Well lookee here?

I’ve just spent a day in excruciating pain once again because I ignored the previous warning signs. It seems I am now affected by chip shop chips after all and can never eat them again. At least until I’ve found out what’s going on and I’m still waiting for the damned hospital letter over this!

I’ll be asking my GP when I see him this week what’s happened to the referral and if he had any idea about the chips aggravating whatever it is.

There was still the issue of him putting his fingers in my waist, me coughing and something hitting his fingers. I must remember to ask him what he thought that was. Some hernia or other I presume? If so this would mean I currently have three hernias?! Crikey.

No I wanted to post about a story that is singling out a disability assessor they refer to as a nurse.

I have said on here, hoping that certain morons lacking any intelligence at all, would realise they were being used and would be ‘left holding the baby’ as I told my previous GP.

Apparently this so called nurse was nothing off on her Facebook account about certain disabled people.

One suffered with my condition of Fibromyalgia along with Raynaud’s Disease. Apparently she worked for Capita and there is an investigation?

So Capita and the DWP are going to blame this idiot, moron nurse for everything and day they didn’t agree with her assessing? That’s my prediction.

Except they are going to look like two faced lying twats because I’m having to do to court over my benefits and it’s not even over Personal Independent Payments!

It also shows that I can now proceed to the court and any DWP representative that may appear, and I hope they do, that they lied when they told me that they knew about Fibromyalgia. I didn’t need to prove it to myself, it had very long since been obvious. But having it as ammunition for the court hearing to go with everything else I have will make things very interesting.

Dying to see how they will react!

I don’t know where they find these naïve morons to do the assessing and don’t forget there are no less than four departments dealing with this, three of them under different private companies. Probably all set up by Serco?

The whole thing is a set up to allow the DWP plausible deniability. The trouble is that someone has to pay when the shit hits the fan. They think themselves so clever, like that complete idiot woman from the DWP that rang me. They talk down to you and are extremely patronising when they simply don’t have the I.Q. to back it up.

So don’t be fooled by what you think, have been told or had been alluded to you is right … think, the fuck, for yourselves, do your research, know your shit and then make your minds up.

Don’t be jobsworths because there is nothing I hate more than people like that and nothing I like more than taking them apart, piece by piece. Metaphorically speaking of course.

Benefits nurse suspended over Facebook posts –


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