I thought I remembered Theresa May saying something about changing things.

Will it seems she had been quoted, or someone remembered what she said and repeated it?

Had this link below end up in my Facebook notifications. Theresa May is quoted starting there will be no more welfare cuts?

The question mark is quite deliberate. Does she mean that she will stop ruining the lives of those afflicted with disabilities?

Or does she mean it won’t get any worse than it is right now? In other words it will stay exactly the same.

Some reporters really need a lesson in the English language as a statement that there will be no more cuts is preposterous…

… Because you simply cannot cut it deeper than you already have.

It’s only a matter of time before some foreign media pick up the story of how they have stealthily attacked disabled people and that the mainstream news media have somehow avoided it all.

Pretty impressive missing this story as it started when Tony Blair was in power seven years or more ago.

That was when I not only first noticed it but soon after discovered from other disabled people the attacks were coming in waves.

Those with mental health issues were the first to have everything taken away. At the time I even met mental health professionals who has no clue it was going on but soon realised. One stated she checked all patients under her clinic and found all had, had their money cut.

This was around 60% of their weekly money gone and it didn’t stop there.

Even at the 60% they first cut I’d like to see evidence from George Osborne of the same percentages from the wealthy, banks and all others responsible for the shit we are in?

I’d ask him quite directly and sternly but you can bet I won’t get a single example.

Then I’d give the twat something else directly he would fully deserve!

Deserved for the absolute cold hearted attitude and callous nature he has shown towards human life and suffering.

I’m a strong believer in telling people what they are and to the point of getting a reaction of guilt from them. If not then they should be shown in another way that will make them take notice.

I believe messages should be given and if all else fails then you do things in a more dramatic matter. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again … until they do get the message.

In my opinion he should go to prison and it will remain one of the biggest injustices remembered by history books of the future.

Then they are running around preaching to the world media and other countries about human rights?

They should be bloody shot! Metaphorically speaking, lol.

No more welfare cuts to come under Theresa May, says minister

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