​Hmm interesting.

A link to a story below tells about a guy who suffers with Multiple Sclerosis who lost his mobility, or enhanced component.

He was told he could travel 15 miles to work without a car.

Luckily his employers kept his job open while the court case went on but others would not be so lucky.

He won the court case.

Of course the DWP claimed that the ‘extra’ evidence provided made him eligible?!

That was quite obviously a lie and even in the tiny chance that they were being honest it proves that their assessors are shit.

Just interesting is someone in the comments section called PhobosAndDeimos remarks about the laws being broken by the DWP.

Yet despite the hundreds of court appeals there have been and will be no one pulls the DWP about this or better still takes them to court.

MS Claimant Wins Motability Car Appeal After Being Told To Get A Bus 15 Miles To Work

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