Did I not state recently that the DWP were making it obvious they were coming after me and it was likely due to my blogs?

Did I not, just very recently also, publish a letter from the court that stated that my Personal Independent Payments were being cancelled and that after initially panicking thought that this was a genuine error by the court? An error that these people do not normally make?

Have I just acquired and published evidence that HM Court & Tribunal Service actually know what the DWP are going to do to you before they are actually officially informed?!

Their letter to me about Personal Independent Payments being cancelled was very, very odd. They also spoke in a way in the letter like they had heard from me only but I had not mentioned what it was about. Except I only did what the Citizen’s Advice told me to do. I sometimes send off an extra letter with more information I think might be relevant. Cannot remember whether I did or not.

The point is that HM Courts & Tribunal Service, or any court for that matter, can only respond or send letters about cases oncce they have been notified. Which in this instance would be via myself and the Citizen’s Advice Bureau. The CAB worded everything for me and compiled the letters and Personal Indpendent Payements was NOT ever mentioned. Nor did they mistakenly put it on the letters. So how is it that HM Courts & Tribunal Service quoted Personal Independent Payments in a letter to me?

This got me so suspicious that I actually stated that in my response to the court stating that them mentioning PIPs was … worrying. People I know used to, and at odd times still do like yesterday, think I was imagining things. They could not believe that public services we paid for could that that dishonest and corrupt.

Except I was dead right to express concern once again, was I not?

I have now pasted the letter to the court which I sent via recorded delivery below.

Well I was about to leave on my bike to pick up my repeat prescriptions and have to prepare today for the MRI on my head as this is now very imminent.

Just as I was about to do this, after coughing up more … well gunk because I am smoking again over the tress of what they are trying to do I got a letter through my door. It seems the DWP lied to me on another matter when I spoke to them on the phone.

I now have to go to the Citizen’s Advice Bureau .. yet again after picking up my pills, one of which is Propranalol which has stopped me from literally going out of my mind because of their actions. Though the word ‘actions’ does not in any way do justice to what these people are doing, an do and are capable of.

Also it seems that after being lambasted over Atos publicly and in the House of Commons and even being told to y face by Nick DeBois MP, Tory,, that they found out what they were up to and got rid of them … this was a lie to.

It also shows that the government, regardless of whoever is in power, show no consideration over how the British public feel, god help people expecting to get out of Europe.

It would now seem that despite the ailments I suffer from and the myriad of things that this causes me which is so bad that you wonder what the point of living actually is and the MRI scan I am about to have and the appointment at Royal Free Hospital that follows swiftly after … they really do not care about kicking you in the gonads? Or maybe that should read … kicking you in your possible tumour? Lol.

Now I am extremely interested to see what the Citizen’s Advice say about this?

I do hope they do not just say ‘Oh well you have to go to it’? It is in Brentwood and I am going to court about not going to Upper Holloway. This is probably five times the distance!

EDIT: Do you know that part of me is actually beginning to hope that at the MRI scan they do find something terminal … at least then I can actually see an end to all this.

Read it and weep … literally …

PIP Atos 0209916




1st September 2016

Dear Sirs


I have received your letter dated 27/08/16 and a copy of the notice made by the Tribunal Judge.

However it is in error.

It was not a decision made on my Personal Independent Payments but on my Incapacity Benefit in relation to this being switched over, I had assumed, to Employment Support Allowance.

This is a trifle .. worrying.

I wish to appeal against my ESA decision.

In the event that they have taken a decision against my Personal Independent Payments, and I have received no notification of this from the DWP and would mean that I receive ZERO in the way of money to live on now, then I wish to challenge this also.

Despite the fact that I do keep telling everyone I have severe memory problems and difficulty with household chores I have included a copy of the Mandatory Consideration letter. Which should have been in the file they sent to you.

Along with the error in the actual benefit that was actually cancelled this is also worrying.

I am hoping that this confusion about benefit is as a result of how stupid the decision was, that according to the DWP I am disabled enough for Personal Independent Payments but not Employment Support Allowance or Incapacity Benefit and am not allowed to make up the shortfall with Universal Credit either.

Their in lies a major problem, before anything else should be considered.

Unless of course the DWP have realised their error and quickly cancelled my Personal Independent Payments also?

I was assured by a woman at the DWP’s ESA department that my PIPs would not be effected after I challenged her to take me to court if they thought I was doing something fraudulent.

I have recently just sent you a lengthy account of what has transpired. Sorry about that.

However there is a great deal involved in all this along with my health conditions,, current suspicion of a brain tumour or Narcolepsy of which two appointments for scans and specialists are imminent as well as the detrimental effect I have experienced of my conditions because of what the DWP have done, or indeed not done.

As far as I am aware and according to the law decision are not allowed to be made upon disabled people or people with terrible conditions if said decision results in deterioration caused by these decisions.

This has actually how I have been affected even to the point that a symptom I was not aware of and still cannot ‘get over’ that causes anxiety attacks, themselves caused by Fibromyalgia, so strong that communication between your brain and legs shuts down. This I discovered is called Fibromyalgia Rubber Legs and also known by other names. Here is a link …

As if the anxiety was not bad enough and I really cannot put into words how bad these anxiety attacks are. I really cannot. But you cannot do anything … anything at all. You cannot enjoy anything. Barely able to do anything.

I am only extremely thankful that for the past month a drug prescribed by my GP, after an emergency paramedic was sent out to me, called Propranalol have kept these levels down to manageable areas.

I am fairly certain and fear that this wont last.

Likely because I have discovered every public service and organisation is corrupt, tells lies and cannot be trusted.

You might be a court but your in a long line of organisations that have proved 100% of the time they cannot be trusted. So forgive me if I have some serious doubts.

I look forward to any correspondence.

Yours sincerely

Martin Haswell BSc


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