In the past weeks I have experienced a lot. I have posted a lot. But not all…YET.

What started as a simple single salvo against me with the DWP going after an assessment of me that I cannot get to it got worse.

Let us not beat around the bush here and as I have now explained to several surprised Citizen’s Advice advisors and several medical professionals that … well me and the DWP have a history and … well, they do not like me.

I told them I have absolutely no doubt that they have waited a long time to do this.

We have been through this together so often it is simply ludicrous and they have even admitted as much,, by trying to say that I failed to attend five assessments only recently. Three of those assessments were from about five years ago so … they fucking know only too well what the situation is. There were not five assessments recently and was only just one. One. That’s it. But they are trying to twist it and it wont work, I am ahead of them on that.

So … they are making it damned obvious.

They also think that they will catch me out .. they wont.

I think they also made their minds up about my actions of the past couple years and I can tell you they convinced themselves of something that simply is not true. Bad call.

Then of course my rent payments got automatically cancelled and the council were vague and uninformative as well as 90% unresponsive to my attempts at correspondence. Three emails, five phone-calls within the buildings phone network cut off for being too busy, two phone-calls from my mobile and two visits into their offices. To say this was above and beyond the call of duty but four weeks into informing them I was not working they then tell me that they were missing my bank statements?!

I saw this as an attempt to miss a rent payment so that my landlord kicked me out. Even my landlord saw it as this, a few years back he would have said no, and blamed my blogging about them.

It gets better still when I get first a letter from the appeals court telling me about my appeal against my Incapacity Benefit being stopped and then another one telling me about my Personal Independent Payments being stopped … wait, what? No it’s not. It was my Incapacity benefit and only that. Except I was very serious about this … faux pas. I told them I was suspicious too!

Four days later I get a letter from the DWP having not been content with my Incapacity Benefit and my Housing Benefit but asking me for an assessment for my Personal Independent Payments?!

Two problems with this … one is that they damn well know that I am already going to court against them for not travelling 7 miles and stopping my benefits.

Secondly … umm well how is it that the faux pas was made that looked like they were going after my remaining PIP benefit and then … they announced they were going after my PIP benefit?!

That not enough for you?! Alrighty then …

I am told to put in a claim for ESA in a new application and the local Jobcentre refuse to take it but Citizen’s Advice assumed I had handed this in. When I explained to Cab what had happened they told me that the Jobcentre was WRONG and told me to post it, so I did. Via recorded delivery as I do not trust them. The scan of the receipt with their postcode on it is at the bottom.

I have a load of these recorded delivery receipts and even have one to MI5!

Today I attended my third meeting with a Citizen’s Advice advisor and once again a different person and she looked up my file and asked what was happening with my ESA application. “I don’t know” I said and she then looked confused. She then checked the dates on the screen before I told her that they initially refused to take it at the Jobcentre but I posted it when I had the second meeting.

“You should have heard something by now” she said and picked up the phone to ring them.

I had also told her about my short term memory condition and that all this is too much for me to keep on top of things. They know about my short term memory issues too, the DWP, and am sure they are playing towards that weakness of mine. They do love their deadlines.

She was shocked further when I told her I had experienced hundreds of blackouts and then a full on seizure just prior to the attempt on my Incapacity Benefit and that I had then been zoomed around in no time and had already had a Neurology appointment and was then rushed to a quick scan that I had had two days before, the results were being rushed and that I had a Royal free Hospital appointment the following Saturday and then another appointment in February that I … think … may be brought forwards?

I explained that epilepsy was ruled out as I had predicted and that left me with a brain tumour, narcolepsy or something else I had not managed to track down in my research.

I explained how the staff at Chase Farm Hospital know there is a picture of a new building being built but that they do not trust the NHS and keep looking over the fence at Chase Farm Hospital every now and then to see if they start looking like private flats they are going to sell off?!

I explained at how I had a meeting with a Doctor at North Middlesex Hospital who reacted with utter shock when I told him everything that the DWP had done in the space of just 6 weeks. I then explained that the Doctor was even more shocked when I told him about the MRI on my head and why I had, had it. I explained that the Doctor verbally said “What the hell are these public services doing?!” and that no Doctor in the land would refuse to back me up against the DWP, especially with my medical record.

I also explained the loss of my legs, a symptom I was not aware of that can be permanent and caused by the DWP which is supposed to be illegal. I also explained about the anxiety and the lengths that anxiety also very recently made me go to cope.

That is the loss of the use of my legs that can happen again and can become permanent putting me in a wheelchair for the rest of my life and that same anxiety causing fear so bad you cannot control that you want the strongest pills possible and start self harming to cope.

That is all in the space of about six weeks.

As the Doctor I spoke to said they are blanket bombing disabled people to see if something sticks and even if its only for a couple of months they are saving money.

This was a deliberate plan by George Osborne just ass I predicted and basically he just got called out on by Nick Clegg by stating that George Osborne sis not care about human life and saw the entire welfare state as a bottomless pit to pay they debts his fecking cronies made in the first instance.

I fecking called it on here and I am … almost ready to rest my case.

Except I have two court cases to work through first both involving the DWP.

That means I get not one but two chances to see if that one single industry is as corrupt as the rest of it and all paid off to ignore the law too, without a care for human suffering along with it?

Wow. Who would have thought? Two chances in quick succession?

I have waited a bloody long time and planned a bloody long time for this … I just did not expect a fecking return of the anxiety attacks, loss of feeling of legs with it, self harming and added to that an increase in blackouts and a full on seizure that would lead to some rushed appointments and scans?!

I do often feel like I was destined for this but if so they could have left out the effing anxiety!

I am almost like a crash test dummy and I bloody well hope that after all this it was actually all for something?!

ESA App Recpt 050916

For those that have been on here a long time and looked up the different public services I have posted about and got stuff on up until two years ago …

… for the rest … do you think this one little picture is all that I have?

Umm … NO. LMAO!

Oh and if you think that it just so happens that all this stuff is just mistakes, even after Doctor and Nurses said what they did? Yeah, well really? All mistakes? Genuine mistakes?

Well then I suggest that you might want to ask as your paying for all these debacles with your taxes that where in the world do they employ all these people?

Idiots Agency Are Us?!

Hey, its your money. If you do not mind it all being wasted on idiots, mistakes, harassment of the disabled and two departments for every one benefit then who I am to explain anything to you?


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