Well I have been relieved of my responsibilities … as of last night and two days later than I had first thought.

My friend returns from his five and a half week long holiday around 4pm today.

There is a lot he does not know. Like my rent has yet to be paid and assessed and that the appointments over my seizures and blackouts are so imminent it will blow him away. Two appointments would have been completed within two weeks leaving a final one next February. I think it was next February.

Though it remains to be seen for obvious reasons whether or not this February appointment gets moved forwards. I suspect if it is anything dangerous, ,like the brain tumour possibility, it will be brought forward. If it is Narcolepsy I am not so sure as I am not so sure if there are any dangers associated with Narcolepsy? I mean I do not know if you can just fall asleep walking across a road? I for one have certainly never heard of that but the way some symptoms are described you do wonder. I have not even had it force me to fall asleep even while talking with someone. Not that I talk to many people, you understand?

So I have been sitting on these letters for about a week.

I really have found little time to do many things I normally like to do for the past five weeks and I had a hard enough time finding the time previously. Along with remembering to do things or cover subject matters in posts.

I dread to think how many posts never got made from the outset? A lot, that is for certain.

I am only doing this now because I have only just now photocopied the scan appointment letters because I have to send copies off to people. One is the court that will be hearing my case against the DWP and the NHS will be mentioned too.

So at the moment what I am trying to do is that along with the Fibromyalgia and knee symptoms I am trying to show that I have indeed been having the blackouts and the seizure I mentioned and that this might not be good news.

So even if they do want to act inhumanely and make me homeless they may well decide to put of this act of inhumanity until I know for sure what it is that is afflicting me?!

After all who wants to be a homeless bum while dying of a brain tumour? Hmm I wonder if voluntary euthanasia might finally be available to me?!

I have told the court that the idea of voluntary euthanasia is a far more appealing prospect than life in the UK the way that it has been for me the last twenty years.

In fact i even mentioned that my sole distraction currently is watching documentaries on astronomy along with quantum mechanics and quantum entanglement on YouTube, I kid you not!

Even right now I go back to being bored but the anxiety attacks seem to be subdued to a level that is manageable for now and hopefully the weather stays good, sunny and fairly cool and I might actually finally get out with my cameras over the next week?! Fingers crossed. After all I might not get to do much more of that a month from now?! Fingers crossed it wont end up that way?

Anyhoo ..

Here are the medical appointment letters for an imminent MRI at Chase Farm Hospital and another almost imminent appointment at Royal Free Hospital for … something or other Both appointments are to do with the seizures and blackouts. Also as I stated before it turns out that these appointments are made for a couple of weeks, if thought to be urgent, or eighteen weeks if not. Mine are obviously of the former and not the latter. Strange to put that on the backs of the letter without actually telling me what they think it might be.

Now to me this would make people think it must be the worst case scenario, if they make appointments so soon but have failed to tell you anything at all. Don’t you think?

MRI 310816 Royal Free 310816


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