​I’ve been hearing bits and pieces about honours and titles being handed out by David Cameron before he quit.

I used to say many things about the honours and medals and about why gets them.

Some years ago my dentist thought that I would become famous for what I had done. This was way before I started blogging. He said …

“Your going to get a medal and a title and when you do I’m giving up dentistry and going to work for you!”

My reaction?

Well after doubling over in laughter I then said “Don’t talk like that when you have your dentist drill in your hand!” and laughed again before continuing “You don’t get medals, honours out even recognised in the UK for doing the right, decent or honourable thing anymore. You have to be rich, powerful or famous like an actor or musician!” and he laughed.

I was wrong.

Now you can get an honour if your a lackey, hairdresser or some other gopher type fit someone rich, famous or managed try get a majority of public fools to vote you into power.

I wonder how many people out there do truly great things for the benefit of mankind or just help an inordinate amount of people read these reports and shake their heads in disbelief?

I would wager or every single one of them, that are British of course? Maybe even honourable people who have done great things that are not even British read these reports in disbelief?

Funny how they all promise these things which brings down the importance and worth of them to a fraction of what they used to be and represent to those that do them … umm, small favours? Lol.

Maybe I should do some research and complied a list of honourable people that have done truly great things?

Maybe they themselves think these titles have been dragged through the gutter that they don’t have the meaning and impact upon others that they used to do?

But then there is a lot of naive people in the world and the country. The trouble with having so many people and most of them being naive is the wrong votes get cast for the wrong types of people.

I mean, come on. It was revealed that there were rumours about Jimmy Savile and his actions going right back to the sixties. It was almost common knowledge at the BBC. 

So why did no one do anything? It was so wrapped up tightly that he could parade around with those that worked near him knew what he was going and no one did a damn thing. Not a single finger was raised to do something.

I am not even sure that not only could it ever happen again but even, is it still going on somewhere? With someone rich, powerful or famous?


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