My main thing at the moment that stops me from … well, going crazy is learning things that interest me.

Currently that subject, or rather two, is quantum mechanics which encompasses quantum computing, how it all works and where they are at.

As well as these blogs on corruption I have others on reptiles, amphibians, fish, British Wildlife & birdwatching, orchids, astronomy & astrophysics along with computing and a few others.

I have stated many times that I have an overactive mind but my body seems to pull in the opposite direction.

I find boredom … well, painful.

There have been many subjects I have been into all along or at some point or other and one of them is strange mysteries and very real causes of a modern day apocalypse from a scientific viewpoint.

I came across a couple of videos on YouTube and I suddenly thought it might be a good idea at this moment in time for me to run through what I believe to be an interesting list?

This list not only contains all that have interested me but each one has a very real doomsday scenario attached to it.

Now I complain from time to time about how much time an money is wasted on the cheating and lying and by many companies, governments and other organisations along with how slow our progress in science has become. So this list might put that part of my personality and give it all some … perspective?

So here goes …


A short one this one but was something that America started doing that suddenly had everyone thinking that very global catastrophic results could occur.


I always end up reading articles about this and I can tell you that we have long been overdue some kind of outbreak we cannot control that with our interconnected modern world will have doomsday like effects.


This one was pretty close to me and I watched and read about this apparatus as they were building the damn thing. I think it is a marvellous achievement but it did have me stop and think about it momentarily when many were claiming that black holes could be created that could destroy the earth.

I soon realised that this was unlikely due to how the machine is built and how it works and that any black holes would be weak and need matter to grow to any substantial size.


This one I was unfamiliar with and resembles the plot of the film The Core so I thought I would provide this as an example. An example of how idiots that run militaries can make super dunce decision just as they are made to look in films. The idea was to drill down to the Earth’s core?!

Now my estimation is that the core and magma have been building in pressure of late and any stupid move like this one will not end well for anyone within miles of the borehole?

The Russians get an entry in this list for that one.


Another one I was not familiar with and another crazy scheme that the military came up with which was releasing a virus that wipes out rice crops. This dis happen and spread a bit but done today would have catastrophic global effects. As it turns out they destroyed their … stockpile of the virus a few decades back.


Another moronic idea and the prize goes to the Russian military this time. I think they planned to use nuclear bombs deep down to trigger earthquakes. Oddly someone in South America accused North America of doing this and why the earthquake in Haiti happened?

Oh dear, will he do that every time there is a normal quake? Even in San Andreas?


Oh this is one of mine … but I have to degree with some folk by saying that I think that anyone that could be that advanced enough to get here to Earth from light years away would have gone far beyond the animal like behaviour that will still display. When I say that I do mean to each other and even animals too might be repulsive to them.

Oddly I have also wondered how the powerful people and governments of the world might react when suddenly an advance intelligence that could orbit out in space and possibly listen in on everything, search all governments computers and find out how those in power really are?

How would they react? Would they suddenly repent on their sins because an advanced civilisation that is peaceful towards its own might look down upon the?

We might actually find out the answer to that in my lifetime? Oooh.


Yeah, did not know about this one but it does not surprise me. You can bet there is a whole long list of things that even just the American military has fecked about with? Now take each countries military and imagine what horrors each of them have cooked up. Nasty.


There are a few little details about this one I simply did not know and that those that built the first nuclear bomb to be tested were worried the explosion might be bigger than they thought and set Earth’s atmosphere on fire?!

Really?! Think about that for a moment. The builders were worried that the bomb might have a very large and even global catastrophic affect and yet the military set it off anyway?!

Tells you a lot about the military’s intellect does it not?

I am amazed that there has not been a military of some country somewhere that has not set something off that has wiped out half its population.


I can tell you now that I was unfamiliar with this one but knew straight away were it came from and I could see why, but it is … way off. Way, way off.

Now the idea being that the universe will disperse because we have, or will look at dark matter and the reason being that when we do look at it it will then start to decay.

Yeah someone read an explanation for quantum mechanics me thinks, looked at super-positions and how they work and when viewed the wave particles, electrons, of the sub-atomic level collapse from being waves to particles? Wait? Have I got that right? Lol.

Well they thought they were particles but then realised they can also behave like waves … umm when not being viewed.

It is all very weird and means that there are other dimensions.

Best thing to do to explain the above is tell you to loo up ‘the double slit experiment’. Trust me it is only a very simple experiment. You have a light source, a wall with two doorways and behind that another wall with no openings at all. Now what happens is that when you shine the light you get to lit areas on the rear wall shaped like the other openings, or doorways.

Got that?

Except when not viewed you actually around half a dozen of them! You can put detectors to detect the electrons above the doorways or behind the doorways but when being detected you only get two bars.

In effect the electrons behave like water where a ripple would be split into two via the openings and then criss-cross, or interfere with, each other.

Are you now thinking ‘ahh feck it I do not understand this’? Well do not worry …. no one else does either. No I mean that … even the guys building quantum computers because of all this do not understand what is going on. They just know that it does happen and that they can use it.

I now realise form recent research that quantum computers are going to change everything. All of societies problems we cannot work out? This thing can when all the computers of the world combined would take a million years. These will do it in a matter of hours.

Lockheed Martin have purchased a quantum computer from D:Wave and I think Google went halfsies with NASA or bought one for NASA? One of the two.

So yeah … looking and viewing sub-atomic particles actually causes them to change their behaviour. Except this subject was about someone saying that if you ‘view’ Dark Matter it would start to decay?


I think that that one is pretty self explanatory and in history almost happened when an alarm told the Russians that five missiles were heading their way.

Was some years ago so do not panic.


Yeah those misdirected morons that think they are the master race an fifty virgins await them once they have blown themselves to smithereens! Hmm … hold up a minute? What happens if they blow themselves up and do not take anyone with them? Does Allah take their heads off and leaves them in a room with a dozen sex starved 80 year old nymphomaniacs?

One could only hope.

Right then, let us start getting very really and very … well, natural …


This can do enough damage as it is and stop every electronic device from working over hundreds of miles or more.

But if this occurs during a magnetic flip (see below)? Start to pray. Because what could happen is that if holes or magnetic poles spontaneously appear around the globe? Over built up cities? You might want to be verrrry careful with those electronic devices you keep about your person, or even standing next to.

Aircraft, phones and other things keeping us connected? Forget it!


This one is pretty self explanatory but the really big threat is what they call Super Volcanoes in which Yellowstone Park is just one. Just the one at Yellowstone really going off in a big way will have a catastrophic effect globally. It will reduce the amount of sunlight likely enough to affect most plant growth around the world.

There WILL be a time when a big one does erupt … we just do not know when or where … just yet.


Speaking of seismic activity and along with Yellowstone you have the San Andreas fault line that they not only think is way overdue but signs suggest it might be a big one when it goes?

The trouble with humans is we do not live very long. Oh yeah? Well look at the lifespans of some trees and whales?! Lol.

When you do not live very long you are naïve and get too laid back about very real and very big catastrophic events. Well your Dad never told any stories of major quakes and what living hell they are to live through did they? Neither did your grandfather. Yeah so it will not happen in your lifetime then so why worry about it?

Unfortunately you should because … well nature is not very forgiving when it comes to naivety. It could be tomorrow and it could be fifty or a hundred years time or more. They simply do not know.


Real ones I mean, not computer viruses they the latter could become a major problem one day. I have no doubt that with the amount of people we have in the world and just how interconnected we all are this one is a time bomb waiting to go off?

It will likely come from something that some moronic military commander ordered to have synthetically produced?

If military commanders are reading this … trust me you wont want to be that moron, think of the history books of the future with a picture of you as the prize idiot?


Real bad one this … a wolf in sheep’s clothing as I think to start with things will be very slow indeed? You will get a few odd things happening around the world before the big changes start to take place.

Basically the Earth’s core has two densities for the upper and lower part of it. That is why your compass points north as the strongest end of Earth’s magnetic field is located there.

Except … it is moving. It has been moving for years but as time goes on it seems to wander further and further. The theory is, is that the molten iron at the core is mixing up in a process that may see the lower half become the denser half. There area a few theories about how long this will take but no one really knows. Humans not living very long and all that and there are no records of it ever happening not for thousands of years.

The problem arises if poles start popping up all over the place during the switch and whether or not the entire magnetic field, or parts of it, will lose enough strength to cause bigger problems.

Letting in all kinds of dangerous and invisible killers like cosmic and gamma rays?


This is a good one and one close to my heart. Transhumanist and all that!

OK so well known one this of killer robots or androids like in the science fiction films, like ‘I, Robot’ or ‘Alien’.

Yeeaah, I am on the fence on this one.

I am firmly on the side that thinks that scenarios like the brilliant film The Matrix or Terminator simply will not happen.

But then there is the side of me that says to myself “Martin? You just now some wanker in the government or pratt in the military that thinks they know better will ask these machines to go against their core programming and lie, cheat and do all kinds of shit?”

Again and again and time after time science fictions films have shown these military and government politicians to be morons, doing something they should not, the shit hitting the proverbial fan and all of hell breaking loose. But they will STILL go and do it and then have someone else to blame when the proverbial comes into play.


Was shocked to here about the antibiotic problem and this has the potential to be a real big thing.

But they are well on their way currently with these nanobots that are microscopic robots that can enter your body and do all sorts of things. They put them inside mice .. to .. do .. something … I cannot bloody remember. That is not on my notes!! LMAO!

If you have not already read … I have a condition that causes over 100 things and one is short term memory issues! No … really! Lol.


Shortage of Bees? Heard of that one? Became a big problem globally and now there are some Hornets turning up of Asian origin that are and will hunt and kill the bees. Those poor bastards just cannot catch a break! If we are not filling them up with a concoction of thirty pesticides and killing them they are being hunted down, killed and eaten by illegal immigrants?!

Now that last one we are now beginning to empathise with them!


It has been my belief for many years now that despite what so-called scientists dying for a career on TV way tell you … nothing can be done about and it is all natural.

There is an argument that we may be speeding it up … but I have personally seen signs in the animal kingdom going back over a decade that the warming has been going on for a very, very long time. A few thousand years minimum.

But I do agree that you should stop pumping crap into the atmosphere.

But I believe it to be suicide to put all your eggs and money into just one basket. For something that not only could be irreversible but may be holding us back from entering an ice age? Or heading for one?


I .. love .. astronomy.

See all those beautiful stars in the night sky? So distant and harmless looking? Well they are not … at least not all of them.

Stars live a very long time, even the short lived ones. But they all eventually die in one way or another. Before they do they go through various changes depending on how much mass (think dense) they are.

Now with some of the bigger stars they … kind of have a very big gun .. two in fact. When a star collapses into certain forms, like a black hole, they can give of blasts of gamma radiation. Anyone heard of the Marvel hero called The Hulk? That is gamma radiation and as anyone who has seen a film with him in knows that the gamma radiation he was exposed to should have killed him.

Think worse than the radiation from a nuclear bomb.

Now there are probably miniscule chances of this actually happening but if a star collapses and is side on when it does with one of its poles facing us directly … we could have a major problem.

Has it happened before? Not that we know of. But we did eventually discover that the magnetic north pole was once the magnetic south pole from some rocks near Hawaii but these were very old rocks.


I can hear three groups of readers saying either …

  • Ain’t that the thing that happened in that animated movie called Ice Age?

  • Ain’t that the thing that happened in that 2012 disaster movie?

  • What the … feck … is he on about?!


Yeah the Mayan Calender might not have been a real thing in 2012 but what took place is a very real thing. Do not take my word for it … look up Albert Einstein, he came up with the theory!

Wherever we stand and miles underneath us and as we all know the rock is molten. In other words it is a fluid. I remember seeing in a programme on Dinosaurs that the idiots claimed that Dinosaurs lived in Antarctica?! Umm I DO NOT THINK SO!

If Dinosaurs have been found on Antarctica I can promise you one thing … forget about the snow the Dinosaurs were running around on, if you saw the same documentary as me, Antarctica was most certainly not where it is right now.

The continent would have had to have been a great deal warmer so would not have been situated at the south pole and cold blooded giant lizards would not have been able to survive those temperatures.

Scientists are pretty sure it has happened now and can happen again. As to what triggers the whole process off?

It might be linked to the magnetic flip theory as all that hot liquid iron suddenly on the move could have the continents on the move?

It might be from a global series of super-volcano eruptions?

It could have been from a Comet strike hitting us hard enough that wiped out the Dinosaurs, placing the Antarctic where it is, killing of any Dinosaurs that may have lived there and exactly why the are finding them today? If they found them that is, I mean they showed them living there in the documentary.

I can tell you for a fact that they have found fossils of animals that would live in warmer climates on Greenland and it is pretty darn cold there most of the time.


I bet many have already thought of two things from the title? Comets and asteroids … ahem though I suppose a gamma ray burst technically falls into this category. But I felt it needed its own little section?

OK so those first two are pretty self explanatory but what you may not know is that the size of he asteroid or comet that could wipe out millions … does not need to be that big. In fact I think you might be very surprised by how small it needs to be.

Size is not the problem … it is speed and density, the material of that striking us, that does the damage. Many of them that can wipe us out are nigh on impossible so spot with the current technology and the very few telescopes searching the skies for these threats.

No, no they are both obvious threats … the other one that can come from space are actually black holes. Rogue black holes, if you like, that are possibly roaming around interstellar space or even intergalactic space.

I think most people would probably know or have a good idea about what would happen if one headed into our solar system. Yes I said solar system as it does not even have to come anywhere near us … I mean what if it went close to our sun? Not good.

Luckily I think this is very unlikely to ever happen. Comets and asteroids is another matter entirely though.

So there have it …. just some of the things I tend to think about when my mind wanders from time to time.

Have I blown your brains out?

Have I scared the bejesus out of you?

Well that is why I am disappointed that certain … areas of science seem to have been held back and sometimes out of very naïve public opinion. Oh even people I have known personally, believe me.

Nahh but what are the chances of any of this or that which I may have left out from ever happening, right?

Sleep tight!

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