Yeah. Right.

It seems that they have bought in some new rules along with fines for tax avoidance?

In what I think is a blatant abuse of both the legal system and tax system, changes cone in that I would wager are rarely upheld. At least in many along with the biggest cases? That’s my prediction. Hard to both disprove as well as prove.

It also turns out that the fine is to be equal to that amount that was avoided in tax payments. It also turns out that punishments are too be handed out to those that help in this tax avoidance?!

It’s one thing stating punishments for accountants and financial advisers but it’s write another enforcing this.

I think this is a blatant use of the system and another expensive one, because I believe this is to keep the general public quiet a little bit longer by making it appear ‘we are all in it together’? The fact that this has come 6 or 7 years into this crisis is nothing short of a blatant disregard for most of the British public. I mean, 7 years?! Really?!

I’ll believe their intentions when at least a dozen people, organisations and companies from across the financial spectrum have all been … done!

The trouble with these pyramid scheme like societies we in the west seen to live in is that to set examples they go to the bottom tier. When that is not enough they simply move up a tier, taking an inordinate amount of time to do so to.

‘Across the board’ might just become my new motto in my ever ensuring chase to catch these types of criminal people and change attitudes?

So let’s see shall we? No doubt when no one has been done in the first year there will be all these excuses as to why that is?

Then it will be noted that those being caught will be those up to a particular financial threshold? Then more excuses and reasons will come along to postpone them taking actions against these higher tier people, companies and organisations.

In fact most of these things will leave behind traces, at the very least, of behavioural patterns in all this?

Let’s see if some bright spark actively looks for this, looks for the signs and reports the details on it all?

Tax avoidance: Accountants face tougher penalties –


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