Oh dear.

Oh dear-oh dear-oh dear.

I have stated for a very long time about statutes of limitations and how they protect those with more power and money over those that do not.

I read an article yesterday in the Daily Star, nooo … I did not buy it lol, about childhood Hollywood actor star Corey Feldman and him admitting he was sexually abused when he was that childhood star?!

Upon being asked who it was he replied that due to the statute of limitations in California he cannot name him, well actually them, because he would be the one to get sued over it all.

I spoke to a friend of mine at the time whose newspaper it was and he mentioned the name of a director that had since died. I said that I did not think it was him because he was dead and that I believe it was an actor, still an A-list and I came up with a name. He said he thought my guess was a good one.

They stated in the article that they think this will lead to the biggest paedophile scandal in America and I have just finished up reading the Inquistr and one other page on it and .. I wholeheartedly agree. It certainly sounds really, really bad.

I have also just come off the phone to another friend and was telling them about it and I mentioned a little cult group I am familiar with because he mentioned two a-list actors belonging to it. I really, really do not like this group and a shiver goes down my spine whenever I think about them and I told them that I hoped it was something to do with them.

Unfortunately this very sorry affair and scandal is only going to prove something else I have singled out for criticism over and over again on my blogs.

If your not aware Corey Haim, who died from an overdose, and Corey Feldman were stars of films that are long time cult classics The Lost Boys and The Goonies. The latter I have heard they are trying to remake.

Reading about this does sicken me but this is something that should be stopped.

It is also a prime example of what inevitable happens when too many people are handed too much money which then provides them with too much power.

In the comments section of The Inquisitr article both the names one friend mentioned were listed as possible suspects. Just goes to show the image these two give out to the more intelligent members of the public.

It is also going to make a lot of these naive idiots that flock to places come hell, high water or several foot of snow just to get a glimpse of these morons while screaming like demented idiots as if they had just won the lottery.

Also listed among the suggestions is a name that if mentioned I simply would not believe.

With all the accusations the Police have had in America in recent years God only knows what this is going to do because the childhood actor reported his abuse and named the abuser and they did nothing.

I find Corey Haim’s mothers reaction to all this to be somewhat a little bizarre to as she has complained about Corey Feldman bringing all this up again. One person in the comments does not have very good things to say about her due to this bizarre reaction.

This has the potential to be one of the biggest stories or scandals in the world, what with the worldwide adulation these actors and actresses get. Only the odd country, like North Korea, would be missing swathes of screaming airhead fans over Hollywood actors.

Good God, I dread to think what is going to come out when this can of worms gets opened and as I said to a friend it was not that long ago that a case against the director of the X-Men films, Bryan Singer suddenly stopped midway after being accused.

The trouble is you can think you have shut down the news media over stuff but it does not stop the general public coming up with their own versions of the truth and they normally are all saying the same thing.

The common one for the last scandal was because of money and the film being finished and released.

I think that the USA may be about to show just how much money matters over human life and suffering.

I even wonder now that maybe when big pay demands are made to film studios it is because they will get up to no good and want the cash to hire all the best lawyers in case they ever get caught or the proverbial finger pointed at them?

You do have to wonder, do you not?

Now I know why 80% of Hollywood films have been crap, even ones based on classic and extremely popular characters and story lines?

Despite the things claimed the video on YouTube below has a very sobering interview with Corey Feldman regarding his childhood and his adult life ..


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