That headline is intended.

This has gone from a Russian Olympic Doping Scandal to simply an Olympic Doping Scandal.


Because of two completely opposing decisions by two separate athletic bodies.

In the link below you will discover that they have banned all the Russian Paralympic athletes?

But hold on a second … didn’t they decide not to ban a load of Russian athletes from competing in this year’s Olympics in Brazil?

But it would have been the athletes of the Olympics proper, or original Olympics I should say, that did most of the doping? Except they have been let off but they decide to punish the Paralympic contenders instead?!

That’s just plain wrong. This should be plainly obvious to everyone that this is just wrong.

I simply could not believe I was reading the report correctly. I thought something had to be wrong. How do you let off the main athletes but punish a group in which none of them were likely to use drugs?

Maybe the Russian government struck up a deal where their own Paralympians would take the ban if they left the main group alone?

Wasn’t there a report recently where some Russian politician was supposed to have said something very bad about people with disabilities? Or certain disabilities? Something about letting them suffer or die because of their afflictions?

Whether the statement was retracted, taken out of context or said while pissed a fart it doesn’t matter. I’m airway thinking they let the Paralympians take the punishment.

The only thing worse than the Russian government or Russian athletic body agreeing to this is that the world’s athletic bodies agreed to it!

Why would one group of athletes get off more or less Scott free while another group gets banned in its entirety?

It stinks, I tell ya!

Smells worse than that Finnish delicacy of rotten fish and that’s pretty smelly.

Rio Paralympics 2016: Russian athletes banned after doping scandal – http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/disability-sport/37002582


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