Well, I can say I think Narcolepsy is out.

Narcolepsy was not even being tested for but after a discussion I had with the Neurophysiologist I was visiting today it certainly sounds like Narcolepsy is completely off the table. From the information I gleaned today.

I had my Royal Free Hospital Neurophysiology appointment today that involved having an EEG being performed for around 40 minutes.

In fact I have the list of things that an Electroencephalogram picks up right here next to my word processor. Seizure disorders (such as epilepsy), head injuries, encephalitis (again), brain tumour … encephalopathy … (hmm?), memory problems, sleep disorders, stroke and dementia.

That very last one used to be joked about by someone describing me with the line “dementia is setting in”.

Hmm wondering what other seizure disorders there are other than epilepsy. The Neurophysiologist also mentioned something by name I cannot recall that sounded like me. Jerking as you fall asleep caught my attention and it was ‘something’ possibly deficit disorder? Hmm no … Attention Deficit Disorder was talked about.

Do not read anything into that. Lol. We spoke about our Degrees,, she told me about her Forensic Science Degree and her Neurophysiology Degree and one of them funded my own Middlesex University and how I turned down the PhD working on the software to teach keyhole surgeons how to perform surgery. We spoke about different areas of science and even Graphene, quantum mechanics and sub-atomic particles by the end of it all. Yeah, so do not read anything into that previous statement.

We spoke about other things too but I cannot recall what they are right now. Corruption in the NHS was oddly not one of them.

In fact we got on so well I remember thinking for the first time in well over ten years “Oh hell, why can’t I meet someone like this?!”

Of course it does not help when you go out of your way to avoid relationships and I would not have been any good for her anyway.

Funnily enough a patient who had been in before me, nice girl, started talking to me just prior to going in and I wished her well with her problems after I was called in.

Then I had a funny look and grin from someone in McDonalds 30 minutes after leaving the surgery and I started to wonder at this point if I should check the front pages of the newspapers?! On Pond Street outside the hospital there was a seated area and a man sat down, asked me for some tobacco, apologised for asking and got chatting to me. So in the space of a little over an hour I got some peculiar reactions out of people. Four of them and this is more than the reactions I have had in the last two years. It was a little … weird. I was even told by the tobacco man that he would pray for me.

Jesus Christ. If he knew the whole story he would have to pray for a month and it still would not do much good! Lol.

Quarks, Leptons and Muons as well as the Large Hadron Collider at Cern were all brought up with the latter by the Neurophysiologist herself.

At the end no results were to be given … but one thing did actually happen in the test which actually happened as I was following the Neurophysiologist to the room for testing. When she walked in and turned around a bit of a gap had opened up between us and I had one of my feet off the ground. As I had feared, but better than I had feared, I had a second pain strike and this was one in my feet. Around 25 minutes into the test I was sitting in a comfortable chair provided for me and was in the part where your eyes are closed and your relaxed. All of a sudden the lightning pain, as I refer too it, struck again…boom-boom-boom and I twitched hard with each strike. It was at least three but could have been four strike of pain, you do not exactly start counting when these things occur?! Lol.

‘Oops! That would have shown up!’ I thought to myself after it subsided. Now I know there will be something registered on the test. It was three sharp strikes of pain that registers in the brain which was having its activity monitored by … a couple of dozen sensors. Cannot remember if it was something like 23 or 32, she did tell me the amount but I cannot recall.

Well after being let down and not being able to get a hold of two other people I at least put my theory to the test … Saturdays the buses are much less busy, lol.

I was in a panic about getting to this appointment. I was originally being taken there in a car but a few friends and family remarked ‘typical’ when that fell through. In the end I thought that it was a Saturday after all, I am going to hospital and if anything happens it will be in close proximity to the hospital and … well I will be in the right place, lol. When it did happen it was inside the hospital.

To make matters much worse and give an example of what it is like … I forgot to take my pills as I was going out the door so came back inside. I put down a damned lit cigarette, took the pills and headed out the door. I had limped ten minutes down the road when I suddenly remembered the lit cigarette I had put down. Bugger it, if the house burnt down the landlord would think I did it deliberately to make myself homeless to get housed by the council, after our recent chat. I had to go back! Cursing myself and my memory, for the second thing I had forgot, I now could not find my damned keys. At ffirst I just thought I had put them in the wrong pocket but as I kept searching I realised I did not have them. This was weird as I know I locked the door?! As I walked into my front garden I saw my keys hanging out of the door!! For the f******** love of God, man!


I simply could not believe what I had done. I was awake before 7am and I still somehow managed to forget two things and leave my keys in the doors lock?

I forgot to mention previously that when I was speaking with the Mind member of staff and she had punched the air about my blogs on corruption and all the evidence I both posses and have published She did the same thing when I then told her I had written two books on all this.

I was meat to take notes when I was there because my memory is terrible … but I forgot to take my notebook and pen out of my backpack … go figure?!

So often things get forgotten and not posted about while others are remembered piecemeal when I am typing out another post, like now.

So after much panicking and mistakes I managed to get that dreaded appoinment out of the way … well with some preparation and not doing bugger all for a couple of days leading up to Saturday when I had the appointment … umm today.

I cannot fell asleep on the bus on the way home, I almost missed my stop!

A shame that did not happen when I had all the upside down drawing pins glued to my head 90 minutes earlier!

I do hope that either the MRI or the EEG has picked up whatever it is that is ailing me lately and that something can be done about it. Things are bad enough with the bloody long list of pains and other … accidents that can occur when I am out and about … this just places the proverbial cherry on the bakewell tart! Or if I am destined to be bullied, cheated and harassed by the DWP’s various departments it can be a tumour with a less than expected life span.

Or at least my blogs have reached the sort of numbers where they will start to beneficial … though I only have a vague idea about what these numbers are.

Of course those that have been here a long time or have dived into my archive far enough will know I have had test results and letters falsified and altered respectively in the past from the NHS. Not only did I declare this but I have provided, as some know, the recordings of it and even one specialist admitting it. I have received letters from the NHS with bad grammar, things said at the appointment then omitted (audio recordings of the truth in each case) from the letters and the pages stapled in the wrong order. Yup … stapled in the wrong order, you read that correctly. Not once, not twice but three separate times that happened.

In fact I was telling someone who is … lets say a professional recently about this falsification. They, like other professionals recently, did reveal that they and others were aware of the abssolute skulduggery going on in the public services and smelt something somewhat stronger than a decomposing rat. When I revealed the lies, cheating and falsification within the NHS their jaw dropped and said “No! Really?!” I simply said that it was quite unfortunately true and had it not been I would not have had half the crap I have had in my life. Very literally.

My landlord was not a believer in any of this but he was begging me to go to a private Doctor that was outside the NHS.

Except after realising what the NHS were doing to me I set about on a several year plan to prove I had things wrong with me and I have done exactly that. But NHS GP’s are instructed to hand out vague or falsified letters on your behalf, which you pay for, and the DWP insist on GP letters that are impossible to provide by anyone, even private Doctors. It is all very clever and sinister.

Will this happen in this case and I simply get a nothing found? If I do I will challenge this and will not accept simply being discharged back to y GP as I had done for over 15 years that happened with my Fibromyalgia Syndrome. A condition that not only did I myself diagnose but they even resisted heavily to have it officially diagnosed when I did. I was even told that there were absolutely “No Fibromyalgia specialists anywhere in the UK” by a previous GP. One of a large number of things I have on tape. Well I say ‘tape’ but they are all wav files. Lots and lots of wav files I could not even guess how many I have.

I am pretty certain it is over 100GB for the entire collection. Absolutely nothing like that posted on here … but I always state that there is enough on here, as many have found out.

If they pull my letters apart ti alter them I wonder if they will staple them back up in the right order and the right way around? Yeah I even had one page facing the wrong way.

For many years they were quite obviously thought I was an absolute idiot, despite having a degree and me telling them so. Nope, still an idiot.

I also realised that if they though I was an idiot then they must think that 90% or more of the population must also be idiots too?

Cannot give you a certain specific number on that one but lots of other times I have wagered on here successfully I bet I am not far out on that one?

My landlord also laughed about the attacks on me, apart from what effect they had, had on me that is, and said “I don’t know what they are thinking? They cannot stop you blogging by making you homeless … you can blog on your phone!” I said I knew that and that I already had the software to blog from the phone installed on it.

He thinks I have been specifically targeted and he thought that when it was only ESA and Housing Benefit! When I paid him and told him I had now been asked to be assessed for PIPs he simply shook his head and was even more convinced. When I told him what the A&E Doctor said to me about it he said “Really?!” and shook his head again.

The word ‘disgusting’ came up a lot lately along with an educated guess at the people that do actually receive hep from the public services along with asking why they are doing this? That is three professionals, two friends one of which was a Social Worker for 15 years and family members.

If these morons fail to stop I imagine that the word ‘disgusting’ will be substituted with far harsher labels and by more and more of the British public.

I would imagine that in around 5 to 10 years anyone that worked within the DWP, NHS or a number of local councils will be too frightened, too ashamed or both to admit ever working for them.

Well … that is after they wake up and smell the shit they are shovelling?!


So I am thinking Arachnoid Cyst right now but that is something they can sweep under the carpet and deny it being to make me look bad, or worse a liar. Anything terminal will not be lied about if they have discovered it. Because if I died it would blow up in their faces. My family and friends know what I thought it sounded like so if I died they will assume I was right and higher solicitors and beat on the news media’s doors until it has to give way.

I can and will put something in place to help them do this too. I am no bloody fool despite what the NHS and DWP think. It would be dead easy in the event of my death to wreak havoc on the public services that they would never survive. Well not in their current sate and that is no bad thing.

I have wandered the halls of two oublic services recently and they have quite literally felt like ghost towns for the lack of staff…

But think about it for a moment … you have been to your hospital or council and they are running a skeleton crew? Just like the banks, right? But wait and ask yourself something …

Have the ones that caused this lost their jobs? No.

Did anyone high up in the local councils lose their jobs? The ones that do they lying, cheating and mugging of their public for money? NO.

Have the ones high up in the NHS lost their jobs?! NO.

Yeah OK there could be an argument for them being idiots that were carrying out the shit of their bosses and too stupid to realise, those that did are smart enough to become whistle-blowers.

The fact is that the ones that caused this have kept their jobs, now robbing other people by the masses who were not guilty of any of this and doing that until everything goes back to normal and TTHEY can go right back to normal.

We never seem to catch on quick or learn very much as a species do we?

Oh well, maybe in my next life?!



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