Do you recall the large number of times I stated that I have got every public service industry telling lies and being corrupt or just being incompetent bar one?

I have also repeatedly said that I cannot trust any one or any body, regardless of silly meaningless titles they may have?

Excusing the Fire Service of course.

Well as some or many of you know I am going to court as an attempt has been made to shut me and my blog up by trying to make me homeless. You might be aware that this is going to court, due to actions of the DWP?

Well I just had a letter through the door and have been prevented from leaving the house because of a humongous error. A glaringly obvious and, if I am honest, quite embarrassing error on someone else’s part. I have also been asked for a copy of something that they should have already had as they should have received a very large, and not entire, file on me.

This is the court. Or to be precise the HM Courts & Tribunal Service.

I was taken somewhat aback when I looked and thought I was dreaming when it said quite clearly that they have received notification that my Personal Independent Payments had been cancelled and would I want to appeal against this?! Also could I send the Mandatory Notification letter, which as I stated they should have had sent to them from the Department of Work and Pensions.

Suddenly I had to stop from leaving the house, leave the bike up against the washing line and start photocopying documents.

While I was doing this I then could not find a copy of the Mandatory Notification letter and realised I could not have published it on this blog?

Great, something else to do before I can leave the house, there goes an hour!

I can tell you now from my experience in the legal industry that outside of laws, and specific areas at that, they know very little. Especially when it comes to computers and IT. So the only things they need to concentrate on is getting the words and the reasons right. Right?

So then .. now that I have scanned the Mandatory Notification letter from the DWP I have also scanned the court letters and made my initial edits ..

Court PIP ERR 010816 Mand 1 Mand 2 Mand 3


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