I was bored out of my mind and with nowhere to go and nothing to do. Probably for the best as I have a terrible ache in my right knee and my back has played up a little.

I am leaping from diabolical boredom and anxiety pangs which has gone of for weeks now. I do not know whether nor not each feeling is going to take a nosedive at some point. My money is on the fact that they will.

It seems as if there is, or looks likely there is going to be, a criminal investigation into ministers of the DWP?

I found details of this in on the website of the tabloid The Independent reports that someone quoted as a ‘disabled activist’ named John McArdle of a campaign group called Black Triangle lodged a complaint with Police back in March, 2016.

The report was published back in early May and I am at a loss as to why I am only hearing about this now?

Here is an excerpt from report…

Campaigners have long accused the DWP’s fit-to-work tests of causing deaths and have pointed to a number of suicides that took place in light of sanctions.

I can not help wondering if this case got buried or is still ongoing?

Interesting to see that there is an avenue to take members of the government to court.

The comments section once again shows, like the last one I linked in a recent post, what the feeling is of the public and how sickened they are at what has been going on.

Just more evidence that more an more of the public are becoming aware of the lies, corruption and downright inhumane treatment of the disabled.

Once again there is talk of the amount of suicides that have gone on since they started treating the sick and disabled this way. Funny how they are quick to make TV documentaries of some people cheating the DWP of money but we have yet to see anything at all of the absolute hell they have made of people’s lives as well as the number of deaths they cause.

Do not worry though, they will keep you informed of Big Brother, I’m a Celebrity and other reality TV shows along with celebrity gossip.

An interesting couple of comments left is one asking how in the world ‘are they allowing this to happen’ and a response stating ‘how are WE allowing this to happen?’

What they have done is used a tiny percentage of the claimants that give everyone else a bad name, used this to fool and manipulate the public and allowed the public services to perform far greater crimes than those cheating the system.

Because this has resulted in the untimely deaths of many, many people.

Funny as I thought if you took actions that drove anyone to death this would be as bad as murder … driving someone to suicide is no different to committing murder. You just do not actually get your hands … well, dirty.

These were supposed to be benefit cuts under the ‘we are all in it together’ banner, not benefits all stop completely and hopefully a few hundred thousands will commit suicide so we do not have to pay out for them any more.

Makes a mockery of the fact that the law an courts will not allow voluntary euthanasia, does it not?


8 thoughts on “STORMS IN MORE PORTS

  1. Hi Allnights,

    Black Triangles website is here –
    there is a bit of a mention about it here –

    From the little bits I’ve seen I think they are trying to report Ian Duncan Smith and Chris Grayling to the Police in Scotland, for the Scottish version of ‘Misconduct in Public Office’…
    Tho, with all the evidence that (political) campaign groups have got over the years that’s a bit like Winston Churchill doing nothing but trying to sue Joseph Goebbels for a bit of abusive language.

    Strange that political groups like Black Triangle and DPAC (and many others) aren’t interested in going after any employees of DWP / Atos / Maximus / Capita or any of the public sector organisations protecting them… Almost like they don’t want to see members of their beloved unions like Unison, Unite and PCS get stuffed in prison where they belong for all of their criminal abuse.

    I have a little blog, only managed three posts so far.
    I also use recording devices (about seven years worth now too).

    Still needs a much better layout, and a page with all the laws and offenses links…

    Clear Skies

    • Why it seems your just as suspicious of absolutely every body out there as I am?

      I hear ya.

      Seven years or so ago I started recording everyone I ever met with. Over 100GB in data, many, many, many lies including the NHS.

      Stop diagnosis and you save money with all councils, DWP and others.

      Also managed to prove falsified Doctors letters going to DWP … when I did and after being refused PIP 18 months ago I asked for them and the subsequently disappeared. I then told them what they were doing and suddenly Β£4,500 appeared in my account from then within ten days.

      Unfortunately they came after me for ESA and we are about to appear in court. Then my housing was stopped. Then, would you believe, they came after my PIP while still waiting for court date!

      Just shows they are getting brave because, as you said, no one does anything.

    • Oh by the way … I always thought I would stumble across others that have done similar things to to me …

      I’ve blogged about this for four years now and yet your the second one in as many months! Lol. A guy called Max Havelard cane commenting some weeks ago.

    • Oh and have you ever heard of ICE?

      This is the DWP’s so called Independent Case Examiners whose emails go through the DWP’s own servers. Lol.

      They don’t do anything either, even when you have clearly proved the DWP is at fault.

      I’ve very much enjoyed pointing out that in the event of … so called money saving it’s quite bizarre that dozens and dozens of ombudsman exist that don’t do anything … but all being paid for and run.

      I’ve even got FOI’s on most of them regarding their annual costs.

      The UK really had become a very, very weird and backwards country while everyone’s backs have been turned.

      When the Citizens Advice is mostly a waste of time. As far as I can tell they are only there to help non-English speaking people.

      They made my situation ten times worse, aggravating my health conditions, then said they would send someone along to the court with me but just recently did that they don’t do that. I’ve angrily pointed out to them now that they only succeeded in making the situation worse and that they DID state that a representative could be available.

      So there are a lot of help organisations they could get rid of along with all the ombudsman.

      Probably many, many others too but I guess they don’t want the jobless numbers going up? Better to waste hundreds of millions in taxes every single year than look like they are raising the jobless figures?

      Oh and another note … many said this latest attack on disabled and benefits was to push jobless figures down. Recently they stated the jobless figures had actually gone down, that’s convenient. Lol.

      Funny how the mainstream news media and national tabloids are not reporting on this in full, or reporting very little and odd little story every now and then. Even though the hundreds of millions are wasted every year on QUANGOS like I’ve mentioned is linked to all this, lol.

      Sorry awake early and bored so swiped out a few things I thought of after initially reading your post. Lol

  2. Hi Allnights,

    Thanks for the namecheck and link post! πŸ™‚

    >Why it seems your just as suspicious of absolutely
    >every body out there as I am?
    It’s absolutely evidence based. I don’t have suspicions, I can prove they’re sick criminal abusers.

    Long story… but I only started recording everything after a bent cop used a fake victim interview to fake a ‘Withdraw The IPCC Complaint’ form. I got ptsd from a violent crime covered up by the local bent cops.

    And I only started finding out about laws and offences after an Atos criminal quack lied about me not attending one of their BS pseudoscience assessments… and got the DWP to spend three months trying to starve me to death or cause suicide.
    And, despite blagging legal aid to represent me the fraudsters at the (funded by the DWP) Citizens Advice Bureau, refused to do anything to help. Even after I’d found The Fraud Act 2006 and told the CAB criminal to report DWP/Atos crime to the police.

    >Unfortunately they came after me for ESA and we are
    >about to appear in court. Then my housing was stopped.
    >Then, would you believe, they came after my PIP while
    >still waiting for court date!

    That’s at the very least –

    Witness Intimidation –
    Misconduct in Public Office –

    Also –
    Protection from Harassment Act 1997

    Abuse of Vulnerable Adults –

    Fraud Act 2006 –


    Report crime to the police and vulnerable adult abuse to you local authorities social services –

    If you only get bent cops –
    Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015 –
    Corrupt or other improper exercise of police powers and privileges –

    If you only get nonce social workers –
    Care Act 2014 –
    Safeguarding adults at risk of abuse or neglect –

    Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015 –
    Ill-treatment or wilful neglect: care worker offence –
    Ill-treatment or wilful neglect: care provider offence –

    Perverting The Course of Justice –

    I’m assuming that you live in England? Slightly different in Wales – Instead of The Care Act it’s the CtrlC –
    Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014
    And a lot is different in Scotland (I think).

    >DWP’s so called Independent Case Examiners
    See – Perverting The Course of Justice and Misconduct in Public Office. Up to life in prison for both of those.


    Obviously none of those sick criminal abusers have any intention of doing anything even vaguely resembling their jobs (I guess this is just what they do when they are not buggering care home kids).

    Next time you get anything from those sickos quote the criminal offences and abuse they are committing back at them and tell them that you are reporting it to the police… email is best, then you can just cc it to Chief Constables and MPs…
    Of course none of the ‘Willfully Neglectful’ criminals will do anything, but the DWP sickos will just crawl back under their rocks… and you have another blog post. πŸ™‚


    HD video for the next time those lowlife come anywhere near me…
    Sexier than audio πŸ˜‰ (and better for identifying criminal abusers)

    • Thanks for that .. I will go through those over the next few days.

      Yes I am actually in London which is becoming more and more miserable with every week that goes by, not to mention stupidly expensive.

      I take it your in Wales?

      Have you noticed how the GP’s and hospitals are helping the DWP & Councils?

      It took me 14 years to self-diagnose Fibromyalgia and when I did I realised two things. One was that I had actually had it 20 years, with symptoms I had gone to he Doctors about. I also discovered because of two drugs I had been prescribed for two years that the NHS already KNEW what ailed me!

      Then they resisted very hard when I started to ask to be sent to a Fibromyalgia specialist and on tape they told me that there was not any within the NHS anywhere in the UK. When I told Fibromyalgia U this they were stunned and gave me a list with a couple of dozen.

      Eventually I went to Guy’s Hospital and had it confirmed..

      While there Dr Kirkham also spotted and diagnosed a separate problem with my right knee and promised me the drug for Fibromyalgia I had wanted for so very long,, called Pregabalin.

      Except when the letter arrived from Guy’s Hospital the pages were stapled in the wrong order and there was no mention of the right knee test or diagnosis and no Pregabalin.

      Then someone within the NHS discovered I was recording them an putting them on my blog … I got asked to turn off my recording devices by my GP at the time, Dr Kumar.

      I showed two devices and turned them off. We argued for an hour … his only argument was that I had broken the law … I had not.

      Two days later I got a letter stating that he had discovered that I had a third recording device about my person … recorded the entire argument, posted it on my blog the very same not and as kicking me off his register for a breakdown of trust, lmao.

  3. >Thanks for that ..
    >I will go through those over the next few days.

    Cool… or as any tech support would say…
    ‘If all else has failed then try reading the f***ing manual’ πŸ˜€

    In Wales now but lived/worked in London for 20 years.

    >Have you noticed how the GP’s and hospitals
    >are helping the DWP & Councils?
    The NHS makes the DWP look like pussycats, absolutely vile lowlife abusers.
    (All covered up by Ombudsman/CHC/Police/etc Course of Justice Perverts…so far)

    >Then someone within the NHS discovered I was
    >recording them an putting them on my blog …
    They absolutely hate people who try to protect themselves from abuse and crime. Bank robbers don’t like cctv either.

    >I got asked to turn off my recording devices by my
    >GP at the time, Dr Kumar.
    I’ve had that too, when trying to tell (non)”professionals” about what I have already recorded… A pseudoscience quack ‘clinical psychologist’ and and Atos criminal.
    I just turned off one of my recorders… and left the other one going. Because, by then I knew they had no legal right to demand that…
    I also had a letter from the criminal running the local citizens advice fraudsters demanding that I destroy all the evidence I had recorded at their offices… nuts to that criminal too.

    >his only argument was that I had broken the law … I had not.
    Absolutely not.
    Here are some of the uses that are *Exempt* from the Data Protection Act –
    Private Domestic purposes –
    The prevention or detection of crime /
    The apprehension or prosecution of offenders –
    In connection with legal proceedings etc. –
    Public Interest Journalism –

    And if a criminal lies to you about ‘RIPA’ (Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act) then just point out to the scumbag that you are a *Private Individual* not a public authority. RIPA does not apply to you.

    And if a criminal lies to you about ‘Human Rights’ then point out that you are recording their *professional* (mis)conduct. That’s nothing at all to do with their private life.

    And if you get anymore BS like that then checkout – Witness Intimidation / Perverting The Course of Justice / Misconduct in Public Office… in the links above. And call the cops there and then, recording it all of course.

    >kicking me off his register for a breakdown of trust, lmao.
    Safeguarding adults at risk of abuse or neglect –
    Ill-treatment or wilful neglect: care worker offence –
    Witness Intimidation –
    Misconduct in Public Office –


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