I am listening to music again.

Or at least I have listened to the same album around four times, I think it is?

Found myself going back to Lakeside to return some suits, I did not end up wearing mine, and this time I remembered there as an album I had intended to buy the day it came out. I didn’t.

Those that had read recent posts as well as those that keep coming back over long periods of time will know that I stopped listening to my cherished music. I lost the urge. To do almost anything … other than dragging my arse out of bed to a boring life that now seemed doomed.

My DAB alarm clock going off was the only hint of music in my life, both literally and metaphorically speaking.

I could not find the album, despite knowing exactly what the cover looked like, but my brother did. Then I had it, Radiohead’s A Moon Shaped Pool was in my hand! Would I be calm enough for the coming weeks and months to enjoy it and listen to it enough times?

I ripped the album as soon as I got back to the house and then let the album play from beginning to end while I did a few searches.

I had heard the first track in my brothers car some days beforehand and I liked it and after a couple more listens loved it. An odd title of ‘Burn The Witch’ and I had seen a video that was a cross of Camberwick Green and The Wicker Man.

The next rack played and called Daydreaming and I liked that too.

I even liked the following and third track, Decks Dark.

The fourth track called Desert Island Disk was mellow and smoothly melodic to the point of almost trance inducing, yes I know when I should listen to that one next, or what state I should be in.

The fifth track called Ful Stop and deliberately misspelled is a lot more attention grabbing and heavier than the first four tracks. Struck me as being good enough to use as a intro track on a very good movie.

If there is a weal track on this album then it would be the sixth track which also happens to be the shortest track on the entire album of 11 songs.

Identikit is the seventh song presented here and this is a somewhat hypnotic, spiralling and with a catchy bass beat that made me thinking of Thom Yorke spinning. Someone complained there was no guitars so they obviously did not get to track 7. What sounds like a guitar to me is used to great effect here and has almost sounds of Mike Oldfield from his very early days.

The sound of the whole album goes back up to the peak of the very first track, Burn The Witch, when we get around the track eight, The Numbers.

At this point I thought that there could not be many, if any, people not liking this album and even given it an average to low score. But sure enough there were which had me scratching my head. I had a great track with the first one and again with the eight one and not really a single bad one from one to the other. Even with my love for Radiohead it rarely goes this well and my head spins to another beat that could be fitting on a classically good movie.

With the ninth track, Present Tense, I do get possibly now the weakest out of the ninth tracks, not bad and great background music, just weaker than the previous tracks.

The track at position nine and claims the longest title on the album by far and maybe the longest title ever is Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor Rich Man Poor Man Beggar Man Thief Baker & Candlestick Maker … wait? I got carried away, the title stops with ‘Thief’, lol. Eleven words in the title. Nice track and has kind of a note of haunting.

The eleventh and last track is True Love Waits and here I get the weakest track of all.

But when I look back I have some great tracks, eight very good and two OK tracks and I realise I get ten songs I liked which beats the previous The King Of Limbs which only had eight.

To think I was supposed to be out photographing and filming British Wildlife today. I did manage to get two miles but it felt cold and there was a wind. So I changed my mind, came home … nearly did one of my odd nodding off moments while profusely sweating. Felt like I was starting to violently shake as I was almost asleep and snapped out of it.

So I did a few things to wake myself up, came back to the PC and played A Moon Shaped Pool and typed this out.

Now I need to drag my other second bike out and go and get some food … and some tobacco!

Something a little different for a blog that normally exposes corruption in the public services and private companies with an array of links to secretly recorded audio?

I should be typing out a post about receiving my acknowledgement about an appeal to have a case heard in court, DWP, and the outcome (only partial) of my appointment at Chase Farm Hospital which has already taken place and the can they will do on my head at Royal Free Hospital at some point.

Oddly the Doctor or specialist looked surprised when she told me she did not think I was epileptic, from the seizure and blackouts I had been having, and I said neither did I and had ruled it out? I guess maybe she was impressed with my deduction?

Some deductions are extremely easy, even it needing a little research.

You simply compare the notes and throw any theory to one side that contains .. discrepancies and once you are left with the ones that for perfectly you are left with your conclusion.



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