This is … troubling.

I knew there was a public inquiry into the child seed abuse reports that were numerous and involved many … disturbing organisations and people.

However, what I failed to notice was that there have been several resignations and just had their latest one?!

According to the BBC report linked below I think it stated there have not been four? Some resignations have been for things that works have been week known to those appointed. Like links to organisations or people that I’d imagine make it a rather big case of conflict of interest in each case?

How has this taken so long in each case only to come out of the blue like they have?

Is there someone or several people out there that do what I have done? Do research into everyone involved, end up digging something up, posting it like i do because there is no one to take action or even report these things, the chairperson gets wind of it and resigns before the paparazzi come calling?

I mean if someone was to suggest that in each case there was a setup going on only for then to get find out and jump ship, it wouldn’t exactly be a large stretch of the imagination to see or believe this?

Let’s look at it another way … child sex abuse and cover ups? This is the public inquiry the victims and victims families get?!

Yeah, good show and a brilliant advert for British Justice to the rest of the world.

We only need this and the United Nations investigations into the DWP and their treatment of the disabled to blow sky high and nothing in the UK will ever be the same again.

It would be ‘game over’ for a great many of the elite and politicians.

Maybe if that would ever happen this country might get back on the right track and progress forward?

Maybe we can truly prevent these injustices, crimes and bad treatment of other innocent and vulnerable human beings from ever happening every again?

If only.

Child sex abuse inquiry: Judge Lowell Goddard quits –


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