed it to her.

She opened the phone and the screen is light sensitive and it lit up showing the day and date and she said she would keep it with her and placed it on the desk in front of her.

This woman … and I use the term loosely, was one of those that believed in the idea of kicking everyone off PIP and ESA unless they were actually missing legs, or parts thereof. Because she stated that I could get to a bust stop!

I used to have carrier pigeons but they all flew the coup. I had been telling my General Practitioners for a while now I was getting worried about doing stuff and was relying on my bike more and more and forgetting stuff much more often.

I pointed out that it was a Saturday, that I as supposed to be taken and let down and I figured I would try and get there as the EEG was important due to my blacking out.

All throughout she had a face that you could read like a book and if I was to ever offer some advice it would be to not play poker!

Even when she had finished she was rude and discourteous and just said “right!” and I was thinking ‘what? Does she mean that is it’ and I then asked. She said she would write to me but that was very, very clearly not needed. I asked if I could grab my phone from her side of the desk and she said yes.

The door was opened for me by the clerk and I, courteous as always, thanked her for opening the door.

God help my friend and anyone else with diabetes if they ever call him in for an assessment!

Never had I had anyone be so rude and insulting to me I my entire life.

Funny as I was not aware that being a judge allowed you to be discourteous, saying sorry once or twice for making a mistake does not count, nor be rude or insulting. Insulting because any answer being led to her face turning to one side and being dismissive.

This was a complete set up and I know wonder why if I got my answer when I wondered why my anxiety levels went so bloody high for the last month?

I might have done exactly this before and lost but this time … this time I had names for my conditions and could explain my memory problems, feet pain, arch pain, ankle pain, anxiety attacks and other things and actually put names to them.

A friend of mine on DLA for his diabetes was absolutely shocked of how she sounded, realised from things I repeated that she said that I had lost not one but BOTH benefits, yet again and was shocked that I lost. “Blimey, this is only for ESA?!!” was one line he uttered making him realise that PIP, or Personal Independent Payments was going to be far worse.

If I am not entitled to ESA then by this judges own words I am fully fit to work.

So am I have applied for Universal Credit now and I have had to lie on the form so that I get paid … SOMETHING by stating I am fit for work!

That is a lie … no two ways about it.

Seems they are making people join this Universal Jobmatch thing where you apply for jobs and I have to go and meet someone to talk about how I am going to get a job.

Now I can guarantee you this .. when I explain about my health conditions .. they will tell me to LIE to employers, I know because it was either said to me by them in the past or to someone I know.

I have applied for a job that is temporary and as a driver. I crash at the wheel and get into trouble I am going to tell them that the DWP told me to lie about it! Then they can get their arses sued by the company.

Oh and as usual I note that none of the jobs are their own and are pulled off other sites … typical … they never have any jobs, haven’t had in years.

My friend said that it is outrageous what the court has said and that I am disabled in his view and that I should get a sick certificate from my GP. I said I did not think they did those Statutory Sick Pay certificates any longer but he seemed to think that they do.

I did state that when I see my GP again I am going to mention that his letter cost me three benefits and that he needs to tell me in his view whether or not I am fit for work or not.

If he says yes I am going to ask him then how did a A&E GP in North Middlesex Hospital tell me that with my medical records there is no way?


I attended an support group once run by the FMA UK, I kept forgetting to attend all following group meetings.

They were under the impression that Fibromyalgia is a disability … not any longer!


Oh and I have asked the Citizen’s Advice Bureau for an external, separate from the CAB, body to lodge a complaint.

Because they got it wrong, started my anxiety attacks up and failed to offer what they promised and even seemingly dragging their feet over it so they would not have to send someone along?

They said it likely would not get to court as the DWP normally give in and if it went to court I would win and they would send a representative along. None of those things happened or came to pass.


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