Often seeing that word brings that of preposterous claims of wild accusations of actions seemingly ridiculous plans. But conspiracies do happen.

Sometimes they sort of hit the headlines, like that of the faked and infamous ‘weapons of mass destruction’ in Iraq being the reason to go to war against Saddam Hussein. Other times they can sort of not hit the headlines  or somehow pass you by entirely or come out many years later.

Among these conspiracies are the powerful companies and their often shady secretive ways along with over the top actions or reactions to given situations.

I often start to become suspect of companies that get way too large or rich.

Just recently I have been watching a great deal of things on YouTube and one channel I keep going back to is one that does the top 7 to 10 rundown on various mysteries. Well that is when I am not watching videos on quantum mechanics.

This morning I watched two of these with one regarding powerful and secretive companies and one on real conspiracies that took place.

I was surprised to discover many things I did not know about.

Tony Blair made number one on one of the lists with his Iraq war fiasco. The fact that these lists are created on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean makes you realise just how many people see it for what it is.

Others include a couple of accounts of people being deliberately poisoned by governments and another one regarding the war involving Kuwait. This one involving a girl from Kuwait giving account of the Iraqis throwing living babies out on incubators onto the streets to die? It turned out to be a false account and that the girl in question was the daughter of a member of a prince or something or other.

I had not heard of this account nor that it was falsified and I had to wonder as to how many people did hear of this account and still believes it to be true to this day?

In the other video of mysterious and secretive companies is the fact that Google, yes of course they are on there along with Apple, had a motto on their wall at one point saying ‘Don’t be evil’. Apparently this has since been changed to ‘Do the right thing’ or something.

Watching videos such as these can be a bit of fun but can also be eye-opening and make you think. Sometimes with some of the things that went on makes you realise that absolutely anything is possible. Hard to say something not that shocking is untrue with some of the things that were done in the past.

Google’s artificial intelligence ‘Deep Mind’ also gets a mention along with the claim that they had to install a ‘kill switch’!!

Hedge fund company Renaissance makes the list along with a company that was claimed to have been poisoning people, Monsanto who are claimed to be guilty of a number of things Founded in 1901 they certainly have had plenty of time to build up a list of questionable practices.

Another interesting inclusion is Cellebrite, ,who I had not hear of but discovered they are thought to be the one behind America’s FBI cracking that Apple iPhone that Apple themselves refused to do.

Probably seeming the most scary for Americans is an outfit called Blackwater that they liken to that of a super-villain organisation straight out of DC Comics! An army for hire when you want that army to carry out actions your …. regular army is not allowed to? How is that even allowed by the Americans or even the Geneva Convention?

Here are the videos …

7 Real Government Conspiracies

7 Mysterious Companies

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