Well I ended up missing a wedding I was meant to go to I was dreading anyway.

I missed this due to one of my health problems and the one I am still awaiting a letter and appointment about from either Barnet Hospital or Chase Farm Hospital.

Oddly this flare up,, let us call it that, came about because I ate something I had suspected was causing a flare up but ruled it out. It was Steak & Kidney pie and chips from your average fish & chip shop and a different one to the last two shops I used. So obviously whatever is going on is flared up by a Pukka pie of chip shop chips?

Cannot remember if it happened the couple of times I had Cod & Chips as if it had then I would know it is the chips .. or something to do with the chips, lol.

I have never known this food not only ever affect me but ever affect anyone I know, even while ill.

My ears are still playing up and I am still losing around 40% of my hearing whenever I talk at a friend’s store.. Literally just come form my friend’s store and spent half the time rubbing the area under my ears or have fingers in my ears and wriggling like crazy to try and change the pressure in my ears, to no avail though!

I have an imminent appointment with neurology in just a matter of days and I must remember to mention the ear issue. As I have several irritations around the eyes and ears I am wondering whether or not these things are connected and am leaning heavily towards the fact that they are.

I have also spent my time since yesterday watching streaming and videos of an game that is a few days away from being officially released called No Man’s Sky. Some store sent out copies a week early to a few people with Playstation 4’s.

Oddly enough they kept having their streaming stopped by Sony, who act as the label for the game, which has caused some odd disagreements. They have also stopped and banned a news channel for reporting on something to do with No Man’s Sky, cannot remember what it was right now. The news channel were not happy about this, uploaded another video stating that they had done nothing wrong and that the copyright law with YouTube was being abused because companies did not want certain games and stories being reported on.

Oddly one guy in America, I think it was, who also got the game early, along with one guy in the UK who is a teacher, did an uploaded video accusing Sony of abusing the copyright issue.

I am afraid I have to agree with them.

Oh, I am typing this sentence ahead of time as I remembered what the news report was. There was some issue about a copyright issue where it was reported that some company in the Netherlands claimed that the No Man’s Sky team used an algorithm, technically you cannot do that, or a code they created. Many suspect this is an attempt to get money from Sony and Hello Games because the release date is imminent. In other words better to settle than have the release date pushed back for a couple of years. One guy who was Dutch even commented that he was ashamed to be Dutch after reading about this very, very eleventh hour claim. By a company that was in the stages of bankruptcy.

Gets a bit confusing as I first read that someone at Hello Games or Sony admitted using the mathematical formula and then read there was nothing to worry about as they did not.

Also you cannot patent mathematical formulas as these are listed as discoveries … so I am not sure in what context they claimed a copyright infringement?

What I did have issue with was a couple of things … companies taking advantage and abusing laws because they can and those they claim about cannot defend themselves because very few can hire solicitors these days and really justice comes at a price. It should not and this needs to be reversed before it is too late. Because when the majority of the public, in this case British public, realise that law is actually for sale there will be problems. Especially when it inevitably happens to them, which it will. It will only be a matter of time.

Someone commented recently on one of my posts on one of my blogs stating that he knew exactly what I did and had himself, or herself as it could have been a woman’s name, been doing exactly the same thing as I had been doing!

That would be damned impressive as between us we could potentially have over 200GB to 300GB of evidence?!

I have only linked about 20GB of evidence give or take 5 or 10 GB.

Back to No Man’s Sky …

What I found weird was that when these guys were streaming there were morons that stated that he should be banned for streaming the game because it was not officially released. What?! Your a moron if you think that..

He is someone who paid for the game and got it early, none of that is the customers fault and neither was a Non Disclosure Agreement signed. If someone had streamed an early demo version no one would think of coming along and stating the person who uploaded it should be banned. So why the fuck did they say that about someone who actually bought the full game and uploading and streaming it?!

It’s stupid! Your stupid if you think like that.

However I was envious of the fact that he went from something like 16 subscribers to 2,469 in just a matter of days! Jammy Git. His channel was called TP Review. The other guy I watched who was interesting was GabeOnGaming or something like that. Guy with very curly hair and beard, in case you wanted to go looking for them, lol. Not sure how many subscribers Gabe got, I imagine rather a lot like TP Review did?

But both of these kept getting their streams cut off and they restarted them via some method, different channel name maybe? They did this several times and then even banned their capability of streaming!

That was both unfair and an abuse of the copyright claims system which is stupid anyway and I have stated for ages that Google need to get off their arses and do something about it! One of them wanted to stream something, or had planned to, in a day or two to do with something else. Of course there is the issue of this taking time, like everything else legal, which does not help those that are innocent anyway. It is a case of declaring someone ‘guilty’ and they stay ‘GUILTY’ until the end of a very long process proving their innocence.

The fact is that this is just an example and proof that those that are powerful and/or rich can abuse the law and it is not only set up this way but must be set up by them because they are so quick to abuse it and have been abusing it for years.

Only now the law is not applicable to anyone rich if your poor. But the law is very much applicable to the poor if the accuser is rich.

As far as I can tell currently you can only get access to a solicitor within the UK if you have a fair bit of disposable income. In other words if your poor and even if your working and not earning a great deal of money your out of luck. As house prices, mortgage payments and rent is soo high in London that not many people could hire a solicitor anyway.

Also I wanted to ask that person who commented whether he found that others believed or were acting like Ostriches like I have found and refusing to believe what I had said and claimed and even did this without listening to several recordings?

I will have to add that question in a reply to his comments.

I also thin I forgot to send something in my paperwork to the court regarding the DWP? As I now think I have to send them this I am thinking of compiling a letter to them explaining a couple of things,, though right now I cannot remember what they are either! I did think of them while cycling back home but they have gone, lol.

Oh I also forgot to mention the problems with missing the wedding, explain further why this was and reach a sort of couple of conclusions..

First off I ate the take-away food I did and when I did because I was looking after someone else’s animals that I did tell before he went away that it would cause me problems.

Had I not been looking after his animals I would never have ate that take away food and would have therefore attended said wedding.

The other problem I have not even thought about, and answered to a friend today telling me my name will be mud, is that … I keep telling everyone and have been telling everyone I know and family that I have problems with warmer weather and I have been telling people this for a decade. I think you will agree that telling everyone for a decade that it is safe to assume that they would have taken notice by now?

So why was a wedding arranged for the beginning of August, one of the warmest and most humid months you can experience in the UK!

So told my friend that if anyone was to have a go at me for not attending the wedding I will … effing explode and say … “Umm well if you want to talk to me about being selfish .. well I was actually going, cut my hair to attend the wedding but why didn’t anyone turn round and say … well the date is off as Martin has issues with warmer weather and that is why he is always in shorts and a vest from April to September”?!

I guarantee the answer will be not a single one and I will say do not come and talk to me about being selfish and thoughtless! Lol.

The thing with my conspiracy theories that are different to the majority?

Mine are based on reality and I have gone and gotten the irrefutable evidence on each one in which case visitors and those bothered to read to protect themselves will eventually realise that my predictions are almost always spot on are as near as dammit.

As for the people gaining a couple thousand subscribers by streaming a game they received a week before its official release date? Yeah right, I thought to myself that even though what I know, can predict and what I have is not only shocking stuff but that it also helps others that have either been victims, are currently being victimised or harassed or protects them in future in case they are.

I thought, yeah right, when it crossed my mind that I should do a vlog, Video Blog, on YouTube that I might then get a couple thousand subscribers. Despite doing everything I have done for the last ten years to help others I could not acquire in one year what this guy achieved in one single day. In fact I have not managed to achieve anything like these numbers right across over a dozen blogs and my YouTube channel! LMAO!

In other words a video log wont do a damn thing and at the end of the day No Man’s Sky has interest from people all over the world, whereas corruption in the UK does not.

If I was an American doing what I do and all the organisations were American I would wager that I would have three times the visitors and subscribers that I do? I would be willing to bet on that …

…in which case I think I may have found a flaw in YouTube’s way of allowing people to make money from YouTube. Possibly on every blog too?

When your blogging or have a YouTube channel your potential and rate of growth must be tied into how many people your country has?

Britain has 60 million and I would guess that America has 160 million? So blogging about American things and you have three times the potential visitors? If you lived in a country that only has 30 million or even 10 million and you might have a really slow rate of growth when it comes to visitors and subscribers? It must have an effect in my estimation? In which case the methods they use would then be unfair.


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