Well here we go again with more talk about junior Doctors and their plights…sorry…strikes.

Strikes or plights, it really matters not. What I keep reading about and hearing about is the pressures the amount things are stretched, the hours … etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

I see in this particular report that the British Medical Association is mentioned?

Now I thought I had contacted absolutely everyone involving the health service in my long fight battle? But I simply can’t remember contacting the BMA but I must have done.

I’m also sure they was mentioned to me very recently regarding something to do with the whole corruption in the NHS … umm … thing.

The one thing I never … EVER … read about in any of these plights in the health service is putting a stop to ask the lying that’s is going on to patients by Doctors and Specialists?

I mean it’s not just me you know. One lady fit a Doctor struck off a free years back by recording him. He told her to go kill herself and even have her web addresses to look up how to do it. It was Liverpool or somewhere but far from there? I have recorded Good knows how many lies, falsification of medical evidence, reports, ultrasound results and other things. I recently had comments on one of my blogs from someone else doing the same thing.

Now someone eventually contacting me or leaving comments that had done the exact same or very similar to me I had long predicted.

Another thing I had long predicted is that I would set off hundreds of boot thousands of people don’t the exact same things I had done? Might not have happened yet, unless the lady in the Liverpool area fit her ideas from my blogs? It might have been two or three years ago but my blog had already had several thousand people or more buy then.

Can’t remember whether I was told by someone that it was the BMA or GMC, General Medical Council, who protected Doctors from getting caught red handed? Maybe it was both? Can’t remember.

Sorry after story after report after report about the hardships of public service staff. Fuck all after fuck all after nada after zilch of anything about how the public have been led on, fooled, lied to and left to die, suffer or both.

Yet the troubles of the NHS have been in report after report though none are code to the truth and the wicked lies being told.

Well if all these bad things are going on in the NHS then patients are suffering. So where are the stories of the dozens, if not hundreds of patients and their plights?

I wonder how l long before people notice something about mainstream news media and everyone realises that everyone’s position has become untenable?

More importantly it’s not time that should be counted until the truth will out but the numbers of people who have died and the number of people who have suffered and for how long.

That clock just keeps on ticking. The time passing guarantees everything will be far worse than it initially would have been.

Junior doctors strike: Calls for fresh industrial action – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-37056306


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