The boss of one public body, slash, Ombudsman has made a really stupid comment?

Oh my god, it’s worse than I thought!

I just saw the headline about him making some ‘ghetto’ jibe and I thought it was over some small council estate somewhere? But no.

I got a bit of a surprise when I read that he was referring to an entire island and not a small one either. The Isle of Wight?!

Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!

Where in the world do there find these people?!

He made references about … inbreeding?! I just can’t believe it. What a moron.

This is Ofsted of all organisations! Lol, I know a teacher who will be oblivious to this fit the next couple of weeks at least and can’t wait to see her reaction. Lol.

I’ve also pleasingly had a comment from someone that seems to have been on a very similar mission to my own? Very cool to find that out and there must be others?

I’ve also thought of something to ask him and I’ve actually now left a reply asking if he had ever approached anyone in the news media regarding his own evidence.

I think I might know the answer.

No answer and because they are corrupted or didn’t bother because they think or know they are corrupt and would not bother with the story?

I approached them all, national tabloids and several TV news groups and I got only a couple of replies and they were just the standard automated affairs.

Now compare that with an email from an MP from January 2013 requesting permission to use data from these blogs against Iain Duncan-Smith in the House of Commons and can he forward oh to the media and you start to ask yourself a few things. Or at least you should.

How come the news media made no contact at all? I sent samples of evidence, but not all, and sent them recorded delivery.

How come the news media did not get in contact when an MP was clearly interested and used data in parliament? An MP that now happens to be dead. Michael Teacher MP.

That was January 2013 so well over three years ago so you could ask why they have not been in contact since then?

After all I’ve had way, way over 110,000 people and likely over 130,000 people and that’s just on corruption. Across everything it’s more like 350,000 people.

What none of these have been journalists? It will be that one in every so many people will be a journalist or involved in journalism in some way. 

What no one was that shocked by my revelations and data that they did not pass it on to the media?

I’m told by someone that would love to run down the blogs and tell me in wasting my time that links to my blogs “appear everywhere”. So the numbers I gave here are not entirely accurate and the real number is higher.

The numbers also go up by a great deal and across all blogs it would likely be just under 14,0 00 or 15,000. This is hard to estimate and travels up and down. For insurance I recently received a notification to state that I had received a little under 600 visitors to one blog in one single day.

If that figure was reached on a daily basis that would equate to around 18,000 in one month. For one single blog.

Anyone of a particular career that had not yet visited my blog would soon do so with numbers like that.

The visitor who commented on my corruption claims also seemed to be very aware that the governing bodies and ombudsman were all corrupt and started the they existed to protect the corrupt NHS and Doctors.

Bloody nice to know I’m not alone and not the only one gathering evidence!

If there are others then the quicker this shit comes to an end and things change. What happens over time I’d that eventually these like minded people on their single paths to gather evidence and other things gravitate towards each other.

Imagine that? Imagine a team coming together of a dozen people all of which had s similar amount of data and evidence me? Imagine it.

That would then amount to a TERABYTE, 1024 GIGABYTES, of evidence!

I bet very few realise what a ludicrously and ridiculously large amount of data that is? I have over 100GB and that is hilariously large. Imagine twelve people with similar amounts?

How would the news media groups explain why they never asked for any of this, or worse rejected it?

You know, those long time household name tabloid newspapers that have done nothing but complain they are not selling newspapers because of the news providers online?

No, could not possibly be for any other reason other than others providing news? Perhaps it might be because they are better? Because they report on proper news stories and not turned into giant sized gossip columns? Perhaps because they don’t ignore people, witnesses and stories because it was requested, demanded or paid to avoid?


When I first contacted them myself I honestly thought that surely out of half a dozen that at least one would be interested. But closer to three dozen and I get Nada, nil, zilch.

Maybe one day all industries that are corrupt will all fold and the rich and corrupt owners be reduced to paupers and a new era will be ushered in?

Maybe then we truly will get transparency? Life will become good again and a feel good feeling about life that has deserted so many will return again and the future will actually look bright? Not dark, dreary and full of doubt like had been the case for the last decade or two?

I’m sure that within five years of today we should finally see signs of that happening?

Unless collapses of societies I have feared fur so long will come to pass? I mean in countries of the western works that is. Like European countries or the America’s.

If one was to collapse where would it be first … I forgot about Greece?! Bloody hell .. I can’t reneged the last time I heard anything at all about Greece or its economy in the news? I’d there some sort of media blackout on it? If there is are the Greek people are of this going on?

Would it be a European country that collapses first it do you think it would be a country on the other side of the Atlantic? I think a couple of the South American countries were in that BRICKS group of growing nations? Brazil was one.

In South America i think it might be a smaller nation, like Peru or Uruguay? In Europe likely to be Spain or perhaps a country in the Balkans?

How about the rest of the world? Like Asia? I would bet against this happening to China. But I would have to remind people that sometimes those with very large populations can be the fastest to go downhill. Any shortage of anything weighs be felt very quickly.

I guess you could day the same for India as that of China sure to the high number of people? But they are supposed to have been growing, or at least when I last heard, so probably not likely.

In the middle East, well a number of those have already ground to a halt. Tunisia and Syria to make but two. Iraq can be argued ground to a halt because of the war. Oh yeah, forgot about Libya.

I would wager a couple more of those might go before anyone in Europe or South America goes?

Hmm … think I should refer to ombudsman and perhaps all public bodies as ‘stones’ or ‘the stones’?

I wonder if anyone picked up on the joke?


Ofsted boss sorry for calling Isle of Wight a ghetto – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-36985931


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