So a very surprising move?

After rumours of raising the base interest rate at the back of England on so many meetings they actually end up cutting it?

Really know what they are doing that lot.

I lost count of the number of times the so called business experts in the news media were predicting a rise in the interest rate. I often thought it would go down if anything.

Funny how I can somehow get it right so many times and the experts often get it wrong.

Do they actually know their stuff at all or is everything that they know only based on things going up all the time? Lol.

I see now we are in yet another year where those at the top and even the middle tiers simply have not learned anything?

Had some damned anxiety this morning, note what was it I started this blog to talk about? The base interest rate and something else? Nope, was not the letter I had yesterday morning telling me my housing had already been suspended two days before I got the letter! I’ve since asked them if this rapid suspending is so people end up homeless with no deposit back so they won’t come back and claim housing again for bloody ages? Lol.

No … it was … something else.

Good God I’m in one of those falling asleep suddenly states. Had to come off my computer or I would have gone completely. Eyelids kept closing involuntarily.

Wasn’t even about the fact that critics are giving good or average films very bad reviews and bad films good reviews. So much so that there is a petition that has started up to shut down Rotten Tomatoes. Though to be fair is not their fault and they only take an average of critic reviews for one score and the average public movie goers for the other.

But I noticed Batman v Superman got very low and enough to stop me going to the cinema. I have now bought it in Blu-ray and nowhere near as bad as they say. Wasn’t fantastic mind you but was OK.

Then again you know sometimes when a film is released and you quickly hear very bad things said about it and it just keeps on that way and you just know? Just know that it’s going to be bad and neither go to the cinema not even buy it on blu-ray or DVD?

Fantastic Four or as they like to call it, Fant4stic. Never myself or another comic book movie mate of mine has seen it. In fact I think my other friend has not seen it, he pays for one of those club cards where you can go as many times as you like, hasn’t seen it?!

Well I heard about Ghostbusters, thought it was a bad idea but hoped I was wrong. But then every single review by Joe Public said it was atrocious. Never saw a single positive review that I can recall.

Now with that in mind another comic book movie was released just very recently with done getting to see early showings. That is Suicide Squad and though I never read the comic ask trailers looked amazing. Looked at over a dozen reviews some said it was amazing, some said it was not as good as there had hoped and just like Batman v Superman some reports of messed up editing was being reported? Odd that this should happen once again with a DC/WB movie? I immediately wondered if there was a pattern. Batman v Superman came out with a much longer Ultimate Edition and I didn’t see the bad editing everyone was in about.

I wondered if an ‘Ultimate Edition’ would soon be announced for Suicide Squad and whether a picture works start to emerge? Maybe a trend to get everyone that saw it at the cinema to actually buy a physical copy too?

But on Rotten Tomatoes they are scoring this movie badly, or I should say the critics scores. They are scoring it really badly and as low as Fantastic Four. Knowing that the latter film takes place fit the most part in a single room and ten minutes on another planet it can’t be that bad. Going over the top with putting a black character in didn’t go down too well as it didn’t fit and sounded forced. Oh dear.

I wanted Fantastic Four to be good and do well because there might have been a chance of seeing my favourite the Silver Surfer done again and properly. Might have even seen him in his own film? But no.

So how can Suicide Squad, that was liked by about 80% of the reviewers score around the 30 mark with critics?

How is it that it went exactly like that with Batman v Superman, though slightly less of the public liked this one. I can sort of see why though.

But, but they scored high for Star Wars The Force Awakens? Lol, I’m really sorry and two brothers like it but that was a bad film. Even being generous it don’t come close to what the critics said. It’s a carbon copy of Star Wars IV A New Hope, or the first Star Wars film. Except it was stupid about it, obvious rip off and the new, new death star, death planet, made absolutely no sense whatsoever. Can destroy planets by taking that power from its host star but … it’s a planet so doesn’t move. So … only going to be able to blow up one other planet. In the same solar system?!

Err can I take it that intelligence is not a prerequisite for being a movie critic then? Lol. I could also suggest that it might be the ability to take hush, hush money? Stupid or corrupt, one of the two.

A movie I would give 3 out of 10 was getting between 8 and 10 out of 10!

Now I mentioned Ghostbusters? Well something similar seems to be happening here too! I was reading comments on YouTube about the Suicide Squad and even on different channels movie goers were quoting that Ghostbusters was hated by just about every average movie goer but got like a 76% score or something on Rotten Tomatoes?! Umm … WHAT?!

I’m sorry, yes opinions can be different but not that much, cavernous divide, and bit by so many. I’ve never heard anything like this and yet we have had this with four films in which succession. The only exception being Fantastic Four with both critics and movie goers saying it was bad. I think I saw two people out of hundreds state it was OK. Not great, just OK.

The other funny thing is that films by Disney never get a bad score with critics, even when they are bad. Like Star Wars. I simply couldn’t believe it with this one. I went to the cinema based on the extremely high scores of all critics and let the cinema scratching my head wondering what the fuck!

I’ve never even come close to such a cavernous sized difference between what they say and the real thing. Yes you get differences of opinion but that … that … that was just … another planet!

Hmm I wonder if Ghostbusters was Disney too? Lol. You can see why I’m wondering? These critics talk like they are the most intelligent men in the room at all times. Yes, mate! But you don’t see the giant plot hole of a planet killing … planet that ducks ask the energy from its start to kill another planet and is then spent and useless? You don’t see that?! Or that every scene was just a copy of the very first film and the most successful? Coincidence, much?

Really? None of them see just these yet most obvious things? Christ, I have not watched A New Hope in twenty to thirty years and even I was getting Deja Vu so bad I thought I was having a stroke! When I was watching A New New Hope that is. Sorry! The Force Awakens.

I’m not excited about what they do in The New Order Strikes Back. Hmm was it ‘New Order’s they were called? Or ‘First Order’? Well .. it was forgettable and I do have memory problems! Lol.

I digress.

I went on a rant there about movie critics because they are so obviously biased in such a stupid way they simply have to be being paid to be. It can’t possibly be that so many people with such high opinions of themselves can be that fucking stupid?

So I had hoped that whatever it was I intended to post about what pop back in my head while I was ranting about movie critics.

Hmm I started off talking about the interest rate cut…nope. Have to save this and see if I remember in the morning.

UK interest rates cut to 0.25% – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-36976528


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