Not got a chance to really talk about this as I do not have the time currently..

But as I normally end up forgetting to do 50% of my posts I did not really want to miss this one.

No one on a train wanted to give up seat for someone disabled!

It is just one of many reasons I do not travel,, like I told the DWP and Atos who then twisted my words … if I travel I will be in pain in several areas, sweat far too much and contend with embarrassing things that are permanent and spontaneous.

So I will be peeved all the time.

Throw in some idiot who is rude and it would be akin to lighting the touch-paper.

Also there was recently a programme on Channel 4 about the disability issues with the DWP I am always talking about. Did not see it, probably would have annoyed me anyway.

Just another thing in the news media that is short and sweet and designed to make the general public,, you know lie those arseholes on the train that only gave a shit about themselves, reason to carry on not taking any notice.

And so it continues.

What was also interesting is that someone else on Facebook commented just as I did about it and stated that fifty years ago, a time I often dream about living in, everyone would have care and offered their seat.

This is the Disabled People Against Cuts Facebook page ..

Well at least it has some airr time and now maybe another news media in another country will take notice and start reporting about how we treat our own people?

Think about it this affects everyone …

If they treat the sick, disabled and vulnerable like this then what chance do you have?

The only time your not affected and that is if you have large amounts of disposable income whereby hiring a solicitor at £220 to £400 per hour is nothing to you. If you cannot, there is no legal aid and you are just as fecked as the rest of us.

I wonder if anyone bought up the fact they have been not only breaking the law as well as being immoral but that there is an attempt to take a couple of ministers to court over all this? One of them being Iain Duncan-Smith.

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