I .. I .. I just do not know what to say.

Looking at something entirely different on YouTube I saw this video … it was long .. like just under three hours long.

I was always into the more sensible conspiracy theories many years ago, some I still am You always get these absolute wild ones that are obviously by nutters and you get annoyed because you think it screws it up for others genuinely exposing the truth and then wonder if it is all planted by governments to confuse everything?

Yeah there are plenty of conspiracy theories on the latter I have no doubts.

But I decided to watch this video and see how it went from the beginning. Now when it comes to conspiracies there is one that recently spread around like wildfire after something hit the news a year or two back. Personally and initially it sounded completely mad.

Well that was what was spreading around. In fact what was going around was doing so via text and picture messaging and though it was linked to what was hitting the news headlines … it did not mirror the story. Not precisely.

There were names going around in text messages that were not being named by the news media and I checked online and noted that the names were widespread … even on YouTube.

Before long I realised that there were far, far too many links and pictures for this to only be green smoke. There was obviously much more to it and it rocked me to my core.

I have mentioned this albeit briefly in the past.

People are always asking questions about whether we are alone in the universe and when told no they always ask “Where is everyone?” which is what a famous scientist first asked many years ago.

One of my theories was that they do not answer or contact because they purely think us too animal like and primitive. They probably have the technology to know everything that everyone on Earth is up to. Np question mark needed.

This … video might be long but I challenge you to get thirty to forty minutes into it, that is all that is required, without feeling absolutely sick to your stomach. just the possibility that any of it is true will make you sick to your stomach.

It will also prove my theory as to why people still think we are alone in the universe … because no intelligent self-respecting alien species would have anything at all to do with us.

It is backed up with a few videos, explanations, interviews and other stuff. I am not stating that it is true and a statement made in the sub-heading of the channel does not help But the video is not theirs and was sourced from somewhere else.

I am also not stating that this is true either … just that watching it was stomach churning and I felt quite sick .. as well as very concerned.

Yeesh! I gotta stop watching crap on YouTube!


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