Well I keep hearing about this craze for a mobile phone game that has got everyone behaving in crazy ways. Stories of bunches of people racing across a park then range to some people almost being cut off from the sea on a shoreline?!

Every now and then I hear something about Pokemon Go.

I have heard of the name Pokemon for years but I have never become familiar with the characters or seen any of the animated cartoons, I am presuming it was from an animated cartoon?

I am into gaming but not so much on mobile phones and I tend to breeze in and out of my gaming sessions and sometime go weeks simply because there is not a game that interests me or I currently don’t have anything. I play games on a PC and I like titles like Deus Ex, Fallout, The Witcher which all have an open world play to them. You can go where you like and perform missions in a non-linear like way … most of the time. You have a main mission sequence and then you can find dozens and dozens of other interesting missions. You can meet people that seem to be become more and more realistic with each generation leap in computer and graphics hardware. Despite how good you think games are and look right now a leap in both CPU chips and GPU chips, Central and Graphics Processing Units respectively, is going on right now and will do for the next 12 months. Other more linear like action games like Crysis also interest me.

Oddly there are a number of other genres of computer games that I should get into but have yet to, like strategy games and what they call God games.

Going back to Pokemon Go I wonder what all the fuss is about and I simply cannot see the attraction of running around staring at your phone which all have crap battery lives looking for something to appear on your screen. Maybe if I tried it I would feel differently? Maybe even very differently? But people do seem to get enjoyment out of it and that is good. However I am a bit worried that your going to hear reports of people found dead with their phone next to them with Pokemon Go running on the screen?! There is ‘addictive’ and then there is ‘addictive’. When I heard the report about some people nearly being cut off by the sea I could not quite believe what I was hearing.

Games can also be a good distraction from things and sometimes this can be very good. Someone who suffers from depression or anxiety might get to switch off from those sorts of things by playing games. Funny how computer games are never used in the world of mental health to help people or even just suggested.

There was one particular story I heard that was a damned good example of this with a teenager who suffers with autism. He never left his home, by all accounts, and yet somehow he got introduced to Pokemon Go and now he gets out the house and is much happier than he used to be. Maybe now they might think of using computer games more for certain things, especially children and others with autism?

Why does it take the world of medicine in the UK years to catch onto new ideas? How long have computer games been around now? Seems almost like forever and pretty soon it will seem like that for everyone. But now they are catching on. How about bespoke software and games that help people with certain afflictions? Will someone now think that this needs to be looked into? I certainly hope so.

However these games can only help to a point and there is a world when they simply cannot help you any longer. The wolves can surround you so much that you lose any interest in anything. There is nothing that can help you and this one I know from experience.

For instance I have not played a computer game for a few weeks now, which is unusual for me, and I was playing one recently I had left alone and since revisited and that was The Witcher 3. But I had that issue I spoke of recently crop up. Now I have the possibility of going back to literally scraping to get by from day to day and week to week. I am supposed to phone for an ambulance if I ever have another full on seizure where I end up unconscious again. Yeah, they are doing some evil things to me when I have old incurable conditions going on and a potentially fatal one emerging and an upcoming appointment for it in a matter of days. But the sudden predicament I find myself in has aggravated the condition I do have, brought on symptoms of my condition that I never thought I would experience again, strong anxiety attacks, and bring them on so strong that a symptom I was unaware of would suddenly affect me. Sometimes called ‘rubber legs’ I lost the use of my legs which was bloody great because my feet are none too good at the best of times. I thought I knew just about everything about my condition but I did not know about that!

Computer games was never going to work with this one.

What I have also wondered is how Pokeman Go seems to be hitting the media a lot and I cannot help but wonder if people like the BBC are reporting every little thing on it because they know it will attract the millions of people addicted to the game? After all they seem to love celebrity gossip which for me is not news. Not mainstream news.

I cannot be the only one that has noticed a certain sideways and downward trend in their usual source of news?

I mean OK that report about helping autism is understandable and is news but if they keep on just reporting on Pokemon Go for the sake of it, it will, or already has, become obvious?

Oddly I came across that report when I was looking for something to do with the fishing industry in the UK and the vote to leave Europe. I had stated many times that I was sure I remember hearing or reading that the fishing industry was not happy with the EU restrictions? I think this was jogged by reading that Iceland originally wanted to join the EU but then pulled out of their application to do so because of the fishing restrictions?

It turned out there was a boat load of them on the River Thames that I think it said was confronted by Bob Geldoff? Seems it was well known so did not see the point on doing a whole piece on this subject after I had mentioned it several times before anyway, lol.

As for my … issues. It will be at least a month I think before I am any closer to finding out, possibly?

Pokemon Go helps Autistic teenager-


Fishing Industry voted to leave EU-



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