It seems people are still not learning.

That case of a Variable Capita employed nurse who made a couple of remarks about benefit claimants she was paid to assess, remarks that were not very nice, had been sacked.

Someone involved said they were glad they came to the right decision?!

Yeah right.

How many times do these things have to happen and lives of disabled people destroyed before everyone realises?

The nurse was guilty and only doing what Capita wanted her to do. This is because Capita are doing what the DWP want them to do who are in turn doing what the UK government want them to do. This was initially being forced to take place by Iain Duncan-Smith at the request/demand of George Osborne. To make the Tories look good and be more popular according to Nick Clegg.

The whole story with all the links and proof is still there. Yet people are still not seeing it or ignoring it because it doesn’t effect them or their case ended well?

But now we have Theresa May as Prime Minister. What’s the betting that things will stay at they are and when pulled about it Theresa May will come out with some bullshit that there were more pressing matters than the destruction of the lives of British disabled people?

Mark my words.

But it was stated the very first day that things would change for the better?

I mean what could be better than stopping an illegal as well as immoral attack on the most vulnerable section of society? 

History must be a missing subject in all these public schools? Either that or they are brainwashed into thinking they are so smart that they can cheat what is ultimately inevitable? Morons.

I for one would be very concerned about how history will remember me and … well that should have been plainly obvious for four years now?

I also attempt to make people of the future, or the younger generation around the corner, aware of the truths that have gone on in the UK, it’s politics and public services. So that the generations to come will know and report what really went on and learn from the mistakes made today?

Clearly and despite fecking hearing constantly about learning from their mistakes they never do. Oh and I’m talking about how to be corrupt and cheating without getting found out. Lol.

So as far as Capita and the DWP go they get away with it yet again and that’s why they keep doing it.

Because I keep fecking saying … these morons like the idiot woman who range rang me, don’t fecking realise they are being used as expendable employees. Things get caught, someone at bottom takes blame, gets fired and someone else replaced them. I absolutely guarantee that nothing changes in the long run.

They might … just might behave and adopt the laws and morals for the media but will be gone within a month. Everything goes back to fecking people over in no time at all. It’s not just disabled people either and those on normal benefits should not have their cash taken through trickery.

If people have been proved to be cheating them fine. If you want claimants to work but only part time, such a thing as slave labour you know, then fine.

But trying to tar everyone with the same brush because of a tiny percentage that appear not very nice and lazy is not on.

What happens now?

Well I guess the news media leaves it alone and the next story they break like this one when everyone had forgotten this one and it plays out the exact same way?

I then right the exact same piece down the line I did this time just like the last time I reported on a story like this. Ad infinitum.

I’ll also add a bit right at the end posing the question whether readers realise they have been fooled and manipulated by both the government and the news media? Oh wait?

Until the next time I write a carbon copy post with an almost identical story in the link below. Be safe, not stupid.


Benefits nurse sacked in Facebook posts row –


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