Well that is weird.

For a long time now I have expected to come across others on my blog hat have been doing the exact same things that I have been doing, or at least something similar. They may have been recording, keeping documents and categorising everything and them publishing it?

They may have concentrated on one or two things or may have been as suspicious as me and suspected everyone and recorded absolutely everyone?

A little while ago I had one comment on one of my blogs and now I have had a second … though I have wondered if it might turn out to be the same one but as it was on blogs of different hosts then I tend to think they are different people.

What I also found of interest is that in their comments they also stated that it was funny that certain … let us say ‘organisations’ are not actively or doing more than they are to go after the DWP, Capita, Maximus, Atos and their staff for crimes committed?

His blog address is here …

As well as mentioning DPAC, who I am familiar with via Facebook, he also mentioned Black Triangle as yet another in a long list of organisations who are supposed to be looking out for disabled people, take donations and such and yet have done very little during all this crap for the past 7 years it has been going on.

Now you would have thought that all these organisations, DPAC, Black Triangle and even the Citizen’s Advice Bureau would have realised there was some cheating going on when it started. As I stated that for me was 7 or 8 years ago.

You would have thought that when it started, which may have been further back than when I first noticed, that they would have gone to the media over all this? For me it is a full gone conclusion.

Now if they had done that then they must have surely kept going back to the media time after time after time?

I certainly have not heard very much other than the odd little report somewhere.

Now if they ha done this they must have also realised something else at some point .. that the mainstream news media is biased, paid off or at least avoiding these stories for one reason or another.

Only the fact is that all they talk about, and love to, in the news is how much debt the nation is in. But wait a minute … included in the subject of what the DWP is doing is the fact that all these ombudsmen, governing, bodies, charities and watchdogs of which their are literally dozens and dozens … are not doing anything?

These organisations do not run for free and nor do they run on fresh air!

What makes this worse by a factor of a hundred is that a large percentage of the British public probably think that the vulnerable sections of society are being cared for? Some might even think that these vulnerable sections of society actually have things quite good?

I certainly know that some thought that about me and since changed their minds, seeing what I have had to go through and having relatives being put through the same nightmare scenarios.

Here is the link to Black Triangle…

One wonders when this will all end and I have no doubts at all that many people have had horrendous lives for the past 7 years, I know I have.

I am also interested and worried now to see the figures for the number of suicides that have come about to save money. Everyone has always complained about money being more important that human lives, unless there is a chance labelled ‘not politically correct’ that is, and this seems like the absolutely best example there is.

One can only hope.

So now there are three of us with our own data and recordings?

Hmm the power of three.

Collectively we must have plenty of dynamite, especially as mine tipped over 100GB some time ago now and I just stopped counting.

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